Saturday, July 19, 2014

Greetings From Flo

New Foster Cameo

Adopt Duncan

Happy 5th Gotcha Day Buster and Lady!

Happy 5th Gotcha Day!
It's crazy to think that it's already been 5 years since we rescued Buster and Lady, and that both dogs will be 9 very soon!

Both dogs are doing well, and right now are just exhibiting age-related problems.  Lady's arthritis flares up a little more frequently than before, and she's had a few days recently where she's been on restrictions and not able to play as often as she would like.  Buster's pinched nerve acts up occasionally, but a little bracing helps resolve that.

They will constantly "battle" each other, one shoving the other out of the way for the preferred spot on the couch next to me, or the preferred spot in the sun that comes in through the doors and windows.  They really love Judith, and love her even more when she'll drop something during meals and snacks.  Both dogs, but especially Buster, love their blankets, and any blanket is fair game for burrowing.  If you can't find one of the dogs laying in the sun, it's a good bet that they're snuggled in a little blanket nest!

Happy 5th Gotcha Day, Buster & Lady!

Rebecca Brewster

Puppy Gifts

So precious....gotta love that puppy breath,too!!

Spot Sees an Opthalmologist

Spot saw a wonderful canine ophthalmologist yesterday, and unfortunately he does not have a good prognosis for his eye.  It will never be visual, never be normal, and will always be at higher risk for further injury and disease.

I'm kind of sad to have to face it, but in the end what I want for Spot is a wonderful life of comfort and Boston happiness.  Not 100% on how things will proceed.  Please continue to keep sweet Spot in your prayers.  He's such a good and loving boy.
Denice & Spot
Can't believe he's the same dog from his ACC photo. He's awfully handsome. I'm so sorry they cannot save his eye. :(

Byron and Baxter Go to the Vet

Got back from the boys vet appointment a little bit ago. They were great patients.

Baxter is 31.6 lbs, I thought he would have been more! He seems so heavy when you pick him up.
The doctor did detect a pretty loud heart murmur, on a scale of 1-6, he rated Bax's at a 3-4. He did have an old corneal scratch on one of his eyes.

Byron also had an eye issue which I did see on day one. They did an eye stain and he has a pretty good ulcer on his eye that we are treating with ointment 2-3 times a day with a recheck August 4th. His teeth are loaded with tartar.

So other than waiting on test results, they look pretty good considering.

 Now they have full bellies and are tuckered out from all the attention at the vets.

Everyone have a wonderful evening!

Debbi ~MA

Update on Myrtle's Condition

Hi all, wanted to give an update on Miss Myrtle and her list of ailments and also address a heart condition.  She is still really itchy although has had some hair growth and her face looks "brighter". We have been bathing her every other day and slathering her with coconut oil-wasn't really helping much.  Just switched to Bag Balm and it seems to help for short term relief thankfully.  She has gained a little weight, but still really thin-we have to be careful what we feed her due the the yeast-yeast feeds off of sugars.  She also has what is called Pulmonic Stenosis-meaning one valve in her heart didn't form properly and isn't opening all the way-it has caused her right ventricle to enlarge to 3 times it's normal size-they can do surgery, but want to wait until her skin issues and associate anemia are cleared up as is not urgent.  This little girl has a long road ahead of her before she is healthy and can be adopted .  Having said all that, she is as sweet as pie, loves to snuggle and is so tolerant of all the baths and lotion applications that I put her through-I can't wait to see her healthy and feeling better!

Carrie & Myrtle
Alloway, NJ

Myrtle, you hang in there your foster mom is going to help you every step of the way. She sounds so precious and loving.

Underwater Dogs

Have you all seen these photographs done by Seth Casteel? They always make me laugh. And a BT is featured as his first photo :)


CBS news featured these photos, and noted, "Have you all seen these photographs done by Seth Casteel? They always make me laugh. And a BT is featured as his first photo :)"

You can see more of this series here:

Penelope Plays in Her Foster Home

Penelope is such a love, and so is Hannah, and this morning just seemed like the right time.  I am so proud of my Hannah, she was very gentle with Penelope and shared her toys.  Penelope follows Hannah around like a little sister would, and it is just adorable.  I'm not saying they're bff's, but there doesn't seem to be any tension between them.  They played together for about a half hour and then went to their separate rooms.  

 It is going to be hard to let her go.  When I took her out of her crate this morning, she covered me with kisses for the first time.  Had her breakfast, emptied on the puppy pad and settled in for a nap on her loveseat.  Then I turned my back for a minute.  She got into the kitchen and gobbled up Hannah's food, then immediately ran back onto the screened porch where she's been living.  Hannah just stood back and barked at her. 

Is this where we get the phrase "more fun than a houseful of boston terriers?"

