Saturday, May 24, 2014

Foster Pangya and fur sister Madison

Puka's Movie

Indigo is Being Adopted

My sweet little boy Indigo is being adopted on Sunday. I am already so sad and don't know how I'm going to be when they pull away with him. He is going to a wonderful couple that can't wait until he is with them!  His new mom is an R.N. And his new fur sister has a seizure condition so they have lots of experience in that field.  I will take lots of pictures and post them next week. It has been a long five months but I'm proud of what Tanya and I (and our supporters) did for him and I know he is going to have a wonderful life with this family. I will update soon.
Kristin Pageau
Hamilton Nj
Thank  you so much for all that you have done for Indigo on his journey with use.  You truly were there for him at his darkest time, and I believe that he is with us is due, in large part, to your love and care.

Hi, Sophia! I'm a New Foster Sister!

Hi, everybody! My name is Sophia and my human (Erika) and I are going to be hanging with some of the new fosters coming into NEBTR! We're looking forward to meeting you all. Oh you want to know a little about me? How could you not! I'm a rescue from Chicago area, I'm about 8 years old and found my forever home at around 9 months. It's been a bumpy ride (bc srsly, I am a bit craaaaazy!), but now I'm a little less spastic and neurotic (well I at least hide it better) and a lot more fun!

-- Sophia

She is just beautiful and she seems really down to earth : )
Great job and welcome Sophia and Erika!!

Sophia was a really really naughty girl when I got her, so if you are charged with one yourself, good luck and hold out! It's worth it, and all the more rewarding. By the time she was a year I was her third home, not including two shelters. Destructive, food and dog aggressive, fear biter, would dart out the door if could (and run for blocks, holy crap!), had accidents inside, afraid to be held/handled, kids, men, leash puller, you name it. Now she's one of my best friends – not that she's ditched all her antics or strong will, but it's hard to get mad watching her stalk and plot theft of a pizza crust or give a flippant look when a smell is too good to leave when being called. Hopefully she can communicate to fosters these are the perks of being good and finding their forever homes. :)

-- Erika Bogner

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Because I'm Happy"!

Wade is such a happy guy. He's happy when it's time to eat, he's happy 
when it's time to go outside, he's happy to go on car rides, he's happy 
ALL the time!
Here he is with his happy face sleeping. What's not to love about this 
little freckled guy? :)

Chris & Wade

Wade is a Good Sport - See the Pictures!

Wade was trying on his "Adopt" bandana today. We have hopes of wearing
it to an event or maybe even just on a stroll in Gettysburg this weekend.

And then I found a hat.......Wade is such a good sport! lol

Chris & Wade

Cayo is Sitting Pretty

Hey everyone,

The boys got their stitches out last night and they were perfect patients. Such awesome boys.

I had to laugh, the little pink chair is my daughters and we were going to get rid of it but all the animals love it including Cayo. Guess we will put new material on it to match the decor and keep it as a pet bed. :)

Have a great night


Butch Says Thanks to Robyn

Butch received one of the gifts from his wishlist earlier this week.  Our wonderful Robyn Seely sent him the grooming glove he wanted.  He doesn't like to get brushed with any of the brushes I have, but he loves this thing.  I think he feels like he's getting a nice puppy massage.  So from Butch and myself, thank you Robyn!

Macungie, PA

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Silas is Adopted!

By me!!!
I went back and forth a million times trying to decide what to do. I wasn't sure because of his dog aggression issues. I wanted the best for him. He is a grumpy old man who I have come to love dearly inspite of his peeing on things he shouldn't. He sometimes poops the bed ( with me in it ) sometimes he poops when he barks. Lol!  His bath regiment of 2 per week. His coconut oil massage and special diet. He is bald,  has a peg leg and a dry eye.  What can I say,  he's a keeper. He is trying to be a good boy and at any sign of aggression he goes in the big gate I have. I just love the guy. I want to thank Vicki and Tammy for putting up w me. I'm greatful to be a part of such a great group. 
DuBois pa

Yes!!!!! I knew you would adopt him :) Katherine Madison, NJ

Congrats!  Silas has always been one of my favorites since the first time I saw his picture.  I'm so happy for you both! Melissa RI

A match made in Heaven!!!  Congratulations to Silas on his loving home!!!  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Awe I can't think of a better home for Silas....where he's loved unconditionally !! Bonnie

Buster has Rumbles in his Tumbles..

Virtual Foster Buster!

Member dog - Tuna

"Lady, you crazy if you think I'm getting up today." -Tuna

hehehe - so cute!!

Fena's Wishlist

Pangya Poses

Molly knows how to handle a lazy afternoon...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More on Wade

Wade has arrived at his new foster home in the center of apple country in PA. He is eating well, napping, taking walks and is being an all around great guy. He's fitting in very well. He hasn't made mention of that
Louie guy once.

