Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update on Carmine

Ed called last night, Carmine is doing great adjusting to life in his new home. He and Bella, the temporary guest dog, are having a great time together playing, Carmine quickly established himself as top dog, Ed and his sister are working with Carmine so that he understands that top dog does not include the humans. Ed's sister works for a vet, very knowledgeable about dog behavior, as is Ed about our BT kids. Says Carmine is a great dog, loves to play and cuddle, sleeps with Ed at night, very happy in his new family and loves everyone. -- Jeanne Dross

Welcome Fannie, Our New Red Foster


 Isn't she gorgeous?! A beautiful redhead, we call her color fawn. Fannie is Karen Kelsch's new foster pup. She is keeping her until NEBTR finds the perfect home for her. Karen cannot keep her long term, although she notes "ask me again in a couple of weeks. LOL!!" Fanny is 3 1/2 years old, a typical BT; Fanny will make a wonderful addition to anyone's home. And she is as sweet as she looks. She is a mush. Loves to be petted, gets along great with Karen's two BT's, loves to play with EVERY TOY IN THE TOY BOX, and is a real sweetheart. Whoever ends up with Fannie will be very lucky. Foster mom Karen says: "I will give her up but it will be hard. Anyone interested should fill out an application for her."

Rules for Humans

Friday, February 3, 2012

Jerrilyn's Birthday Honor

Jerrilyn Walter is passionate about Boston Terriers.  She is a tireless volunteer for NEBTR, wearing many hats all with love for the breed.  She is also the Mom to world famous Vivienne, Boston and model extraordinaire.

So when Jerrilyn turned 40, what better than to celebrate and to benefit NEBTR at the same time.  She requested that in lieu of gifts, donations be sent to NEBTR.  Her friends honored her by contributing over $1500 to our organization.  Special thanks to Katherine Kerr, Sandra Lubicz, Stan Klasek, Dawn Palo, Nohemy Plascencia, Ashley Dolan, Leslie Gilbert, Denise Meekins, Robert Meekins, Brendan Barr, Scott Edwards, Mary Wright, Natalie Baxter, Thomas Pellegrino, and Jerrilyn's Mom, all of whom made birthday gifts in her honor.

And a great big thank you to Jerrilyn, for including NEBTR in her special day!

Snowball Boston

 Winter Fun!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Belle

Just thinking how quickly time flies. It was two years ago today that I fell into fostering and got my forever foster Belle. Belle was a 14 year old girl who had been abandoned in an apartment in PA. A neighbor was attempting to care for her but was unable to keep it up and was about to take her to a shelter. Luckily for Belle, she was brought to the attention of NEBTR and after reading all the emails back and forth and no one was available to take her - all the fosters were full - I told my husband I couldn't stand the thought of this little girl ending up in a shelter. Another one of our wonderful rescuers, Kym, went and picker Belle up and I met them at Kym's home in Scranton PA. I them drove home in a snowstorm with this frightened little dog. She was in bad shape, bald from her shoulders back, had many hot spots, a nasty looking cataract on one eye, a grade 3-4 heart murmur and about six teeth left. After a trip to the vet, who didn't think she would last six months, Belle was treated to several oatmeal baths, a change in diet (she is allergic to chicken and that is what she was being fed) and lots of loving. Now at age 16, she is almost completely blind, having developed another cataract on the other eye and her kidneys are beginning to fail a bit. But she is a real trooper and gets around the house just fine. Her hair grew back and she has no problem eating. She is a feisty little old lady who keeps the other dogs in line. (She thinks she is a German shepherd, I think!!) She does this funny little "bumper car" thinkg to find me when she wants her back scratched, which she loves, and comes to greet me when I come home with her little tail waggin and wanting to be picked up and loved. She is quite the character and my husband and I often say that we would have loved to see what she was like as a pup. I had not planned to foster for another year or so when I retired - but guess what - I am not the least bit sorry that we fell into it like this. Belle is a gem and I would not trade her. So thanks, NEBTR for bringing little Belle into our lives. Tomorrow when I am at my home computer, I will post a recent picture of her for all of you to enjoy. Joan Stark Ontario NY

Jersey Boy Maxy

Maxy went to his forever home with a wonderful couple in New Jersey: Jody Yorty reports that they were so excited to adopt him, they drove all the way to Syracuse on Friday night for the big event on Saturday morning. He came into foster care recently because his energy and his previous owner's energy didn't quite mesh. With the help of our foster support team he has found the most perfect place! He will be spending his weekdays in NJ and his weekends at a cabin in the woods of PA. What a life! Also Maxy now has a new Boston Terrier sister, Bailey, who is the same age. Congrats to Maxy and his new family!  And special congratulations to Foster Mom Jackie Foster who did such a fabulous job with this boy!

