Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mosby's Wish List

Richard Turns 7 Weeks Old

Thanks for the Walgreens Gifts

Leroy Received Another Gift

Leroy says thank you to Nicole Hammerly
Can you guess what is was? :D

Piper In Her Forever Home

Piper in her forever home. (Lang Syne)
She's NEVER looked BETTER!
Chris Cassne

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Anniversary Rocky ( and Babe)!

Rocky will be 3 years old tomorrow. I fostered him back in January 2013. Fell in love with him and his unique personality. He is a very smart boy and loves to play catch…relentlessly! He and Babe, who I also fostered and then adopted in 2013 enjoy each others company and play together at times. Babe will be 9 this year and I think she gets tired of his playfulness. Both are doing well and are very much loved. Thank you for helping to bring us together. Linda

Linda - Thank You! for giving both Rocky and Babe a warm, wonderful and loving home!!! They look so happy...

Thanks to Mona Pants

Papi Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

I am heartbroken to announce that our Papi, who we adopted from NEBTR in October 2011, went to the rainbow bridge last night.

He had been having some neurological symptoms that affected his walking on and off since June.  On Monday, he went out in the yard in the morning on his own, came back in on his own, and then later had no control over his legs.

I took him to the vet Wednesday morning; things were pretty bad.  I couldn't even hold him up between my legs to put his sweater on - he kept flopping over.  They kept him overnight and tried some meds, but to no avail.  Papi was also blind, and in great distress that he couldn't move on his own.

Bill, Dr. Rosen and I agreed that the kindest thing to do was to let him go.

Papi was found filthy and hungry in an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn.  We promised him he would never be cold, or hungry, or alone again.  We kept that promise.

I loved him every day.  I loved him every day he peed on my carpets (he was starting to have some cognitive dysfunction).  I loved him every night when he woke up at 3am to go outside to pee.  I loved him when he would ge t stuck in the snowdrifts in the middle of the night and I'd be falling in the snow in the middle of the night to get him.  Bill too. 

I just hope he knew how much we loved him.

Deb Dolan

Bless your heart Deb for loving him with all that you had.  May Papi rest in peace free of pain and suffering!  He knew he was loved! - Linda V.

I am so sorry.  I have a feeling he had the best, most compassionate years of his life with you.  Remember the bright times.  Run free Papi... -Loretta 

I am so sorry.  I have a feeling he had the best, most compassionate years of his life with you.  Remember the bright times.  Run free Papi... - Joyce 

Deb, how could he not know??  Your story of chasing him out in the snow gave me a smile. That happened with Sunday Valentine quite a few times last winter. I kept having to run outside in my socks and grab her lol.  He hit the lottery with your home.  Hugs! - Marjorie

Update on Waffles

Waffles is back from her vet visit with an update.
Please help up with her mounting vet bills with this link
Today at PVSEC the surgeon and oncologist saw Waffles. She had chest xrays and an ultrasound to see if it had spread internally. Luckily it has not. The spleen appeared some what abnormal so they did an aspirate of the spleen and there were no mast cells.
They are concerned it is systemic because she has so many and more will pop up. They ran a CKit mutation test to see exactly how aggressive it is, the results will take a couple weeks. We are hoping for negative results, if it's "positive" surgery may not be a good option for her. The surgeon would like to shrink the 2 on her rear because right now clean margins are not possible. They gave her a steroid shot in each and gave me steroids to take home. Depending on mutation test results, oncology does recommend removal even of they don't shrink because those 2 will get larger and cause problems.
Her poor little tail is starting to grow some hairs. They shaved and circled all the tumors. We'll be able to easily see if the large one shrinks. She said she has seen it really work well and also not do anything. Fingers crossed!!!! We have a follow up in 2 weeks to check the size.

Is McCoy Related?

McCoy's Mama thinks that he is a brother to Omar and Zoey.  What do you think?

Omar and Zoey Are Ready For Adoption

Memory Locket Fundraiser a Success

Nap Time for Richard

Richard Thanks Terri Anderson

Thanks to Karine and Boo Boo for the Sweaters

Omar Loves Skittles

Molly is Pretty in Pink

New Foster Kobe

Piper in Her Forever Home

Post by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue.

Enjoy your new fur-ever home, Piper, you deserve it!!
 - Joyce

Oliver Thanks FABB

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Pretty Lilly (Formerly Puka)

Look how pretty my former foster girl is 💜💜. Love that girl!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Skittles and Pals

Frankie Mae and Maeby

Maeby Loves Her Loofa Bone

Scamp Says Hi

Adopt Remy

Adopt Stewie

Richard Cuteness

It is so hard to stay focused on my work! lol
Chris & Richard

Max Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

I knew when I made the decision to adopt an older dog that this time would come sooner rather than later, but I didn't think it would be THIS soon.