Wade does something that, I must admit was shocking the first time, but I've come to enjoy it now that I know what's coming. He will jump into my lap, put his front paws over each of my shoulders and put his face
directly in mine. It's a HUG! It's an in your face, look at how much I love you, hug! :)

His tail....what a riot that is. It looks like a water valve. It's shaped like an "L" and the bottom part of the "L" wags like crazy when he's happy. I guess it puts me in mind of a windshield wiper on hyper
drive! :)

He might be 10 years old, but I don't think he knows it. He's as active as my 2 and 5 year old dogs.

More Wade updates to follow.

Chris & Wade

And we're told that if you stand and call him, he will leap right into your arms!

Milo Update

I got a very cute picture of Milo and his brother Toby. Milo is in the front! It is just about three months since he has been adopted!

Katelyn L

Louie is Better and Feels Like a Million Bucks

Louie is on his way to the vet to see if his eye injury has healed.  Louie has learned that the specialist pokes him in the eye. So we started getting him his own bacon when we stopped for coffee on the way to our apoointment. I think it made us ALL feel better :)

 And here's the great news!  The vet said it is all better, and NO MORE CONE!  NO MORE MEDS!

Louie slept great and woke up feeling like a million bucks today! He is finally getting back to his old self. To prove it (maybe to himself), he destroyed 2 stuffed toys before breakfast! Some of it may be just for show...I did see him looking longingly at Wade's food dish while he munched his raw rabbit kibble.
But time heals all things, and I have no doubt that Louie will be ready to get back in the game very soon!

Erin Sullivan

Welcome new foster Angie!

Hello all! Angie was brought over to my house last night. She's a 10 year old lady who seems more like 6...she's active, in shape, and only a little grey. She reminds me of my first foster Sherry (except a thinner version of my little pork chop Sherry!). She is very friendly with adults and I was told she's great with other dogs. She wasn't at all affected by my two resident dogs on the other side of the gate... Though they were very interested in her! 

She is microchipped and it helped get her home a few weeks ago when she ran off. She is very smart and knows a bunch of cute tricks! She is getting a little more comfortable but has spent the majority of her time sitting in front of the door waiting for her owner to come back. She was with her past family for 8 years who adopted her from a shelter so it's a very hard separation for Angie and her previous owner.  

Angie also came to my house right after leaving the vet yesterday because their other dog bit her and her right ear has about an inch split through it. She is currently on an antibiotic and a pain medication due to the injury. I'll keep you all updated on her progress as I get to know this little cutie better!! Here's a few photos :)

Shawna Merritt & Angie 
Cicero, NY

She's adorable!  Thank you so much Shawna for opening your heart and home to this beautiful lady!

Milly and Clara Have a Special Bond

Milly and Clara share a special bond.  They love each other so much! 
Milly is happy still collecting her bowls and Clara loves to nap after playing in the yard.
Jill Charles

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Instinct Video Contest Finalists

NEBTR didn't win - and we posted the videos the 4 videos that were submitted - but we thought you may want to see the five finalists if you'd like to vote for your favorite:

Jerrilyn Walters

NEBTR Submissions For Instinct Video Contest

Instinct is having a video contest for the best rescue story in 45 secs. with the winner to receive $1000.00 toward their rescue. The contest is on-going with 5 finalists, however, NEBTR did not make the finals.

NEBTR submitted 4 videos, so please take a moment and look at these stories. We are proud of our foster families and what they have done and will continue to do for our rescues to live happy, forever lives.  We may not have won, but to the dogs in these videos, they are clearly winners!!!

Foster Indigo    (Kristin Pageau)

Foster Eva (Boston/Pit Bull mix and honorary NEBTR Boston) (Lisa Vaughn)

Foster Spike  (Chris Cassner)

Foster Maxy Moo (Jerrilyn Walters)

Sadie May says Thanks!

Sadie received a welcome basket yesterday.  She was especially happy about the bully sticks that were in it.  Thank you!

Melanie Stein 
♥all you need is love and a dog♥

A big thank you to all the folks who help support the new foster wish list that enables our new rescues to have their own toys and treats!!!

Pangya takes a break

Monday, May 19, 2014

As the World of NEBTR Turns...

For those of you following the story of our foster Louie, his eye issues and his foster mom's patient love and caring of this boy - we have a Pupdate!!

Well folks, Louie got the all clear (finally!) From the eye specialist! No more meds, no more cone!
Of course now we have an ear infection we have to treat,  but after that we are READY TO GO!

Erin, PA

Whoooo hoooot! Yippeeeee! I love the FB pic, bacon makes everything better!
Great job!
Maria, Newington, CT 

Yippppppy! Joyce, NJ

Stay tuned for our next episode when Louie is no longer wearing his cone!!

Pangya and Lilly - Special Friends

Our Foster Boy Max - Behaving Well!

When I went to the Quakertown event evidently I didn't latch his cage correctly. I always fill his Nylabone with peanut butter and treats. I put toys in there that he likes the best to keep him occupied. I was gone from 7:45 am until nearly 2:25 pm. I have never even left him alone that long. Well to my surprise Max greeted me at the door and I was shocked to  say the least but my heart sank!!! I thought OH MY.......I was expecting to see the trash dumped out all over the house, the couch chewed up, and pooo and pee everywhere. NOTHING Absolutely nothing was touched and no messes at all. 