 And here's beautiful Hannah!

They are absolutely beautiful, quite a pair!

Ollie Feels Like a Star

Ollie loved being featured on the NEBTR blog and Facebook page.  He wanted to show you how he loves to sleep!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pang Man!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lily Update

Lily really hopes that her forever home will have a sofa, because this is her favorite place to sit!

-Jeanine Sicinski, Lily's foster mom

Pangya doesn't want to be bothered!

I'm Comfortable, not Chunky!

Thanks from Gizmo

Pang Man!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fena loves her Angels!!

Tigger Says Thanks!!!


From Tigger's foster mom, Kristy:

"Here are the pics of Tigger with his wish list stuff. Can you post a big thank you for him? He seriously loves that bed so much. He won't even sleep in our bed! He prefers to sleep in the dog bed so we put it next to our bed. So thanks to Cindy Jones for that. The supplements came from Jennifer Miu. I'm sure those will help Tigger keep the spring in his step. The harness came from Michael DiNino. He looks so handsome wearing it!"

Thank you sooo much to our wonderful supporters for helping make Tigger feel at home!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Foster Max is so Good!!!

My grand daughters came over today to visit. Forgot their swimsuits so grandmas t-shirts work great Ha ha. I kept telling them how much Max had changed since they were here last they used to be a bit afraid he was so hyper.WELL MEET THE NEW AND IMPROVED MAX The girls had so much fun in the pool with Max. If the foster potential falls through, they are going to be missing a wonderful opportunity to have a loving dog who only wants to please.
My granddaughters are only 8 yrs old and for them not to be afraid of Max was amazing. When they first met Max they were scared of him because of his jumping on them and literally almost knocking them down. So until I knew Max was safe for them to be around I went to visit them so not to have Max crated as he was every time company came to visit his last adopters. I knew by doing that I was creating the same bad situation that he had just came from. Max enjoyed a few bites of the girls sandwich and a couple of Doritos after all isn't a way to a guys heart thru his stomach!!!
Warminster Pa

Aw, who wouldn't want a boy like Max!!  Love when they like the pool.  My oldest Boston Lola loves it and venture in on the steps like that, the other 2 Bostons I have ~~ not so much...

Rue Has a Heart!

Look closely!  Rue has a heart on her chest :)
Hamilton Nj

Spot's Tuesday

Today we're not thinking about scary vet appointments....  Today it's all about belly rubs.
There is not a mean or aggressive bone in Spot's body.  There were only frightened, hurting bones in Spot's poor little body...

With your compassion, prayers, pain medicine, love and caring, this sweet boy is enjoying his new days of simple peace, love, and comfort.  And we are loving him, he's a gem!!!

Denice & Spot

Remy's Recovery

Miss Remy has been spending a lot of quality snuggle time on the couch recovering from her recent spay and double mastectomy.  We went to the vet yesterday because Remy wasn't acting herself but the vet thinks that Remy is just feeling uncomfortable and with each day that passes she should start feeling better.  He said her incision looks great, the site is not painful and she is not running a temp.  He said that she had major surgery and the heavy duty drugs likely stayed in her system a couple of days which is why she appeared more comfortable the days right after surgery than now even though she is currently on pain meds.  As long as she continues to do well, our next visit will be in two weeks to remove the sutures.
We received great news during the visit....her biopsy results were in and both masses that were removed are BENIGN and since she is now spayed she will not develop any more mammary masses!  I am so happy for her and even though she is feeling a bit under the weather right now we have a healthy senior girl!
Smithtown, NY

That's great! Keep up the pampering, she will be better in no time :)

Brendle, Now Bosley, in His Forever Home

Brendle was my little Boston/Whippet mix foster. I got an email from his family the other day. He seems to be doing wonderful. It's been almost two months since he left to go live in Connecticut with them.
They call him Bosley now. They are avid boaters and are working on acclimating him to be a boat dog. So far he likes being on the boat but is a little iffy about the water. I'm sure he'll come around. They are really patient with him. He is getting ready to start some basic training. I'm sure he'll do great since he's the type of dog that really wants to make the humans happy. He's made some new doggie friends too. I'm just so happy for him!!

Canonsburg, PA

So happy for Brendle. That is what we all want for all of our
fosters....lucky dog! :) 

Kristy, that's awesome!! Great placement he looks so happy!

Update on Max's Eye

Max 2 had his followup yesterday at Cornell in NY yesterday. It went very well. Our newest NEBTR members and friend of both Max 2 and I came up to visit us and sit in on his appointment.

