Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Maggie Thanks Santa

Hi, Maggie here. I am modeling my new winter coat in a small size because I am just a little girl and My Secret Santa got this for me. She also surprised me with a JW football which my foster mom put some treats in. I had fun getting them out. Thank you to Nicole for all my presents. I will love them always!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winston Thanks Santa

"Thank you so much for Winston's JW squiggly rubber toys! He opened them right away and is already carrying it around and playing with it, thank you for starting his Christmas out so wonderfully! 

Lara and Winston"

Brady Bean Says Thanks for the Gifts

Thank you so much!  Within 2 days we received all of the items we asked for
from one very generous donor who we promptly thanked! We were so very
surprised and Brady Bean absolutely loves his new dog bed, as soon as we
unwrapped it he walked in and lied down, made me want to cry. He is doing so
well and is so comfortable now.  He has a ways to go, needs to put on a lot
of weight but we are working on it and notice positive changes every day!


Brady Bean is looking better already!  Thanks for taking such good care of him.
You can tell he's a happy dog now. :)

Finney and Lucy Wait for Their Cookies

Finney & Lucy waiting for their cookies to get done ..


Santa's Reindeer Morrison

Morrison is wondering if Santa needs an extra reindeer this year. How could anyone say no to this face


There ya go Morrison!  Santa will notice you for sure now.  :)