Saturday, March 9, 2013

Soxy, Now Moxie, and Her New Family

Thank you all so much for finding me the perfect pup! Moxie (formally Soxy) is already doing great in her new home. Her foster parents, Jim and Gretchen could not have been nicer! Thanks for everything!!
-- Kenny Gambone

And thank you,  Kenny, for adopting instead of shopping!  Great to see a happy ending and a beautiful new family.

More on George

Hi everyone. Because there ha s been dome interest in George thought that I would give a few details about him even though he will not be ready for adoption for a bit. George was dumped on an exit ramp of i87 in December. A very nice vet clinic took him in and started blood tests and vaccines. They found out that he is heart worm positive.

Members of NEBTR found out about George and I picked him up and brought him home on New Year's Eve. George is an unneutered 11 to 12 year old male. He's almost 20 lbs but could stand to gain a couple pounds. He is currently being treated for heart worm and is doing well. When treatment ends, George will need dental work too. He is very sweet but extremely timid. I will give more info when George is ready for adoption.

Cynthia Kaiser

Friday, March 8, 2013


I bet he was just rescued by NEBTR...

New Foster Dakota Coy

I got my new lil 8 mo old foster today, and he is absolutely adorable! He will begin his journey to find his fur-ever homethrough NEBTR.....I will keep you updated on his activity as much as I can .  He has a fungus on his snoutand on both ears so he has a vet appointment Monday. Until then, he will be a loving warm home with lots of cozy doggie beds and fluffy blankies to lay in.    He is going to make someone a very great Pet !!!!
              Christine Schezzini

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dashing Through the Snow

Thanks to Joyce Hayes

Special thanks to Joyce Hayes for organizing the NEBTR tshirt fundraiser.  The shirts are beautiful, and will be worn with pride.  It was so wonderful of you to do this, Joyce!

Thanks also to Diane Dankner, for providing the saying for our shirts.  She did it in memory of her beloved Omar.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


New Foster Marley in the Snow

Hi all,

Just wanted to show you our new foster Marley catching a few zzzz

Even so he is quite gray he is only 6 to 7 years old.
He is just such a joy. He loves to play. He loves to snuggle. He loves to watch puppy TV and protect us all from people walking by lol.
He gets along with other dogs and loves people. At the Vet some kids came up to pet him and he did great with them.He is housebroken so no issues there.
So in short WHAT A GREAT GUY!

I will keep you all updated on his prgress.

Thank  you all,

And here's another picture of him.  He just loves to pose!

-- Conny McGraw

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Foster, Stewart Leggington III (Stewie)

Meet new foster Stewie or Stewart Leggington III. A long story short, some very generous people in NYC took in a 3 legged pup from a breeder. His leg was previously amputated. The amputation was not done correctly and part of the bone needed to be removed. The nice people spent $5,000 and a lot of time driving back and forth to Cornell vet in Stamford CT getting him the surgery he needed plus neutering. They also drove him all the way to his foster mom! Here is what the surrendering owners had to say:

"Although, we may want to change his name to Rolex -- cause the surgery cost as much as one. Normally -- we wouldn't swallow a 5K surgery, but I just changed jobs my signing bonus was almost the exact cost of Stewie's surgery. A type of financial balancing by the universe. You guys are the true heros in this. Having a three legged puppy that just had surgery in the same apt as my frenchie is emotionally draining. They morphed into fighting 2 year olds -- fighting for attention, toys and food. If it wasn't for orgs like yours, I don't know what I would do. So a huge thank you." They are some awesome people!!!!

And a super big Thanks to the compassionate family that helped Stewie, their generosity of love, care and the signing bonus are a wonderful example.  I do not know their name, but I admire their hearts.

Cat Kisses


Monday, March 4, 2013

Brady Opens the Door

Brady does not want to wait for a Human to open the door in the morning. He just wants to expedite the potty trip ritual before his meal! He wants to eat so he rushes back in!

-- Ana Cecere

Update on Clara and Penelope

Here's Clara and Penelope. They were adopted from NEBTR over a year ago. Look at how happy they are!

Dog Rights

Senior Rocky is Adopted

I just wanted to share the great news with the whole group! My senior foster Rocky was adopted by the wonderful Hobbs couple.  Tom & Ursula spoil their dogs rotten! Their home is completely dog centric. They have only adopted from rescues for the last 25+ years. Moreover, Tom takes the dogs with him to work! When I brought Rocky to them, I even went to his work first so he could show it to me and Rocky and let us meet some of the staff, especially his "work wife" Nina who spends a lot of time with the dogs and looks after them in the office! They're all excited about Rocky joining the pack. Tom and Ursula also gave a generous donation over and above the $100 adoption donation. They are really great, committed people, and I know they are going to take excellent care of Rocky and love him to pieces!

--Sandee Herrington

Thank you for all that you did for Rocky, Sandee!  You certainly found him the perfect forever home.  We are so happy things worked out so well for Rocky.  He has come a long way since he's been in your care and we have no doubt the Hobbses will pick up where you left off. 

Rocky Has a Forever Home

Congratulations to Rocky, who has just turned one, on being adopted by his Foster Mom Linda Brennan. 

Linda writees, "The loss of our Lab Tiara left a big hole in our hearts. Thank you to Beth and NEBtRescue for assisting us in the process of having our foster Rocky become our own. We fell in love with him at first sight. He fits in so well with our family and we are so happy that he found us."

Linda and her family recently lost their beautiful Lab Tiara.  Linda says, "Tiara was a Seeing Eye pup we raised for the organization. We had the fortune of having her offered back to us. She gave us her love and companionship for 14+ years. Always a gentle soul to everyone she met. Although Rocky is much smaller than our Tiara, he has a big heart too and grows to love us more everyday. Thank you NEBtRescue for bringing Rocky into our lives."

Our sincerest condolences to her, and we hope that Rocky will be able to fill part of the hole in her heart.  In memory of Tiara, Linda created this beautiful and moving video.  They say the eyes are the window to the soul.  Such warm loving eyes, warm loving soul.  You were extremely blessed to have had each other!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Dog's Last Will and Testament

Eddie Finds His Family


Eddie was adopted last weekend by Jenna Ebbrecht and her fiance Shawn. We are 7 hrs apart and scrambled for transport until the last minute! Thank you Ellen Hansen for pulling it together, and those volunteers that were on stand by. I was very sad saying goodbye to Eddie, he was so attached to me. He came from PM type breeder and is still learning to trust people. But came a long way in foster care. I would also like to thank Cindy who was fostering him first and did alot of work with him. Jenna and Shawn are very happy with him! She said he is adjusting very well and so behaved! I attached a pic of them at adoption and one they sent me yesterday! He looks pretty relaxed! Alright Eddie!

-- Leslie Kaucic

Congrats Leslie!!  Thanks for helping Eddie find his way to his forever home!  And Eddie sure looks good in red!