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Max has gone to the rainbow bridge. Symptoms of a much more manageable issue turned out to be a devastating diagnosis. My vet performed exploratory surgery on Max this morning, only to discover that the cause of his digestive upset was horrific tumors in his liver, stomach and intestines. The ones in the stomach and intestines were embedded in the walls of the organs and were the size of eggs. The doctor called me while Max was under anesthesia and advised me to let him go. This is a man who I trust. The same man who sat on the floor with me while I cradled my Elliott for the last time. If only there were a chance, I'd have jumped on it in a second. This wasn't like he might be ok if the tumors were removed... There would only have been suffering leading to the inevitable. He crossed peacefully while still under anesthesia. It was just all so sudden. He was playful and happy right until the end, and that is how I want him to be remembered.

I only had the pleasure of loving Max for four short months, but I still believe he was meant to be my dog. I remember agonizing over adopting him because Mama Christine had said he was not a snuggler and he would probably never sleep in my bed. Well, I'm happy to say he DID snuggle every member of my family (I think my husband was his favorite), and he DID sleep in my bed. Even if it was only once, and probably only because I had the flu and he was convinced I was dying. But hey, he loved me enough to be concerned ??. He was a fantastic addition to my family, even for a very short time. He knew he was loved, and I know he loved us too.

We can't forget his Mama Christine, who loved him dearly as well. We corresponded (and always will) regularly, and I shared pics of Max and whatever he was up to at the time. Usually napping with his favorite human that day, or hanging with my other two dogs. We had a visit planned in April to go see Christine. Max was to stay with her a few days while I went a little further south to MD to visit friends. I am so sorry that this reunion will not be able to take place. When Max passed I only had one request. I told my vet that I needed two paw prints and his cremains must be split into two urns, one set for me and one for Mama Christine.

Cory Savard

Petunia and Her Prayer Blanker

Petunia's Prayer Blanket arrived at a perfect time!  Thanks to those who made it for her - she loves it!

Kristen Peterson

Richard Loves the Towner Toys

Richard has tested and approved the Towner Spider toys! :)

Chris & Richard

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Miss Molly!

Mason Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Adopt Lacey

Lacey is 11 years old. She is great with kids, cats and dogs. The only vice that she has is that she is a frequent urinator. Meaning she has to be let out often to pee. There is nothing medically wrong with her. All tests came back negative or normal.

She sleeps through the night in her crate and she does fine. She could wear a diaper and a 6-12 month onesie to help keep it on.

She loves to be by your side and cuddle. She will sleep or nap in your bed with you if you let her. She prefers UNDER the covers. She really is a very sweet old gal and I feel would do great in a home with someone who works from home or isn't gone for long periods of time. She doesn't mind her crate and that is where she goes when I go to work.

Christine M

Max Needs Our Prayers

Hi everyone,

i just got a very disturbing text from my former foster Max2's mom. You may remember him, he was the one who had the serious eye injury last July. but we were able to save his eye and he has found the most awesome forever home with the Savard family in upstate NY.

She said the following:

"I have some bad news. Max is having exploratory surgery tomorrow on his abdomen. About a week and a half ago, I had to switch his food because Petco is out of it and so is the warehouse it comes from and they don't know when it will be back, if ever. So I switched them all to Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice (from venison and rice). The girls did fine but Max got diarrhea. I had tried to mix the 2 foods but I didn't have enough of the old to do it for long. So after a few days of that it seemed to get better for a day. But then Friday he threw up his dog food so I started him on boiled chicken and rice. He kept it down for a day but then threw up twice yesterday and again today. The doctor thinks it may be a tumor or tumors.

We took Max to the vet today and he had a lot of tests and xrays. Doc says his gall bladder and liver function are WAY off, and his stomach is very enlarged. Nno pancreatis though. He said he could treat him with antibiotics and anti vomit drugs.but that wouldn't tell him what the problem is.

We are so worried as is the doctor, so I am pleading with everyone to please say a prayer tonight and tomorrow as Max goes for his surgery. "

thank you.

Chris M

Charlie Goes to the Vet

Hi all! Just a quick update, we braved the Ice today to go to my Vet and have some bloodwork drawn in preparation for Charlie's Dental.

