Thursday, August 11, 2011

Joyjoy Goes to Her Forever Home

Hey everyone, our foster Joyjoy, was adopted out to Michelle Swangler and Tom Donovan this evening (thank you Sandee for doing their home visit!) Joy was a shelter dog, originally a mill mama, from the York SPCA in June and we had the pleasure of fostering this little gem of a girl for almost 2 months. I drove her up to Michelle and Tom and it was love at first sight. They were thrilled with her. First words out of Michelle's mouth were how beautiful she is and soft her coat is : ) (Yeah for good food, exercise, neem oil shampoo and some love and care!)

Sigh, it was a sad good bye but I am very confident this is a fabulous home for the Joyjoy. I forgot my camera in the car (of course.) But Michelle has already emailed me and let me know Joy has spent the evening on the couch with them : )

Thanks to all who had a hand in her adoption from the application process, to placement and home visit help! I love this group of amazing volunteers!

Nick & Vicki (& Ori too)
Etown PA

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update on Spikey/Tazzy

Thank you for the two year anniversary card for Spikey (now named Taz Manster) We started out a little rough when I first got Tazzy as he is deaf and was very aggressive if you reached towards him. Within 3 months Tazzy had learned sign language. The aggression issues took almost a year longer with lots of patience and "time outs" as I do not hit animals. Two years later Tazzy has become my huggie bug. I still have to watch him if strangers approach but he will make friends with other people if they let him come to them. I have attached a couple pictures of Tazzy so you can see how he is now. He is my love and is in his forever home.

-- Kim Compton

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Foster Daisy May

Daisy May is a shy little thing. She is a country girl from a very rural puppymill. She isn't house broken but is very comfortable with people and is great with my dogs. She is busy exploring the house and now is curled up on a pillow just watching things. Will post other pics and an update in a couple of days. She is adorable, six years old, petite and very pretty.

Joan S Ontario NY

Monday, August 8, 2011

Update on Lola


Thank you for the postcard celebrating our 2 year adoption anniversary of Lola. She fits perfectly into our family. We cannot imagine life without her. We recently had a baby, Hannah, who is 4 months old now. Hannah loves to watch Lola play. Whenever Lola gets near, Hannah gets a huge smile! Lola loves to sniff and lick her.

Shortly after we adopted Lola we took her to puppy training classes and she did great. She is such a smart dog. At 4 1/2 she still loves to play as if she were a puppy. I don't think she'd make a good guard dog b/c anyone that comes in the house she jumps up to lick their face. She can even reach my husband's face (he is 6ft 5).

We are thrilled to have Lola in our lives Thank you for what you do.

Holly & Brian Reynolds

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update on Willow

It's hard to believe that its almost been two years since we first met our dear Willow.She has become such a beloved member of our family that it feels like she always been with us. She is a loving little girl who is great with people. She is excellent with our young nieces (3 and 6) who on one visit found Willow's doggie bed blanket and kept trying to tuck her in. Willow just sighed and settled down for a afternoon nap after the littlest one gave her a kiss on the head.

She has been wonderful company for my 87 yr old mother who lives with me. Willow will follow her room to room and be content just to know she's there. I'm pretty sure she's also managed to get some extra afternoon cheese treats before I get home from work.

Willow has cancer. She has had multiple surgeries but seems to be doing well so far. It may shorten her time with us but we are committed to giving her the best possible life with lots and lots of love! She's had several very bad teeth pulled. It made a huge different in her appetite. It's a big difference from the thin little waif we first met. Now she's filled out and looks good. Her hearing has been steadily getting worse (I think she had selective hearing anyway. Ha!) She is almost completely deaf now but we've been working on sign language with her for awhile so that she will still be able to understand us when her hearing is finally gone. Despite being almost deaf she still is quite a talker. She has quite an expressive vocabulary. She has a particularly enchanting almost chuckle when she is being rubbed.

She still enjoys a jaunt around the neighborhood and is still fearful of some other dogs particularly large black ones. If only she could tell us of her past. She has been better with being around other small dogs particularly a couple of my sister's cairn terriers.

Willow has never learned to play. The beloved stuffed frog that Tiffany, her NEBTR Foster, Mom gave her still holds a special place in her bed. She no longer sucks on it constantly for reassurance. She knows now that this is her forever home. Willow, my mother and myself want to thank everyone at NEBTR for the care that you give to all the rescues like Willow and for bringing families like ours together!
Linda Wichlac