Friday, May 11, 2012

Update on Baby

Wendy Conway, his foster mom, writes,"I just wanted to copy you on the nicest email that I got from Tim Rehwaldt. He and Baby have just fallen in love with each other. What a rewarding experience it has been fostering Baby and adopting him out to Tim. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization."

This is just after our walk. He likes to play right after our walk, and then he gets sleepy. He really liked taking walks in the country, where he could drink from the stream. I have a little basketball up there that he can't hold onto, so we play soccer with it, like I used ro do with Buzzy. He just loves it. He was so tired after about a half hour of that he took a two hour nap. Tomorrow were going to go to the doggie day care down the street, where he can stay for a few hours while I'm at class. We're also going to the dog run a little bit later in the morning so he'll have a chance to do a bit of socializing. He's very much a routine kind of guy, as am I.. Every morning at about four o'clock he digs his way under the covers. I get up at five most mornings and he just stays under the covers while I read and have coffee, until about seven. And then we go for our first big walk. The best part of the day is when he sits on my lap on the balcony around six pm, when we watch everyone come home from work. A number of people have stopped to take a picture. He must already know half of the people on our block. Last week we were sitting on the stoop for a change at about the same time when a woman pulled up and said, "I was hoping I'd find you here. I saw you yesterday at about this time." Then she reached in her bag and said, to Baby, "I have something for you," and gave him a great big homemade treat. So he has certainly become the star attraction on our block. Meanwhile, Eric and Sean keep calling to see if Baby is available for a play date. Baby is so lovable, he just might be the answer to world peace. Perhaps we'll take a field trip to the UN one day! And there you have it, the Baby news for the day. I hope you and your guys are well, too. Hope to hear from you soon. Tim

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Forever Home for Lady and Tux

Foster mom Linda Antonelli reports on two recent adoptions to the same wonderful family
"My foster Lady was adopted by Michele & Ron Zappulla and her new BT brother Tuxedo on Monday. Tux was also my foster and adopted back in Dec. He is quite smitten with his new little sister (she is the one on the left). They look and act like twins. Lady lived in a crate and was owned by hoarders. Tuxedo was owned by a tree surgeon who beat him and slammed him on the concrete because he pooped in his truck. Both are pups and will be well cared for by Michele and Ron. They soon will be enrolled in obedience school. I am more than pleased with this adoption. Thank You from my heart Michele and Ron.

Michele and Ron have done wonders with my Tuxedo. Tux was the pup Meredith brought to me. He tried to take on Uncle Fester and Otis and at my house, he took on Gizmo. I had him a while and settled him in, but having the one on one with Michele and Ron did him good. I also knew that letting him settle in before adding a sister to his life would make all the difference. Miss Lady is a caged animal let free. She has so much energy and Tux welcomed her. For the record, don't forget she lived here and was trained by my hoodlums. Tux tried to mount her and she whipped around so fast to correct him his head spun. He's no match for her!!! After two days, his mounting days are over. Nice try..."

Congratulations to all and thank you Linda, for all you do for NEBTR.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fena, Our Feature Foster

Fena is a golden girl, surrendered to us after her owner passed away.She's a little Velcro dog and loves to be with her people. She would love to sleep under the covers in bed at night but she happily sleeps on her own little bed (under her covers of course.) She likes to go for walks (when she feels like it) and has yet to turn down a yummy meal! 

Fena has a dear little personality. She loves to be petted, talked to and loved on. She also loves to sleep on soft comfy blankets on the couch or in a soft dog bed. She is house and crate trained although she doesn't necessarily need to be crated when left home alone. She gets along with other dogs that she has come in contact with and, according to her surrender documents, she is also good with cats. Fena would love a quiet little retirement home either as an only or with another quiet little companion. Do you have a heart and a home for this little gem? If so, please fill out an application for this love!

Animal Advocacy Day

Although this is for New York State, but it would be great to start a similar day where you live to promote animal rights. The hosts/sponsors, and emcee Steve have long been active in animal protection and legislation, promoting it publicly and practicing what they preach.

If our long distance members want to attend, you are welcome to stay at my condo in Albany: I have a spare bedroom with two beds and a spare bathroom. Or bring your sleeping bag. Though I live in a condo so cannot accommodate your pets.

Dozer is Adopted

Congratulations to Dozer, and his foster mom Angie Dahlman on his recent adoption by the Ruggie family.  Way to go Dozer!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Foster Tori

Tori is rescued, on her way to a happy life, FREEDOM!

Tori experiences grass for the first time after living for years as a mill dog, confined to a cage, kept as a puppy manufacturing machine.

Tori has some health issues, brought on by years of mistreatment and neglect, but she's smiling because she knows the good folks at NEBTR will take care of them before they find her a loving home, living life as a beloved dog, rather than part of a factory.

And she thanks all those kind people from NEBTR who reached out to give her love!
And she loves the idea of grass, wonderful invention, sure beats living on wire grids, surrounded by suffering pups!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Update on Bertha

Here's Bertha getting her beauty sleep.  Former foster mom, and now forever mom Ellen Hansen says that Bertha is the best dog she has ever known!  Bet Ellen says that about all her dogs!

New Foster Hank

Liz O'Connell in Brooklyn reports on her new foster Hank:

"Brad and I picked up Hank today. He was found near a
shelter in Connecticut. They think he's about 10. He definitely seems to
have been someone's pet. I don't know how they could have left him...he's
so gentle and laidback. Thanks to Jerrilyn for making a long trip to help
get him to us.

Hank is our first foster, and he's a sweetie. He's very friendly, and is
getting comfortable in our place. As I speak he's faceplanted on the floor
snoring. He seems to be completely housebroken, and he's already
responding to his name. He's also learning to sit. So far he and our BT,
Charlie, are getting along well. Hank is a big boy...I'd say about 30
lbs. We're enjoying getting to know him."

And thank you Liz and Brad for joining our group of dedicated foster families.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Betsy and her Forever Family

Lisa in Allentown reports that her foster Betsy has a happy new home.

"Betsy went to live with Dani and her husband in Connecticut. She has a brother BT that was a former foster of NEBTR as well.

Betsy came to us in October from a puppy mill where she was attacking her puppies. She wasn't supposed to be our foster and we were supposed to move her after a few days, but you can imagine how that turned out. She turned out to be the sweetest Boston I have ever met, she just wanted out of that bad place! She is a complete lover. We helped her through a complicated spay that ended up with a night in the ER and a tough luxating patella surgery. She went from hiding in the back of the house to being a part of our crew in no time.

She also stole the heart of my boyfriend Lou. During the first few days with us, she had a scuffle with our bt Penny. Lou took Betsy's side and was coddling her and scolding Penny even though it was clearly both their faults....first time EVER he did not take his little girls side of the argument, she was crushed and looked at me like WTF! MOM!? WHO IS THIS NEW B#@$?

Betsy is an awesome kisser and snuggler. Has the best wiggle butt ever! Loves everyone she meets and makes tons of best friends.

Betsy is doing well in her new home and got to sleep in bed on the first night. She is having a few accidents but it seems mostly nerves of being in a new place. Dani will be working on Betsy's problem with eating her food so fast. She will also start to teach her some new tricks.

This little lady is super lucky! See her family picture attached!"

And thank you Lou and Lisa for your loving care, fosters families make it happen!