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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Scamp Opens a Package

Scamp Says Thanks

Finn Update

Over the last week he has really shown his true colors! He loves to play and chase toys/balls.

This little guy has stolen a piece of our heart!!

He goes in tomorrow to be neutered, wish him well!

Erin and Finn

Foster Mosby Can Speak on Command

This is the first pup I've had that will "Speak" on command! Isn't he adorable? Thank goodnes that Mosby will also "Quiet" on command. :)
Jeanine Sicinski

Easy Salmon Training Treats for Your Dog

-Mix 1 drained can of salmon (14.75 oz/418g) with 3 eggs and 1&1/2 cups flour (I used whole wheat).

-Press onto lightly greased cookie sheet or pizza pan to about 1/4" thickness.

-Bake at 250F for 20 minutes.

-Cut into 1/4" cubes; a pizza cutter works great.

-Refrigerate some and freeze the rest.

Dogs love them! 

Tuna works also -

Judy -

Bundle of Love and Birthday Boy Brady

I'm so grateful for this beautiful group!! Thank you for my Brady Boy!♡ he turned 9 years old today!  And thank you for Penny! She is a bundle of love and joy for all of us, and Brady agrees
We are very grateful we found NEBTR and our pups!
God bless you all!
The Cecere family

Beautiful Lacey

No words just 💓💓

Foster mom to Lacey

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Adoptable Pup Spotlight - Leroy

Lang Syne is Available for Adoption

You Call That a Blizzard?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Scooby here! Loving the warm spot in my foster mom's bed. I did NOT want to move! I enjoy her working from home today, but I am NOT getting out of bed!

Warm wishes to all of my friends!
Sarah RFoster mom to Scooby

Great dog, great shot! Deb


Lang Syne Loves Life

Here is an update on little Lang Syne. She is the 7 year old mill momma
that came to NEBTR on New Year's Eve.

She just got her spay stitches out, and she has a clean bill of health
from the vet.

She's beginning to understand that life can be great. She's learning
that chewing on a chew stick is fun, balls bounce, and other dogs in the
house aren't always a bad thing. She is still working on house
training, but we haven't had any accidents for a few days. (yeah!)
She still hides 50% of her treats, but that's down from 100%. She's
gained a whole pound from day one, and she's looking good. She's a
whopping 16 pounds now.

She's a cuddler and a kisser, and every morning when we greet her she
does a happy dance for us. :)

You can't help but love a dog that is so grateful for every little thing
you offer.

Chris & Lang Syne

Brady and Penny Love

Hello everyone.  We had to share the love between our NEBTR 2 Bostons.  Brady and Penny on the couch and Penny with her paw over Brady. The hug

It must be the weather

Be safe everyone !
Ana Cecere

Leroy is Ready for Snow

So long as I am snuggling with my favorite blanket, food in my tummy and rubs from my foster mom - I am ready for the snow!


Lucky Leroy has no worries! Such a cutie!

New Foster Cooper

Hello, my name is Cooper and I'm new around here.  I'm with my foster Mom and foster brother Benny.  My mom and dad were working really long hours and couldn't spend any time with me.  They felt bad that I spent so much time alone and asked NEBTR to take me so I could find a new home.  I will be 6 yrs old next month and have lots of energy so I am going to be looking for someone to run and play with.

​Cooper is being fostered by Dawn Stone

Cooper you are a lucky boy to be hanging out with Benny & Dawn! 

Madison in Her Furever Home

Madison is doing great in her new home. Here she is with her furbrother Oswald and her catsister :)
Jeanine Sicinski

Video and Update on Scamp

Monday, January 26, 2015

Beautiful Chloe

Just wanted to pass along a big thank you from Chloe and I! We opened her new foster package full of wonderful treats for her. She especially loved the tennis ball/sock pull toy and got really jazzed about it! That was the key to unlocking her really playful side! Then I read the note about how supporters give us the toys and treats for the care package and was really moved and wanted to make sure they know how directly they are impacting Chloe’s life! Hopefully these photos show how this sweet girl loved her mail! Thanks, Karen and Chloe
(editor note: we think this smiling girl is a beauty!)

Winston and Daisy

Sir Winston and Miss Daisy Mae just wanted to check in and say hello to all their friends.  They hope everyone is staying warm and getting as many cuddles as possible this winter! They also wanted to share some photos from the past few weeks. (As you can see on the photos Sir Winston is looking quite dapper in his new bowtie and miss daisy is keeping herself busy by sleeping =) she's really good at that lol) <3 

Courtney Kautz

Mosby is Back

NEBTR has Mosby back in our care again. 

He didn't do so well with his human 3 year old sister. 

Mosby is a 3 year old Frenchton and is currently being fostered in Allentown, Pa. He's just getting in and settled but he'll be available for adoption soon. He's looking for a home with no young kids, active parents, and would prefer to be the only dog. 

Welcome back Mosby!
Jeanine Sicinski

A Cute Photo of Bruno

He just loves to get under the blanket .


What We Do on Snowy Days

Tammy Galvacky

Thanks for sharing it.  :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pangya's New Sweater

Bandanas by Amanda - Modeling and Thanks

These are the bandanas that i ordered from Amanda Unger  for my pack - they look amazing ..she did a great job . Thought  I would share the pics .

Tammy Galvacky

 Someone wonderful person bought bandanas from Amanda's shop and donated them to the foster packages! got them today. Here is Miss Saddie, modeling the Ninja Turtle bandana that will go in a lucky new foster pack!!


New Foster Buster 99

My husband and daughter Renata picked up Buster in the same shelter as Maya in Cornwall, CT. today. The shelter followed Maya's story. They were so happy for Maya they reached out to NEBTR once again. Buster was great in the car and is finally taking a nap.

He was not happy to be crated at first, he barks when created. The shelter just neutered him, he is still swollen and stitches are visible. He is on Doxycycline, he tested positive for Lyme Disease. He is 9 1/2 years old, deaf, fearful, loves to kiss and cuddle. Just getting to know Buster!


Hank is Adopted

All this snow and rain could not keep Hank's adoption day from happening! This is a match made in heaven! Hank is going to be the single king of this castle! <3 Wishing him and his new mom lots of love, cuddles and happiness! XOXOXO


Foster Mom,

Katelyn L.

This just goes to show - when there is love, nothing else matters - not snow, not sleet or freezing rain!
Snuggle up Hank you are now in your new fur-ever home!! Yay Hank!!!!!


More on Leo and Petunia


Leo has been with us for 2 weeks now. He was surrendered to NEBTR because the family had too much going on in their lives to give him the love and attention he deserves.   He was scared and shy but has made some great improvements all on his own with a change in atmosphere.  He loves walks and tennis balls and has even snuck into our bed half way through the night a few times.  He still needs a little work and some patience, but when he is ready he will be a wonderful addition to someone's home! 

Petunia is just a doll!  She came to us only a week ago.  She settled in much quicker then Leo. but she has experience with other foster homes. She has such a laid back personality.  She also loves to play but she isn't picky, she will take any ball, but her favorite is squeaky toys. She is a little Nosey Rosie too, loves to see what you are doing and make sure she isn't missing anything.

We couldn't have picked any better dogs for our first fosters!


Update on Macy, Formerly Maisy

Waffles Relaxing After Her Surgery

Waffles had her one mast cell tumor removed today and did well.  She seems fine now, had food and water.  It is a big incision, she will go back to get stitches out and hopefully we'll have the biopsy results next week. 
Thank you everyone for your support! 
 Waffles is hanging out while I make her turkey loaf.  She loves the heater!


New Foster Scamp

Waffles Says Thanks