Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bed Time

Bella Boo is a Happy Girl



Update on Spunky



Hello, Thanks for the anniversary card!  

Spunky is doing great!  He is a wonderful member of our family!  He is healthy and happy.  Great with the kids and so much fun.

Our older dog just passed away , so we may be looking for a new friend for him if one is in need of adoption in our area some time.  


Erin Sellner

Friday, May 10, 2013

Save a Pet

Mayze is Adopted



Congratulations to Mayze, who has found her forever home with the Poindexter family.  And special thanks to Charlene Miller for taking such loving care of this beautiful girl.  We truly appreciate all you do, and so does Mayze!

Senior Trust

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Is My BT Really Saying


Update on Zackie

I spoke with Zackie's new Mom this morning and she reports he has settled in nicely.  She takes him almost everywhere she goes, he follows her all around the house and cries when she leaves without him.  He is getting so much love, I'm just so happy for him.

-- Dawn Stone

More Wish List Thank Yous




Gracie is LOVING her new things and can't thank everyone enough!! We were so surprised! Gracie has been playing with that frisbee non stop and she loves the treats, the toys, the hoodie, etc etc. She was jumping for everything! So wonderful! Thanks for having this available!


--Raelynn Zappulla





Nitro would like to say a HUGE thank you for his wish list items!! He was so excited...well as excited as a 15 1/2 yr old can be...

-- Lisa Vaughan



Smokey would like to say THANK YOU for his wish list item too! Now if he can just get his foster sibling Cleveland to get out of his new awesome bed........

-- Lisa Vaughan



Sasha had more goodies come in the mail today, and she can't thank everyone enough!
-- Heather Coursen

Buster says THANK YOU! For all the nylabones that were shipped his way!


-Carolyn McCarthy, Kamp Kanine

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Paws Unite People

Good Thoughts

Thanks to Happy Tails Books and Paw Packz for Donations

NEBTR wants to thank Happy Tails Books and Paw Packz for their recent donations. 

Happy Tails Books contributed a portion of their sales from “Lost Souls: Found, Volume 2,” in which a number of our rescues were featured.  Kyla,  thank you so much for your donation from your book sales. We appreciate your generosity and we are pleased that you chose NEBTR to be a part of your book on inspiring stories.

Pam Witt of Paw Packz participated in the La Cueva High School Craft Fair.   Buyers were advised proceeds would be donated to animal rescue, and Pam chose NEBTR as one of the beneficiaries.  Thank you so much, Pam, for your generosity in thinking of us.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Wiggles From Buster

Buster says THANK YOU! For all the nylabones that were shipped his way!

More on Penny Lane

penny lane - you are so beautiful to me
I had decided that Penny had made such great progress that I wanted to expand her horizons. She now stays on my ned at night and during the day, when I am work, without incident She has become more affectionate and seems to really enjoy walks and hugs. I wanted her to do more than sleep all day and with trepidation I took her to doggie playcare for evaluation. I know some of the staff there and they are wonderful- actually helping me to adopt two of my pittie rescues...I explained her situation and told them to be patient with her.. Within one minute she was behind the desk with another doggie buddy( she likes other dogs) helping to greet other dogs and their owners... While she never actually engaged in play with other dogs, she seemed to enjoy herself and was, as usual, curious about all of the activities. She actually sought affection many times when other dogs were getting pets and hugs from the staff. It was a wonderful experience and this girl came alive. I int end to bring her there at least one day a week. Penny IS the woman.

Sharon Sweeney

Sasha and Her Goodies

Sasha got more goodies in the mail today...she soooooooo thankful!

Nitro Says Thanks

Nitro would like to say a HUGE thank you for his wish list items!! He was so excited...well as excited as a 15 1/2 yr old can be...=)

Foster Dash Enjoying Life

Here is Dash enjoying the antler he received today from a local Taxidermist :) he loooooooves it!

Here are Dash and my Howitzer waiting anxiously to have their teeth brushed :) what good boys.

Erin Sullivan

Lola is Adopted

Congratulations to Lola, who was adopted by Jessica Dillenbeck.  And many thanks to her foster Dad John Gilligan for all that he has done for her!

Hello from Romeo

Watch blind Romeo at play!  Foster Mom Narelle Wolf is doing a wonderful job with him!