Now that I know he's a good boy I will start leaving him out for a hr or two at a time and see how he does and hopefully he doesn't need to be crated. That will make such a HUGE difference to the adopters who want Max. I left him out of his crate when I went to run errands today and shop for groceries and  nothing was touched. I was gone for about and hr and a half or so. 

Warminster Pa

Way to go Max! What a good boy  - you are learning fast!

Pangya wants steak for dinner!

Morning from Pangya!

Our Sympathy to Maria

Wade and Louie Part Ways


Wade is all fresh and clean and ready to meet his new foster mama, the fabulous Chris Cassner later today!

Wade and Louie have developed some irreconcilable differences, and have decided it is best they go their separate ways.

It was fun while it lasted, and they shared some tender happy moments: sunbathing, lick fests, tickle fights, but Louie's injury was too much of a strain on them both.

It started with small tiffs brought on by Louie's lack of interest in Wade's toys and chewies, and was fueled by Louie's declining self image following the appearance of his Cone of Shame. His once proud face now hidden behind a plastic veil of sadness and pain. Eventually the fighting got worse and worse, they both said a lot of things they can't take back, and their relationship has gotten to the point where too much resentment has surfaced, and so much trust has been lost that it just can't be fixed. They both knew it couldn't last, they come from two different worlds. Wade is a distinguished retired writer from an old money family, Louie is a retired boxer from the wrong side of the tracks. A tough guy with a heart of gold just waiting for the right one to complete him. They could never make it work.

Louie is going to take some time to heal, work on some relaxation techniques, and hopefully build back up his self esteem once the cone is removed. He plans to start working out and getting back to his healthy routine as soon as he can.

Who knows what the future will hold for them both? I wish Wade all the best in his new accommodations, and in his search for true love.

Erin Sullivan


Morning Beauty Advisers

Here is foster Cayo (left) and my Georgia. They like to hang out in the bathroom as I get ready in the morning and usual steal my bathrobe to lie on.

Debbi Stapleton

NEBTR at the Quakertown Vet Clinic

I was in Quakertown this Saturday for the Quakertown Vet Clinic and it was my first event.

I met Cynthia and her husband Craig. I also met Dawn who has Benny and I met Coco's mom.

When my customers found out they started donating for the event. My goodness my landlord even made a donation!!!!! . Anyhoooo it was great I met so many wonderful people and their animals. The kissing booth was barely up before the people were wanting kisses SCOOBY WAS A KISSING FOOL!!!!!:) He wasn't bashful at all and he cared less whether man woman or child he was going to kiss them all. I was so proud of my little guy he never failed to give a kiss to those who wanted it. Even the babies had to giggle once he gave them a kiss.

Craig's Boston  and Scooby were side by side giving out kisses they got along great together. I was able to raise $220.00 from my customers, and Cynthia sold her famous jelly,  so added to that what we made at the event brought it to a total of $445.00 so hopefully that will help take care of a couple babies coming into our care in need of medical assistance.

I handed out the cards that I purchased from Chris and put my name and number on the back to anyone I thought truly was thinking about adopting or fostering they could call me. Had to finally leave about 1:30 or so when Scooby started laying on the table I think his kisser was about kissed out. But Scooby and I had a really GREAT GREAT TIME!!!!

Bonnie Towner

Wow!!! That sounds incredible!! Go Team NEBTR! Bonnie - that was a lot of money you raised from your customers and then the kissing booth and Cynthia's jelly! -  how wonderful!!  Special thanks to Cynthia and Craig for organizing this - they always knock it out of the park!

NEBTR Thanks Nylabone

NEBTR thanks Nylabone for their wonderful gifts for our fosters.  They have contributed all the chews and treat items shown above so that our babies can come into their foster homes with a Nylabone addition to their foster packages.

Special thanks to Denice Schnaak for coordinating this gift, and to Stacie Kyle for sending out the foster packages!

Remembering Benji and Gunther

The (7) of us gathered, we prayed, said good-bye and remembered all that was good and loving about these two precious pups! Gunther a gentle, loving, loyal soul. Benji needy of love gave so much more than he ever received. His big eyes spoke volumes. Their paws prints are left on our hearts forever! 

Maria Pastuszak

Very touching Maria.  So hard to lose 2 so close.

Maya: Love Can Heal

We visited Maya on Saturday! Love can heal ALL and this couple is beyond amazing!  Maya has them completely trained. Few people can really handle Miss Maya. One has to have extreme confidence.  This couples mom in her 80's can handle Maya like she's a baby doll. If you remember Maya's owner had passed she was a woman in her 80's. Maya is safe and comforted by this elderly grandma that lives in an in-law downstairs. Maya was full of spunk and there has been a BIG change in Maya's life she has fur playmates. This couple had friends with dogs and it was important that they get along so they started slow and Maya now plays, shares and sleep curled up with labs and other dogs. They may be looking to adopt a passive male for Miss Maya in the future! Happy for John & Claudia but really thrilled for Miss Maya!

Love happily ever after!

Maria Pastuszak

Maria, all your hard work with her paved the way for a wonderful life for Maya.  You must be thrilled!