She was very very good, and we stopped for a piece of bacon on the way home. She is the sweetest little old lady ♡♡

More to come! I don't anticipate any issues with her tests, but given that she will soon be 15, better safe than sorry!


More on Bella

Here she is by herself and in closeup with my gorgeous redhead Abigail.  Abigail is being very gentle with her, allowing her to have the prime spot sitting next to me or on my lap and hogging Abigail's blanket.  In turn, Bella is allowing Abigail to sleep next to and nuzzle her.  They both slept peacefully in my bed last night.
Despite the snow advisory to stay off the roads, went out yesterday to my local pet supply place, which specializes in organic food; the staff was very helpful selecting a variety of foods that might appeal to her.  She loves the Vital, a refrigerated product with high nutrient value, plus we picked up some other brands and goat milk, which staff said has high caloric and nutrient content, good for putting on weight.  Also located Blink at a pharmacy to help relieve her dry eye symptoms.  She finally went to the bathroom several times when I picked up and carried her outdoors, after shoveling: she is definitely housebroken, with a strong bladder.

She will be seeing the vet on Wednesday, after the roads have been cleared.

We are making progress, but it's going to take time, love, and patience to overcome her fears. 
But Abigail and I are committed to making her a happy, healthy Boston and finding her the perfect forever home, I know just by being here her life has already improved.

Jeanne Dross aka Rosie's mom, mom to Abiga il and foster Bella.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Update on Former Milo and "bro" Toby!

Elena is Getting Better

Richard is in the House

New Foster Mavis

Freddy Loves His Stuffed Animals

Update on Rocky

Update on Vegas

Silas and Juneau

Silas and Juneau together at last. Both resting comfortably with me on the couch. I am so impressed w my Silas. He's getting soft in his old age. Lol.

Booker is on TV

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

Hi Everyone,
I have attached a link showing my former foster, Booker, on a local tv station with his mom, Dr. Lisa Fink-Shampaner. She is an oral vet at U of Penn and she and a colleague are going over the importance of oral care. It is Dental Health Month, after all! The funny thing is that Booker doesn't have that many teeth, he had to have most pf them pulled when I fist got him from his former owner. Regardless, he is as handsome and sweet as ever! Enjoy!


Booker is a STAR!   He did a great job.  :)

New Foster Richard

Richard has arrived! He's just a little fella. He's a "reject" from a
puppy mill.  He was taken to the vet by the Miller, and that vet called NEBTR to see
if we would want to take him in.  We picked him up last night, and he's been nothing but FUN since then.

He turned 6 weeks old yesterday.  He should have been kept with his litter mates for 2 more weeks, but no one was given a choice.
The miller wanted him gone.

Chris Cassner

Waffles Enjoys Her Walk

We took a nice walk in the 50° weather!!


Beautiful Crate Bedding

Did some spring cleaning on the comfort cages (we have a few ages around th house for when the fur babies want some quiet time).
Check this out! 

This came from NEBTR Amanda's  store.

Stacie Kyle

New Foster Bella

New foster Bella arrived yesterday!  She's a little black and white girl, ten or twelve lbs max, six years old, and very scared and shy.  Apparent that her health care has been neglected: not spayed, cataract in left eye, dry eye in left eye that has been untreated for the past three months and appears very scared, may also be infection in left eye, nasty looking growth on lip, limited use of left rear leg, very thin, and appears that she might have had puppies.  

My gorgeous redhead, Abigail, tried to make friends, but Bella is terrified.  I'll be able to get her to the vet on Wednesday, after the snow stops and the roads are cleared.  I hope that the vet finds nothing more is wrong.

I'm heading out this a.m. to the store for eye drops, healthy food that might tempt her and chicken if prepared food doesn't work.

Bella is glued to me, I can't be out of her sight, she prefers huddling next to me, poor little girl, I feel so bad for her.

Jeanne Dross

So grateful that she's in the rescue. And I have no doubt that within time she's going to feel love and safety like she's never felt before, and thrive! Good luck keep us posted. - Jennifer

Lang Syne, Now Piper, is Adopted

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
Lang Syne was adopted Saturday, by a most wonderful family. Lang Syne's
new name is Piper. It suits her very well. :)

She will never want for anything ever again. She is now where she
should have been all along.

Chris Cassner

Cupcake Learns to be a Pet

Hello friends,
Just wanted to say Hi and let you know I am learning all about being a pet. I was a puppy mill mama for all of my life before now. I will be looking for a family of my own real soon. Until then I am having fun in this white fluffy stuff.