And Romeo says thank you to Walter Williams for his beautiful soft blanket!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets

Dakota Coy With His Forever Mom

Well my  lil boy Dakota Coy went to his fur-ever home this evening. I attatched photos of his New Mommy Susana, and Me getting kisses from him saying goodbye!  My Heart is sad, because I have grown to really love this lil boy but also Very Happy knowing he is going to a Great home and will be loved exactly how I would love him. He deserves it and again a big Thank you to NEBTR for letting me do what I love to do and save every baby we can.

 -- Christine Schezzini

Chris, Thank you for doing such a great job with Dakota Coy.
He looks so sweet. The good thing about his adoption is that you can still be in his life, since he was adopted by family member Suzanna Schezzini. Happy endings, Dakota, and wonderful job Chris!

Chloe and Her Forever Family

Congratulations to the Streisfeld family on their adoption of Chloe!

And many thanks to Erin Hanlon and Katie O'Brien for loving her and finding her the perfect family!

The Animal's Voice

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fritz and His New Family

Fritz left today for his Forever Home. We wish him well and Denise and Jeff Clayton and Ellie too! Joys of Fostering is finding the perfect furever you Fritz!   Could not have asked for a better home for this little lover! Congratulations Fritz!!!
 Foster Mom Linda Passori-Brennan

And all thanks to you, Linda, for preparing for his new life!  Fritz will also be joining a little red headed sister Boston named Ellie

Happy Gotcha Day Hank





It's unbelievable, but today is our failed foster Hankie's Gotcha Day!  We've officially had him for one year!  He's doing great!  He still drinks a lot of water and has got some allergies, but he's incredibly happy, he's really grown into his own, and I can't even tell you how much he loves his ball. 

I made him a bone shaped cake with peanut butter frosting.  And of course, our original BT Charlie had some too.  Believe me, it was a hit!

Happy Gotcha Day Hankie!

Liz O’Connell and Brad Estabrook


Happy GOTCHA DAY Hankie!!!   You definitely won the doggy lottery!

Hank really tugged on our heart strings. We got a call from an animal control office in eastern CT.  They said they found Hank as a stray and he had been in their shelter for a while with no adopters.

So one of our volunteers drove up there to get him. She had to meet the animal control officer in town at a gas station and follow her to the shelter. Our volunteer followed her down a dirt path which led to a shack. The only living creature in that shack was Hank, just sitting there. No one works there, no running water, no other dogs. Her heart sank for Hank. She threw him in her car and Liz and Brad came and picked him up. The rest is history. What an awesome day that was for Hankie! Thank you Liz and Brad.


New Foster Rocky II

Rocky is an absolute love! He is an owner surrender that is obviously stressed but with the with the trauma of transition and transport, he is still amazing! He loves fetch, tuckering him out is helping him cope today. He is an awesome leash walker, he is use to a crate, he is accident free and trained well to empty outside.

-- Maria Pastusz

Thank you, Maria, for giving this boy a chance.  We know that he will blossom with your loving care, as do all the animals that are lucky enough to be loved by you!

Update on Maeby




When Maeby came to us as a foster, we definitely did  not know exactly what she was.  When the vet examined her, she thought she might be bulldog/boston mix.  or the "ol" fashion Boston Bull which people do not see very many of.  That is the reason we named her MAEBY.  Maybe she is a little of this and maybe a little of that.  We also knew at her vet visit and spay that she is going blind and has some problems with arthritis.

So, After Losing Mami (our sweet ol' permanent Boston foster)early last year, and our own Puglsey in July of last year, we knew that Maeby was sent to us for a reason.  She came from being  found as a wondering stray in the streets of York, PA to our home in Berwick, PA.  Maeby has a place to finally be safe, loved, and have as many adventures as she can stand with us and the greyhounds.

She is now in her room with her warm comfy bed resting up from her first real adventure with her fur siblings and her humans.

She is certainly unique. 

And very beautiful!

Here she is at Gettysburg with my daughter Holli on a family visit.



-- Tammy Trivelpiece

George Goes for a Walk

All four dogs together. A huge step for George! He did just fine and is happily napping in his bed :)

-- Cynthia Kaiser