Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update on Baby Belle - Watch Her Now!

Recently I was dog sitting one of my former fosters, Belle (now called Baby Belle). She was surrendered from a shelter in August and was in really bad shape and needed a very expensive double luxating patella surgery. Thanks to the hard work of everyone who works so hard all year round to raise money for NEBTR we were able to pay for the surgery. After a few months of TLC and a long recovery she spent her first Christmas in her new adoptive home. I've attached pictures the day she was released from the shelter and another during her recovery. Click the link below and see her now...those new knees are being put to good use.

Jodi Groff

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mandy Goes to Her Forever Home

After years in an Amish puppy mill, a luxating patella surgery and weeks of recovery Mandy finally found her forever home. She was a mama to many litters but her breeding days are long behind her. She will now be given all the love and attention she could ever possibly want. Her new mom works from home and Mandy has enthusiastically has accepted a position as the official office greeter; she is the perfect dog for the job. Yay Mandy!

Jodi, Lancaster PA

Doesn't she look happy with her new mom and job? 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Foster Felix

Here's Sheryl Michener with her new foster Felix. Felix came from the Clifton Animal Shelter, where they lovingly took care of him until he was given to the NEBTR so that a perfect forever family could be found for him. According to Sheryl, he has already learned how to sit. She'll keep us updated on his progress.

Not a Bath Towel

This is NOT a bath towel. Do NOT step on it!

Don't put it in the dryer, either!