Saturday, October 20, 2012

8 Things I No Longer Do Because I Have Dogs

Our pets entertain and enrich our lives in many ways, but we also have to accept that some aspects of our lives change forever when you have a dog. While you might be getting regular exercise, you'll also have to share your pillow -- and you'll definitely have to keep leftover food out of your pup's reach.

Check out this story from!  by a Boston Terrier owner on how her life changed since her Bostons came into her life.

New Foster Brady

I picked up Brady from the shelter.  He is an adorable two year old brindle, he weights about 20lbs.  He was picked up as a stray so I have no history on him.  He got a nice bath last night because he smelled like the shelter.. yuck.  He definitely has the energy of a 2 year old...  He needs some work on his manners, he's a little jumpy and nippy but he's also a snuggler.  I'm afraid he has kennel cough, he's been hacking and sneezing..  I'm going to bring him tonight to my vet tonight to get his check up.  I'll keep you updated on this adorable little guy. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chester Says Thank You and an Update

First of all, Chester wants to thank everyone who contributed toward his Chip In.  It enabled NEBTR to cover his medical expenses and provide the treatment he needs.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, especially Walter Williams!  And thanks also Cathy Hedges, Jeanne Rykbost, and Joan Watt Stark for donating their sweepstakes winnings back to NEBTR.  They are truly all dedicated members!

As you can see from the picture above,  Chester has had his tumor removed.  His eye pressure is also coming down, as you can see from the photo, and we are hopeful that, with treatment, we can save his eye.  He is such a good little trouper!  And thanks to Angie Dahlman and Pam Hess for taking such loving foster care of him!  You all should be so proud of this little boy's progress!  And watch here for future updates.

LIinda Antonelli's Reunion

Check out this wonderful album of photos taken by Betsey Freedman of BeFree Photography, of Linda Antonelli's summer reunion of former fosters, all now living with their forever homes.  Linda is a true tribute to all that is good about rescue.  Thank you from all of us!

New Foster Rexx

Linda Antonelli, foster mom to many, shares photos of her newest, Rexx.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Update on Foster Zoey


Just a little update on sweet Zoe.  She is a little darling very affectionate and loving.  Tonight we took all three dogs to Emery park for a walk.  Emery park is a wonderful park with trails our dogs love walking there.  I was walking Zoey and Joe walking Buster and Wally.  Buster is a fast walker and Wally slow (we have a dog stroller for Wally since he poops out). Anyway Zoe did not want to walk behind them.  So Joe took her and Buster they walked side by side. She followed him around the park sniffed every bush he did.. She even kissed him at one point. She and Buster both have very dominant nippy sort of personalities.  They both love to play. But amazingly she and Buster like each other.  I am absolutley shocked. Tonight Buster took her out to the potsie pen and showed her around the whole pen.  (she has been afraid to go out there alone)  I don't think she has ever been in a yard alone.  Wally is a very laid back guy and amazingly she and Wally have issues. Tonight we were able to sit in the living room with all the dogs together.  I did not expect this to be possible for a very long time if ever.

But anyway tonight at least all dogs are doing much better.  I am absolutley shocked at how much Buster likes her.

When we were at work today she was in a crate we borrowed from a friend.  It is a crate for a great dane so it is massive.  She loves her crate.  It is her safe haven.  She has her toys and blanket in there.  We will put her in the crate when we are gone.  They will only be together when we are home

Loretta Miner