Friday, February 10, 2012

Photograph Your Foster

Special thanks to Chelle Panzica, who has offered to take photos of fosters to help them find their forever homes.  Chelle recently visited Carolyn McCarthy at Kamp Kanine, and photographed fosters Manny, Dakota and Beans - and Carolyn's own Frenchie pup Godric.

Check out Chelle's Flickr album to view the whole set here.  Manny in the red collar, Dakota in the Blue collar and Beans in the green collar.  And if you have a foster you would like to feature, or a former foster who is now a cherished member of your family,  Chelle has offered to photograph your pup too.  Contact her at  

Bostons Are Good for You

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happens To All of Us

Just like most human and fur kids!

Happy Birthday Norman!

Our Normie Boy turns 12 on Wednesday! He’s as ball-obsessed as ever, despite being blind. He’s a good boy and we love him.

Amy Jansky

Stanley Finds a Great Home


This is Stan wearing his "I just found a great forever home" face. This afternoon he went to meet a couple in New Jersey who love Boston Terriers. Stan mistrusts men, but Bill and a hand full of treats wormed his way into Stan's heart. Bill's wife Barb and Stan got along right from the start. We could not have picked a better home for Stan.

Dawn Stone

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Foster Oscar

I picked up Oscar from Alissa Donnell on Saturday. He was found as a stray and was previously held by Jefferson County Animal Control. The vet's best guess is that he is a Boston/Beagle mix, about 1 yr old. He's got all the right markings with a longer snout, long tail, and enormous floppy ears. I now have a little trio of white sock lefties at my house. They are all getting along very well.

He's a really sweet boy, and very well behaved. He gets very anxious if I'm not in the same room as him, but we're working on getting him more comfortable. He made big improvements with the crate yesterday. He was even great for me in the bath last night.

He'll need to be neutered, so he won't be available for adoption for at least 3-4 weeks.

Rhea Henderson

Where is the Snow?

Carrie Williams' crew looking for snow.  Is this really Buffalo NY in winter?   No wonder they look puzzled.

How can they make snow angels and burrow through drifts without that crucial ingredient?  Maybe a visit Canada to see if things are better over the border.....

It's great photo, Carrie.  How did you ever get all of  them to pose that well? 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Update on Foster Wheezy

We went up to my parents' place today and he met their huge Chocolate lab and did really well with her!! Wheezy is gaining more and more confidence every day and is going to make some home very happy. Here is a picture of him relaxing on the cool floor after a long walk. Amy Smart

Why We Don't Use Choke Collars

Choke's are not good for any dog. There are many options and a time and place for everything. Training is the key. Get some good basic obedience and take it from there. Motivation and then correction as needed. Major Downside for Chokes. No one thinks about this, but choke collars do choke. If your dog jumps up and the collar gets caught, your pup can strangle to death very quickly. And don't think this will never happen, it does. I have seen this in person, fortunately, a group of us were there when it happened: we rescued and revived the dog in time, but it's a memory and a reminder that will stay with me forever. The dogs temperament depends on the training tool. Sometimes a flat collar is enough. I use martingales on many of my bostons (a flat with a yoke). Gwen gear has really nice ones. For some dogs, consider training with a Snoot Loop, available on the internet. Snoot Loops come in styles for short nosed breeds and in different sizes. They really work as a training aid: the principal is control the head to control the behavior. It was recommended by the Director of Cornell's Animal Behavior Program, I used it on a dog who did not respond to other training aids. So, no chokes!

Foster Betsy Steals Mom's Banana

Watch foster girl Betsy as she tries to steal a banana from her Foster Mom Lisa Vaughan's purse.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Foster Norman

We took in our new foster, Norman, on Saturday. Surrendered from a multi-dog family, he was not given the attention he needed so is still a bit timid, lots of love will cure that. . The owner just stated that the other dogs didn't like him. He is crate trained, no accidents at night or when you leave him during the day.    He is super gentle and sweet with my husband and I and our 12 year old son.  He is currently in our kitchen, eating area & mudroom.

He would be an excellent dog for a quieter home. He is so happy to just sit next to you and get some loving. If you stop petting him, he gently lifts his paw and taps you- it's the cutest thing.   I know this sweet, sweet boy just needs a little time, calm and patience to continue to blossom. We absolutely love him already and can't imagine how anyone could possibly have given him up.

Cindy Kaiser, Albany, NY

Betty Ann's Restaurant Fundraiser

Betty Ann Manganello is tireless in thinking of new ways to raise money.  She is taking a page from the book of fundraising Queen Cynthia Musselman, and thinking outside the box.

Betty Annis partnering with Rochester NY  area restaurants, in conjunction with Madison's Mission & BT Cruisers.  In addition to a portion of the restaurants sales for the event, they run a 50/50, sell dog toys, and collect donations.

Betty Ann writes,  Overall, it was a good day and it was nice to see friendly faces and people enjoying their meals. We will continue to have the restaurant fundraisers on a monthly basis. February's restaurant is Chili's in Henrietta, NY. Hopefully our amounts will increase and we will raise even more for NEBTR. Every little bit helps. Thank you for everyone's

Maybe a restaurant in your area would be willing to do this?

Muno, Ain't He Sweet

Megan Mills Sanchez is proud of her latest foster, Muno, an abandoned puppy mill victim left outdoors with L'il Honey in the cold at a shelter during the night, saved by the kindness of strangers. Now he's loved and Megan is readying him for a forever family. And he has a permanent wink so he'll always be smiling at you! Thanks to LuluMarie Photography who volunteered to do these great portraits.