Saturday, October 10, 2009

Buddy: Another Happy Ending

I know that we don’t always post enough of the happy endings on the message board. We all work so hard so here is just one to remind us why we are here. This is from the family that adopted my foster, Buddy, this weekend (he came to me weighing 45 freaking pounds!!!) Enjoy-

-- Jodi Groff

“Hi Jodi---Buddy has settled right in to his new life. Runs up and down the stairs; goes right into the dog run and does his business; eats like a gentleman; plays hard and LOVES when we come home. We are going to try to transition him out of his crate at night--takes up too much room in our bedroom. He sleeps thru the night, and waits patiently until we are ready to go downstairs to feed them and let them out. He and Jovey fight a little--but it's the fun kind of fighting most of the time--they both want attention and loving, but they also play together. Jovey is thinking--"it wasn't like this with the skinny one." By the way--did you ever notice that Buddy LOVES to watch TV!!!!! My husband also has fallen in love with Buddy--Alan has a new best friend.

The vet thought he looked great, but he is holding back judgment on the issue of the ears for a while to see how it goes. By the way--on his scale, Buddy was 35.5 pounds--I have to reme
mber to weigh myself there from now on.

Here are some pictures---more to come as time goes on.

Thanks for everything--will keep in touch, for sure.


Barbara and everyone”

Lucky's Birthday

I had to share… today is my Lucky’s 6th birthday. And of course, proud mama has to include pics!

-- Amy Jansky

Saint is Comfortable Too

Hi Friends,

If you think Frodo looks comfortable, take a look at my 18 month old pup, Saint.

-- Isabella Marcotrigiano

Who Needs a Babysitter?

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Do You Think Foster Frodo is Content and Happy?

I think Frodo is all settled in. He has found his favorite place to lay!

-Lisa Vaughan, Foster Mom

Keep an Eye Out for Doggie Flu

By Tracy Vedder
KOMO News, Seattle Washington

SEATTLE - A new and sometimes-deadly flu virus that attacks dogs could be headed our way. There are no confirmed local cases of this highly-contagious flu, but vets say we will eventually see it here.
Off-leash parks are like doggie discos -- a great place to mix it up. But they're also great places for dogs to catch things. And with a new virus on the loose, pet owners should be on alert.
Today, "Misty" is at the vet with what doctors say is a garden variety case of kennel cough.But her symptoms, the cough and a low grade fever, are similar to the early stages of a new, highly contagious and even sometimes deadly form of dog flu.
"It's a more severe disease (with) high fever," says Dr. Kenneth McKim, a veterinarian. "It's got more complications with pneumonia and congestion."

There have been outbreaks of this new dog flu in kennels, race tracks, and shelters along the East Coast. But not here -- not yet. "It's something that we're going to be watching for in the Northwest," Dr. McKim said. "There have been no reported cases of it here yet, but I think it's something that veterinarians are going to be on the watch for."
Local shelters haven't seen any signs of the flu, but they're watching as well. But it's dog owners who can take preventive action now. Dog parks are a perfect playground for contagious diseases. The animals share toys and water dishes -- you can expect they're sharing germs as well.
Keeping ahead of this new virus is important because no local dogs have any immunity, so virtually any dog exposed will get it. And in some cases, it's quite severe.

Misty's owner Dave DuBuque is grateful he's heard about the flu now.
" 'Cause it looks as if it's there already, it's going to happen in other places and it's good that we learned that today, just to watch out and be knowledgeable about that," he said.
Lcal vets stress this is no reason for pet owners to panic, just take some precautions. If you take your dog to a dog park, bring your own water dish, and their own toys.
If you kennel your dogs, or take them to a doggie day care, make sure it's clean, and well-ventilated, and make sure that they require all their dogs to be current on their shots.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update on Maggie

Hey everyone-

Just wanted to shoot you an update on Maggie. She is doing great here and getting along perfectly with our other dog. We have settled into a scheduel and she seems to be very happy. She loves playing outside in our yard and chasing Chussie around. They could not get along any better! We love her so much and are so happy to have her as part of our family! I have attached a few pics (Maggie is the Smaller one Chussie is the bigger one :)


Jess Bloom

New Fosters Frodo and Busy

I would like to introduce Frodo and Busy(Bizzy)!!!!! Her name was Bugsy, but that is not a name fit for a princess so we have changed it. Frodo is the skinnier one in the pictures; he's black and white. Busy is brindle and white with one blue eye.
These 2 little BT's came from a kennel in Eastern Pa. The woman says she gets her puppies from breeders but looks like these guys might have been doing some breeding themselves. Both were scared leaving the kennel but are happy as clams now!
Frodo is 4 yrs old. He is 20 lbs and SWEET AS PIE! Frodo came with a ton of fleas and quite a stink. He is now flea free and smelling sweet! He is overall healthy except for his teeth. He will need a teeth cleaning and probably at least 2 teeth pulled. He also has splayed feet. Frodo is great with all kinds of dogs but no cats. He is quite a jumper so will need to go to a home with no children. Should be an easy adoption for him!
Busy is also 4 yrs old. Supposedly they are brother and sister, but I don't see any resemblance. She is 22 lbs and also a complete sweetie, she is quite the wiggle but. She gets SO happy when she sees you. According to the vet she has a grade 3 luxating patella. She also had fleas and was quite stinky. She had one of the largest fleas the vet had ever seen! She would probably be best as an only dog. She will probably be able to go to a house with dog savvy cats though. We don't have any children, but she seems like she would be good with them. 
-- Lisa Vaughan