Saturday, June 2, 2012

Group opens hearts, homes for beloved Boston terriers

From The Messenger Post:

Erinn Cain
Team Leader/News Reporter for Monroe County
Messenger Post Media

Pictured are Mack, Sydney and Bogey, Boston terriers owned by Heather Scott, a volunteer for the BT Cruisers and Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue.

Tyson is a 10-year-old Boston terrier available for adoption through the Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue. He is so driven by food that he has been nicknamed “the vacuum” by his foster family.

Joan Stark, a volunteer with the BT Cruisers and Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue, is pictured with two of her Boston terriers.
Henrietta, N.Y. — Heather Scott got her first Boston terrier in 2007. With Mack, it was “instant love.” “I have always loved dogs and have owned other breeds in the past, but something about this breed just stands out for me,” said Scott, of Irondequoit. “ ... They just want to be loved, they have high energy, but each one has such a personality. They make you laugh at their antics sometimes.”

Now with three Boston terriers — Mack was joined by Sydney and Bogey — Scott is one of about 50 members of the Rochester-based group, the BT Cruisers, an organization that holds monthly fundraisers with proceeds going to Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR). The NEBTR, with volunteers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware, provides medical and health care to Boston terriers in need and helps find dogs homes through adoption. Rescue dogs are placed in foster homes and evaluated for at least two weeks to assess their personality and provide them with basic skills, including house and crate training, to help ease their transition into permanent homes.

The BT Cruisers’ fundraisers are named Madison’s Mission in memory of Madison Hunter, a Boston terrier owned by Betty Ann Manganello, of Rochester. It was about five years ago, after the death of Madison Hunter, that Manganello decided to get involved with the NEBTR.

“I was giving Madison Hunter such a good home that I felt no other Boston should have to be abused or lack a safe, loving home,” she said. “I knew I wanted to get involved and try to make a difference — no matter how small it may be.”

Joan Stark, Of Ontario, has owned Boston terriers for over 40 years; she currently has three of her own and two foster dogs.

She said she became involved with the NEBTR because she appreciated its “philosophy of finding the perfect home for every Boston.”

“There are many ways to help,” she said. “Join the group and help with transports, helping a Boston from a foster home to its forever home, home visits, fundraisers, donate and help educate.”

She added, “Their personality, intelligence and those adorable, pushed-in faces are hard to ignore. They are clean and smart, so train easily. They are also very stubborn, and it needs an owner with patience who understands the breed.”

Fostering a dog, said Manganello is difficult, but admirable.

“It’s a tough job,” she said. “They sometimes have to nurse back the very sick Bostons. The love they give the fosters is insurmountable. They get faced with challenges that sometimes take months to work through. They truly are angels.”

The Reason

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rockland Essentials Article

Read this great article by NEBTR member Ellen Hanson, written for the Rockland Essentials, and featuring NEBTR and Ellen's pups, including former foster Bertha and her BT Kiwi, who sadly did not survive her many medical issues.  Her article is on Page 21

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Port Jefferson Pet Adoption Event

Hi everyone, The Port Jefferson pet adoption event this weekend was a big success! Linda Antonelli brought her Ivy down on Saturday and my lovely Vivi was giving kisses and doing tricks!
My sister baked BT cupcakes and they were super cute and a hot item! We sold lots of really cute BT things and generated alot of interest! Sheryl, thank you for the hats and the totes - they were very popular!

There is really a great crowd at this event and we are surrounded by lots of other rescue groups, many of whom bring their adoptable dogs. Next year, I'd love to have several of our available fosters there with us - SO MANY people were asking for them! It's right around this time every year. I can't tell you how many people wanted to adopt Vivienne and Ivy!

I've attached some fun pictures. A very special thank you to my husband Kevin for doing this event with me : ) and to our fellow volunteer Meredith Festa for making it all happen : )

Jerrilyn Walter

Feature Foster Fena

How can you not fall in love with a sweet, loving golden girl like me! I will stick with you like Velcro cause I love people soooo much! I would would love to sleep under the covers with you at night, but I'll happily sleep on my own little bed (under my covers, of course.) I like going for walks and have yet to turn down a yummy meal! I still love to chew on hooves, bully sticks and marrow bones, though I have lost a few teeth over the years.

I love affection, to be petted, talked to, and loved on. Resting on soft comfy blankets on the couch or in a soft dog bed, even better when you're near me. I am house and crate trained, but don't necessarily need to be crated when left home alone. And I get along with other dogs and cats.

So won't you give me a quiet little retirement home either as an only or with another quiet little companion. Do you have a heart and a home for me? If so, please fill out an application for my love!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Canine Commandments

New Foster Zach

Hi Everybody...Raise your paws and give a good wave to Zach.  Zach was sprung from a shelter in Cumberland County, New Jersey, where he was miserable and panicked, by NEBTR volunteers.

Kelly Boogaard rescued him this morning and brought him north to his foster mom Dawn Stone. Dawn says,  "He's busy checking out the place...had 2 with Bennie and my neighbor, so far so good. He's very gifted at getting the peanut butter off of his Thyroid pill and spitting the pill out...but alas cheese was gobbled down with the pill in no time flat. He seems like a very sweet boy. Good night everybody. More updates later.

Dawn Stone

And Dawn's update:

OK....I've been Good....Can I come out of the kitchen Now? Zach is turning out to be such a good boy...No accidents in the house, no quarreling with the resident Boston...Eats all of his breakfast and dinner...and sits on my lap during thunder storms. BEST OF ALL...NO MORE ESCAPES.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Foster Simon

Mariah Elliot introduces her foster:

New foster boy! This is Simon. He's 9 yo and deaf. He's got such a funny, expressive lil face! (He's begging for a treat :P)

Thanks Mariah for fostering him, he really is adorable!

