Friday, March 13, 2009

Benny/Sagan Has a Forever Home!

One of our great foster boys, Benny the Splash Boston, now known as Sagan, has found his forever home with Sandra Benedetto. It's a match made in heaven - even the cats aren't too ticked off - yet.

His foster mom Joy thought he was smart as a whip, and that he could do performance events, especially agility. Joy said of him, "enny gets along wonderfully with the rest of my dogs. In fact, he sleeps ON Paige, one of my greyhounds, every night. Boomer and/or Cal stay with him in the kitchen and dining room during the day.
Benny is amazingly athletic. He can certainly run with the big dogs--and does it quite politely. He is a special guy and so deserves a perfect home."

I'm sure that he had found that with Sandra.

Sandra writes to his foster mom Amanda,
"Thanks for fostering Benny!! We love him and am grateful to you and Joy and everyone who helped him along his way to us."

Children and Animals

Please save this for the next time you hear someone say:
They have to get rid of their pet when they have a child.

If this doesn't make you smile............nothing will!

-- Contributed by Jane

Baby Meets Dog

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alfi Has Been Busted Out and Is Safe!

This boy was at the Edison NJ shelter and was saved by Help Save One, with assistance from Friends of Homeless Animals and NEBTR. Here's what Help Save One has to say:

"OK so here is the update....

The shelter was horrible to deal with. HORRIBLE. My transporter called them on his way back from Ohio and told him he was taking the exit to the shelter and would be there at 4:55. They got there after driving 13 hours and calling 2 minutes before and they refused to answer the door. When they peeked in the door the shelter clock said 4:56.

Chris drove another 6 hours back the next day and no one would even touch Alfie. They said to him "Well I do not know who is going to get the dog for you because no one wants to touch him". Chris went over to his kennel and Alfie was way in the back sitting in the corner. Chris walked in and Alfie ROLLED ON HIS BACK and Chris gave him bell rubs. Chris then picked him up and Alfie kissed his face ALL OVER. He did not even crate him at all and he sat in the front seat with him on the car ride back.

Chris said the shelter removed the piercings. We need more details on that.

All in all a terrible experience and the attitude at the shelter was deplorable in my humble opinion. I was actually told "You rescues could not get your act together and we will be leaving at 5PM on the dot - no one is staying here for even a minute later on a Friday night".

Sorry, I am sure lovely people work at that shelter but Chris drove an extra 12 hours because of them wanting to prove a point - but it is well worth it because Alfie will never see the inside of a shelter again.

Anyway, what is important is that Alfie is SAFE and he is going to stay with Chris and Kim who help out Help Save One quite a bit. He is in good hands and will go through temp testing and obedience training. He will also get lots of attention.

Chris is a pretty tough guy but he said he almost cried when he seen Alfie. It was clear from taking one look at him that he was scared and feeling very much alone. Said he is smaller in person but overweight. Alfie's just a fat little bean who needs some love (and training).

Pictures to follow shortly......there *may* be some photos of Chris and Alfie sticking their tongues out in front of the shelter."

Comment from NEBTR member Isabella Marcotrigiano:

"Friends, Have you ever seen such a sad face on a Boston? My heart was breaking as I looked at Alfi's photo. How cruel and inhumane to pierce a dog's nose and then send him to a shelter as though he was valueless. I am so grateful that Cris and Kim have this poor little Boston who obviously needs lots of love and attention. Thank goodness for rescue volunteers.
Wish we could find out who had the piercing done and who did it. These folks should be prosecuted for cruelty to animals. God help our defenseless creatures.
Thank you to all who helped to save Alfi, and Cris and Kim who will foster him."

A Prayer for Dogs

In Memory of Toby Joe and Ruby Jean Miller

"Dear Lord as we start each day
There's just one gift for which I pray
Please watch over all dogs everywhere
And bless them with someone to care.

Watch over the pups with plenty to eat
And the hungry strays out on the street
Those getting treats each time they yap
And those who struggle for every scrap

Those that sleep on a nice soft bed
Those with hard ground under their head
Those who play with girls and boys
And those who never have any toys

Those kept clipped and brushed and clean
And scruffy ones that don't smell too keen
Those who get to ride in cars
And those that sit behind cage bars

Those that flunk obedience school
Dig up the yard, snore and drool
Chew up your stuff, chase the cat
And they're still loved in spike of that

And those that are as good as gold
But left out to shiver in the cold
Chained up and forgotten there
They long for a warm home to share

Please God as we end each night
Help more people do what's right
For each dog they meet to do their best
And send your comfort to all the rest."

~Janice Wolf~

-- contributed by Sue Ann Smith

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