Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Foster Bandit

We have welcomed our new foster, Bandit. He is a good looking, well mannered gentleman of 10 years young! He is quite spry & agile and can keep up with the diva-liscious Lola who loves to run around like a lunatic. He is truly a lap dog, people pup, completely house trained and has taken over my recliner!!

Bandit has had a great first week! He had a Christmas sleep-over with Flo & Vivi and Santa brought him a new bed and blankie!!

Bandit has claimed his own space on the sofa, he obeys all commands, lets you know when he has to "go", no accidents/marking, loves to go for walks, enjoys being outside and totally loves to cuddle & be around his people.

I cannot believe he is 10 years old - this boy can move & jump like a pup! He scares me when he buries himself completely under a blanket. I am afraid he is going to I keep checking he's still breathing!

Bandit is an awesome little snuggle bunny who is going to be available really soon to a forever home!!!

Happy Holidays!

Jenn Hanly

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rocky and Ozzy Officially Meet

Before and after!  Rocky is out of the kitchen!

I am happy to say my Ozzy and foster Rocky are getting along.  I knew Rocky would be fine as he is a playful puppy. And Ozzy has met his match!

Leslie Kaucic

Update on Zoey

Here is a picture of my sweet Zoey and I.  Zoey is also wonderful with my granddaughter Alaina.

Zoey is such a little doll.  I was so surprised she is so good with the baby.

Loretta Miner

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Foster Bailey

Baby Bailey is a two pound, two month old puppy.  She was surrendered to rescue by a very concerned breeder who knew that Bailey needed a special home.

Bailey is 8 weeks old and was born paralyzed from her hind quarters back.  She is a firecracker though and has great strength in her front feet.   Her spirit is endless.  She loves people and will lick you to death.

Special thanks to Laurie, Bridget, Carmen and Cindy for pulling together and getting this girl to Elly Monfett the weekend before Christmas!   Elly will be her foster mom, and Bailey is in the best possible hands.  She will be taken to a special vet to determine the best care for her.  Watch for more information on this special girl.  And see her pictures below - what a cutie!

The special baby girl from Penn. has had her check up January 2. She had X Rays and it was determined that she has no hip sockets, also no ball on the end of her femur. It is amazing to see her get around. As soon as I figure out the new camera I will send a video. She weighs 2.4 lbs at 10 weeks of age. The vet will be giving her some acupuncture to see if it helps her potty problems; as of right now she is incontinent. Hopefully between that and some meds he gave her and maturity that will help.  Otherwise she is a happy playful energetic little girl. She plays like crazy. Full of life and hope.

Elly, foster Mom

What a courageous little girl!

Pictured: Bridget and Laurie on the transport.

New Foster George

Cynthia Kaiser picked up the abandoned BT who was at the Warrensburg animal hospital! This boy has been posted all over facebook and the hospital had been taking great care of him since he was found on the side of an exit ramp a few days ago. He was hookworm and tapeworm positive but has been treated. He is HW positive and will need care for that. He is not neutered and described as "geriatric." They saw he was sweet and they vaccinated him while he was there. Cindy: THANK YOU for springing into action on NEW YEARS EVE! Cindy has several dogs of her own and was a "foster failure" last spring with Princess. She sure has a full house but has come forward to help this needy old guy who will surely have a long road to recovery ahead of him. Happy New Year to all - Cindy we look forward to hearing all about this boy whose luck has just turned around.

 Jerrilyn Walter

Cynthia writes:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Update on Harley

Harry was formerly Harley, the family seems to like Harry and he still responds to his new name. His sister Phoebe is sharing all her toys, and really enjoying her new brother!!

Sherry Feldman-Pickman

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from NEBTR

Many thanks to Walter Williams for the beautiful graphic!

Update on Lex

Update from Kate -

"Dear NEBTR Rescuers,
Last month was the 3 year anniversary of adopting Lex from your group. In those brief years a lot happened. I tore up my ankle and needed a lot of surgery. Lex went with me as I recovered in various places. Other people walked him and were charmed by him. Sometime after I healed a wonderful man came in our lives who quickly became a Boston Terrier fan in general and a Lex fan above all else. We then moved, and about a year later Lex got a small human, little brother."

Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a Safe Holiday Season

While it's always tempting to over-indulge during the holidays, Don't let YOUR picture end up on this holiday warning brochure from the Humane Society!!

5 beers

2 bottles of wine, shared of course

 2 glasses of wine

1 bottle of tequila

 3 kamikazes

3 martinis

too many margaritas

1 large purple haze


7 rum and cokes

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Foster Casey

Casey is here!  She and Maggie are getting to know each other.  She's playing "tug" with Maggie's King Kong Wubba like a puppy!  For 11 years old, she wants to play all day :)  She's so vocal!  She has different sounds for "throw my toy", "pay attention to me", "I have to go out", and "I'm lonely".  After her bath today I'll be able to figure out if she's dirty or "dirt-colored" which I think is the case, LOL....her white areas are shadowed with cocoa colors.  She's not a kisser or one to get her belly rubbed like my other Bos tons, but she's a sweet girl with a great personality--and we love her already.

Marjorie Young