Teddy Has a Forever Home

You are about to read one of the most inspirational and moving stories we have ever had here at NEBTR.  Many of you have been following the story of Teddy.  He was callously dumped in an overcrowded Philadelphia kill shelter when he was going blind and in a great deal of pain from untreated glaucoma. The family who left Teddy at the shelter said they no longer wanted him because he was now too old. NEBTR was contacted and scrambled to make room for Teddy in a foster home so his life would be spared. 

He has been with NEBTR now for 1.5 years. Teddy lost his sight but his eyes are now stable and do not cause him discomfort. His foster mother was Molly Bolger, and she lovingly cared for him and took him for countless appointments with an opthalmologist at Cornell University and pursued his treatment.  The Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee donated sweaters to keep him warm.  Teddy had been with us for such a long time with all of us praying that there would be somebody who would give him a second chance at happiness and peace.

Finally, that has come through for him.   Dr. Fred Hendricks, who has given Teddy his forever home.  Finally Teddy has a family of his own!  Dr. Hendricks writes, "With patience, calmness, kindness, etc, he gradually lost his fear and realized he wasn't going to be harmed.  Now he is very friendly, completely bonded to me, and is best buddies with the other two dogs.  He jumps up into my lap while we watch TV.  He also has NEVER relieved himself in the house, chewed anything up, or bothered anyone with barking.  One couldn't ask for a nicer pet - all that was needed was to give him a chance!  So my 50+ year record of never having a vicious dog in my household remains intact."

Dr. Fred continues, "Teddy is very much adjusted to his new quarters now and is really no trouble. He really is a happy dog. He wags his stumpy little tail when his name is called. One would hardly know he is blind now. When I saw his picture and his story, it occured to me that if a dog ever needed a friend, it was Teddy. So I am pleased that he made the most of his (probably last) chance. He will be comfortable and cared for for the rest of his life."

Sincerely, Fred

Bless you, Dr Fred. It's people like you who give us the impetus to keep doing what we do to help all the lost souls that are discarded by the heartless.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Special Rescue Story

Hi everyone,

I wanted to tell everyone about a very special rescue that took place over the weekend.

We got a call from a woman in Florida who needed our help. She told us that her mother had gotten very ill with Alzheimer's and had moved in with her other daughter to be cared for. She left behind two dogs in her home, a 6 yo BT named Gus and his buddy, an 11 yo Jack Russell Terrier named Shiloh. The pair of dogs had been living alone in the house for a year, with the son in law coming by to feed and take them out a few times per day.

The daughter in Florida was worried for them and the daughter that took in the mother had become overwhelmed with caring for her mother and increasing debt that she could no longer care for the dogs. She and her husband were planning in euthanizing Shiloh the JRT and were also considering doing the same to Gus the BT. They were simply overwhelmed with health issues, debt and the responsibility of going to the other house to care for Gus and Shiloh every day.

 Well our colleagues in the Pittsburgh area sprang into action! Sara Liberte drove several hours to pick up Gus the BT. When she arrived, she could not bear to leave Shiloh behind, just because he wasnt a BT. She took them both home!

NEBTR volunteer Leah Colonello picked up Gus the BT to foster later that day and reports that he is sweet, happy and healthy. Another NEBTR volunteer, Megan Sanchez, took Shiloh the JRT until he finds a home or foster home. He is also sweet happy and healthy!

The daughter in Florida who orginally contacted us was so moved by our actions she wrote: "I don't have the words to tell you how grateful I am for the NEBTR volunteers. I have decided to start helping at an animal rescue here in Orlando as a result of your kindness. My sister tells me that her husband cried from happiness when he came home and told her that the rescue volunteer took Shilo too. Should I contact you for updates on Gus & Shilo? I also plan to send $25 per paycheck to help pay for the vet bills, should I send the checks to the address on the surrender agreement?"

We are so grateful to everyone involved in this rescue effort. Gus even has a couple near Pittsburgh already interested in him! Shiloh is available - spread the word! Check out their picture I have attached here. Many many thanks to Sara, Leah and Megan and countless others who helped with this and other NEBTR rescues every day! Every action goes a long long way.

Jerrilyn Walter

And Megan writes, "Here is Mr. Shiloh!! Thought I would share some photos of him. He is a great all around guy! Likes anybody and anything! He loves to take walks and even "walks himself" as he puts the leash in his mouth. He is too cute. A local rescue contact of mine ( volunteered to pay to get him updated on shots. She also said she would neuter him but he is fortunately already neutered. He just started eating yesterday from all the stress which is a great sign. He is really opening up and soliciting attention from us all, including the kids, and gets excited when i come home from work. Thank you lisa for setting this all up and Sara for taking them both. It all worked out thanks to loving, caring, moral, people! Love you all!"

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Princess has a New Life as Sadie

Sadie, former foster Princess, is happy in her forever home, her new family reports: Sadie is on the right with her two fellow BTs.

"We just couldn't stand to let our girl go. She was abused and is still nervous/fearful in some situations. She dislikes anyone touching her face and paws but she is starting to trust us more. We can't imagine how anyone could have hurt her. She is very smart and minds more than our other two BTs who have been home for many years. And you have never gotten a better, more enthusiastic welcome home greeting than Sadie gives us. We'll love you forever our sweet Sadie girl."

Thank you, rescue mom Cynthia O'Brien Kaiser, for the loving care you gave this sweet girl