Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet Otto

Meet OTTO!! He is a handsome little man. He is a big boy. I would estimate he is roughly around 25 lbs. He was an owner surrender to the Philly SPCA. He came in with a Boxer buddy. So far he is doing great in our home. He is a little skittish but warming up quick. He is potty trained. Doesn't really have any interest in toys or playing. Just likes to nap and sit around. He likes Cleveland, our other male BT. We haven't introduced him to the rest of the crew yet. He is up to date on most of his shots; he will need to be fixed though. Seems like a sweet little guy. We will keep you updated!


Mom Mom is 14 Today!

Happy birthday Mom Mom! You're looking great! Must be that extra special care that Amy is giving you!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Update on Bizzy Bee

I got an update tonight from Adam on Bizzy! She is doing great! She is improving greatly on her potty training. Everyone who meets her says how pretty she is and loves her to death! She has been playing tons of fetch and is fascinated by the guinea pigs in her down time. She loves laying on the back of the couch on her blanket in the sunshine too.

Her knees are like new. She hops all over the place!

Adam couldn't say enough how much they absolutely love and adore her. She is a lucky little lady.

We miss her but we couldnt be happier for her!!!

Allentown PA

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Belle Rescued from Vacant Apartment

Belle and a companion kitten were left in her apartment building. Their owner moved out in the middle of the night, leaving the dog and a kitten behind in the apartment, with a note on the door saying she wasn't coming back. Fortunately, one of the apartment's other residents found it and cared for the animals until they could find foster arrangements.

Joan Starkey, her foster mom, made the trip (3 1/2 hours each way). Joan writes, The trip was completed with good weather until the very end when I ran into snow for the last 20 miles. Since it was so late, we did not try to make friends with my gang last night. Belle was put in the front room with the baby gate between her and my bunch. There was lots of nose sniffing through the gate and some barking from my boys. Belle growled at them if they came too close. You see, I think Belle is blind or nearly so. I am sure that one eye has a cataract on it and the other doesn't appear clear. She is also a tiny little thing at about 13 pounds on my bathroom scale. My twenty + pound monsters seem huge next to her. Her nails are horribly long and I can't do them right now due to my finger being in a splint. She appears to be house broken as when I holler "potty time" to my gang she comes right along. This morning I kept them separated until after breakfast, then let her come in and explore. My gang pretty much ignored her as they are used to visiting dogs. She spent the day sniffing and exploring the kitchen and living room where she is allowed for now and the front room (the dog's room). She follows my voice and right now is sitting at my feet while I am on the computer. No more growling at my gang unless they get too rough. I am not sure how much she is eating, she appears a little thin."

Joan also indicated that Belle was pretty spunky for her age, and attaches these adorable photos of Belle.  Joan noted that Belle has made herself right at home and even pushed one of the boys off the chair she decided was hers!

The kitten is being placed into foster care as well.

How could someone do this to animals?