Maxy was Jackie's second foster, and she reports that he was a total joy to have.  She adds that Maxy will make his new family very happy.  She sends special thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially Jane, Joy, Debbi, Elly, Ellen,  Ginny, and Beth. "Glad to be a part of NEBTR," says Jackie.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bizzy's Second Gotcha Day Anniversary

Adam and Tasha, what a heart warming story of your love for little Bizzy. Another wonderful success story for one of our fosters, Bizzy, who was fostered by Lisa V, our energizer Intake Coordinator.

Here is Adam and Tasha's note:

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that it has been 2 years on the 21st that we brought home our Little Monster Bizzy. It has been the most rewarding 2 years, watching her adapt to life outside a mill. Within these 2 years she has made TONS of friends, become a social butterfly and also taken complete ownership over Tasha and I. Within a year she graduated from her bed, to the foot of ours. She has also graduated from 7:30 am wake-ups to 6am wake ups by pouncing on my head and sticking her nose in my ear. The Queen gets what she wants.

To think that the dog that pooped and pee'd on our carpet within five minutes of her first visit here with her Foster Mom is now our Little Monster. Despite my reservations, Tasha's insistence that she was the one for us couldn't have proved more right. Bizzy's stubrn-ness and attitude are all part of the package. Not to forget her wiggle dance, nothing in the world can be better to come home to then that.

She has quite a ton of people outside our home who love her as well, including both our sets of parents and many of our friends. Also, the Pet Smart staff who let her stare at the rodents and birds for as long as she wants on her visits. She has quite the loyal following. She is also immortalized in ink. Her mug will forever by placed on my arm, and worn proudly.

What a great two years it has been. Thanks to everyone at NEBTR who helped her get to us, especially Lisa Vaughn, her awesome foster Mom and all who helped with donations for her knee surgery. Without you this wouldn't have been possible. She would thank you tons but she is to busy laying on the bed burrowed under blankets. We couldn't be happier to be part of such an awesome group of people. The rewarding feeling we get with our involvement with NEBTR , pairing other Bostons to loving families is irreplaceable. Being able to bring the happiness we have with Bizzy to someone else is the best feeling ever.

Thanks To All

Adam Lichtman and Tasha Gulywasz......and of course Bizzy

Project - 2013 Calendar

NEBTR volunteer and photographer Betsey Freedman of BeFree Photography has very graciously offered to put together a calendar for fundraising for next year.  If you are interested in having your NEBTR included, she would love to have you bring your Boston to her Long Island NY location.  Her email is

Here are some of the photos she took from former foster Turbo's photo shoot.

And here are a few of Bob

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on Rocky

Rocky is doing great under the loving care of Foster Mom Jen Bevensee, who does his therapy and attends to his medications.
Rocky came through his surgery of putting a plate into his leg to bond the severely broken leg very well. When his foster Mom, Jen, got him from the vets office her instructions were that he needed a LOT of care and it didn't faze her at all. He needed meds, compresses, exercises (special ones) multiple times a day. Plus, he had to be leash walked and hand fed.

Jen says, "This is Rocky with my BT Willie. This is as close as Willie wants to be to Rocky (I'm surprised he's even THIS close!), but Rocky has gotten along just fine with all animals and people he has encountered so far. He also rides well in the car, walks nicely on the leash and takes food/treats VERY gently by hand."