We have GOOD news and BAD news....ok so the good news first....he is progressing nicely! we are about at 80% cell regrowth of his cornea. Just 12 days ago he was at 0% 1st layer cornea. So he is making great strides in the right direction. He is to keep the cone on 24/7. I was doing his medicine regime every 4 hours. I would wake up 2 times in middle of the night to give him his drops. Which by the way, he still doesnt like but he is tolerating them better than he was in the beginning. I can now skip the overnights and do every 2 hours during waking hours (for 6x a day med cycle). Dr. feels we should be at the finish line in about 3 weeks. But we don't what the finish line will be yet.

Now the BAD news, Dr. says Max's condition is GUARDED. There is still a chance his eye could RUPTURE at any time. The chance is still there all this progress Max has made could be for naught if his eye ruptures, he would have to have the eye removed. I heard that and was in tears!! That is a very scary statement to hear. But the pus that he had is gone and it looks pretty good, considering what it looked like at the beginning of all this on July 3rd. He wants to see him again next Monday for one more follow up (oy!). (I am going to need help with that one team!!!)They gave me refills on some of the meds we ran out of. But all in all the appt was good. There are hopefull for a full recovery as long as he stays calm, no toys and no jumping. poor boy, he is missing those tennis balls!! He is going to get a GREAT BIG BOX OF THEM WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER!! lol

Well, thats about it, Matthew Hobart was so nice to stop by and visit with Max again and even stayed for his appt!! Thanks so much Matt!! It was great seeing you again and I know Max loved seeing you too!! I am sure we will see you again soon! Wink Also Matt, if I left anything out that you remember, please feel free to comment. thanks!

Christine, fosters Max  & Lacey/Daisy

More Lilly

Maxing and relaxing like we did in the 80s! Winding down from playtime with my sweatshirt (which she has claimed as her own!). Lilly is the coolest!

Loretta & Lilly
Poughkeepsie NY

Update on Spot's Eye Condition

He went to the vet today, and will see the eye specialist Wednesday (that's the soonest they can see him). He is a sweet love, but can tear apart a poor innocent toy!  Please keep his health and wellness in your prayers.
Denice & Spot

Thanks to Maria for Puppy Gifts

Maria Pastiszak sent the puppies gifts from their wish list. Thank you so much Maria.

You will be seeing lots of photos with the pups stepping in that new dish next week, I'm sure!

Swatch, Buttons, Curley, & Bella

Meet Member Dog Ollie

Meet Ollie, Chris Cassner's dog. 

She says, "I adopted him at 8 weeks old.  He's been sedate all his life.  He will play when outside, but inside he's a couch potato.  Always was, always will be.  My friends all want to take him home with them when they visit.  They all consider him a "old soul" and love his manners.  My other dogs are quite different, lol. "

Penelope Update

From Penelope's foster mom, Joy:

"We have had Penelope for a mere 36 hours and we are hopelessly in love with her!  She is just the sweetest, friendliest, funniest little girl.  She came to us from a home where she was extremely stressed as a result of a new baby, and her people were heartbroken to let her go.  But her health was deteriorating, and they knew there was no choice.  So after tearful goodbyes, we became Penelope's pitstop on her journey to her furever home.

Already her appetite has perked up, and she has calmed down from the nervous little girl we met on Sunday.  She has really good manners, comes when called and goes into her crate when told.  She wiggles wildly and dances when asked if she wants to go for a walk.  Penelope and our Hannah are about the same age, and look a lot alike, and watching them look at each other through the glass door cracks me up.  They are not quite ready to meet yet, but I'm confident that soon they'll be running around the yard together like old friends.  For now, I am dosing both of them with Bach Rescue Remedy, which is an amazing product to help with any kind of anxiety in pets (and people!)

What a blessing it is to have a batch of Bostons!"

**Thank you Joy for taking this sweet girl!

Puppies Thank Sarah Drumm

Monday, July 14, 2014

Feel Better Gizmo!!

The Puppies Say Thank You

Cindy Reese sent a gift bag full of gifts for the puppies. Blankets, pee
pads, toys, harnesses were all in that bag.
T was hoping they might be for him! :)

Thank you Cindy, for all the goodies!

Swatch, Curley, Buttons, & Bella

Great Times at the Petco Foundation Events


I want to thank Conny McGraw, Joan Watt Stark & Christine Kunkel Conolly for their help at Petco today.

We had a few people come by and talk with us.

What is exciting is the owner of Rochester Woman's Magazine wants to do something in their magazine about NEBTR. I will keep everyone posted as to whats in store for NEBTR in Rochester, NY.

Thanks again ofr everyone's help today.

Betty Ann
Rochester, NY


Thanks to Bonnie Towner (and Max!) and Melissa Sarnicke for representing NEBTR at this event.  Special thanks to Erin Sullivan for setting it up and for PETCO for all that they do for our dogs!