This is Rocky in Jen's kitchen. Making progress... Rocky is doing well, and despite the extensive pain and suffering he has had to contend with, he has never shown himself to be anything but a true gentleman. It now appears that the injuries he suffered were not from a car accident, but do to purposeful violence by a human.
This week, Rocky got his staples out of his leg and cone off. He also tested negative for HW and preliminary x-rays are looking good. Jen got him a new toy to celebrate, and here he is chewing on it ! Rocky is now eating out of a bowl on his own (Jen had to hand feed him while in the cone) and has shown NO food, treat or toy possession/aggression. She can put my hand right in his bowl, and can take his toy right out of his mouth. He is a darling, and it is hard to believe humans could be so cruel to him.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Manny Gets Adopted

Manny found his forever home, in South Jersey to an animal Chiropractor. Here is what his forever Dad says about Manny. Manny joins two other pups in the family, Roo and Ted. Another success story for one of our very deserving babies!! "I drove up to North Jersey to see Manny. Ted was more impressed with the people and the nice dog play area inside the building (daycare for dogs). Manny was very sweet and I got to bring him home. Roo was glad to see another active boy in the house again, but put him in his place if he got "rude" with her. I think it's going to work out fine. Plan on being home with the pack all day long tomorrow (day off) so perhaps it will give me a chance to figure out my new camera and uploading all the photos I took tonight. Manny is warming up to me and trying to make friends with Roo. Ted is just exhausted and wants to rest. Thanks for all the well-wishes! NEBTR is great! Manny came home with a lot of "gifts" from his foster mom, Carolyn."

More on Wheezy

Wheezy has been with us for several days now and we have really started to get to know his personality. He is calm for 2.5 years old, and is happiest just pressed up against his humans on the couch. He is apprehensive of new people and frankly scared of men. Fortunately he just growls but can be easily bribed with treats. After just one growl when he first met my fiance he now spends most of the day passed out on Steve's lap or running around playing with the tennis ball. We are going slow with him but hope to introduce him to other men next week. He just desperately wants to be loved and cuddled. He will shower you with kisses any chance he gets. He is 100% housebroken however marks everywhere outside which we are working on but so far he has not lifted his leg in the apartment. He wasn't previously leash walked so this is also a work in progress. I can take his things (ball, bully stick etc) away from him with no protest. He is crate trained and sleeps in his crate at night without a peep. The big obstacle we are working on is the strangers but I bet our Wheezy can make some great progress in the coming weeks. When he meets new women he is usually in their laps within minutes. He is incredibly sweet and the forever home he ends up in will be extremely lucky to add Wheezy to the family. Attached is a picture of Wheezy doing the adorable "I hear something" head tilt as he relaxes in Steve's arms. -- Amy Swift, Foster mom to Wheezy NYC

New Foster Sam

Sam is now with his foster Mom Carolyn McCarthy. She says that Sam is an energetic pup, and it is hard to believe he is 10 years young!

New Foster Wheezy

Wheezy has been with foster mom Amy for several days now.  Amy and Steve, her fiancee, have really started to get to know his personality. He is calm for 2.5 years old, and is happiest just pressed up against his humans on the couch.  He is easy to train: can be bribed with treats.  He loves women: when he meets them, he is on their lap within a few minutes; not used to being around men,  Norman now spends most of the day passed out on Steve's lap, after running around playing with the tennis ball. We are going to introduce him to other men next week, but expect he will be happy around them now that he is getting to meet them.

Wheezy just desperately wants to be loved and cuddled. He will shower you with kisses any chance he gets. He is 100% housebroken.  Wheezy is learning quickly to walk on lead. We can take his things (ball, bully stick etc) away from him with no protest. He is crate trained and sleeps in his crate at night without a peep.  He is incredibly sweet.  The forever home Wheezy deserves will be extremely lucky to add Wheezy to the family. -- Amy Swift, Foster mom to Wheezy NYC 1 of 1 Photo(s)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cooper Gets Adopted

Cooper is now in his new home and settling down nicely! He's already cracking us up by hiding toys under his blanket, and sucking on the corner of the dog bed. Thank you Carolyn at Kamp Kanine for introducing us to this wonderful little guy! We'll share pictures soon! Jamie Slegel Diamond

Winter Sense of Smell

Do not be tempted to let dogs off leash in snow or ice. Canines often lose their scent in cold weather and can become lost. Dogs also can panic in snow storms and run away. The decreased daylight does not help either. More dogs are reported lost during the winter than any other season, so always keep dogs on leash when outside a fully fenced yard and make sure yours always wears proper identification.