Saturday, May 10, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! TOOTSIE

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! TOOTSIE

Miss Tootsie is a 10-month-old beautiful, spunky puppy. She loves to play with other dogs and go on walks. She is great on the leash. She is totally house trained. We are working on some manners, sit, stay and shake. She is very funny to watch run in the yard but also likes to sit on your lap for kisses.

Tootsie is a total gem, and we know that she is going to find her furever home very soon. If you think yours might be it, please fill out an application on our website, and send us a message on FB to let us know you're interested!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Buster is Photosynthetic...


Chica and Molly Enjoy their Weekend

This is How Fiona Sits

Look how she sits! Lol i love it. I forgot to turn the flash so her eyes are glowing. Note to self next time auto flash off.

 Kristin Felix

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Puka Dresses Up

Dolled my new foster-girl Puka up with a new bow for her pretty pink collar-doesn't she look fancy?  She has the greatest smile.  She's getting less timid and happier every day.  She's met the dogs, and they are all fine together.  I think she's enjoying the good life as a cherished and loved dog in a happy pack of fur-babies. She's a sweet joy.  (I live in a home with 2 sons and a husband, so I enjoy the girly dress up for my girl pups!) 

Denice, Jackson, NJ

What a beauty!

Welcome Shamrock

Hi everyone,

BSF (Boston Seeking Family)

My name is Shamrock, and I'm a Boston Terrier brownie.  I am a 16-month old male, very buff, with great hair and beautiful eyes.  I am also trim and fit at 24 pounds. And unlike many men, I'm housetrained.

My previous owner had to surrender me to NEBTR because they were not home enough for a young man like myself.  I was crated WAY TOO MUCH - they felt very badly about that and even told the NEBTR people that it wasn't fair to me.  I was so lonely that I started mis-behaving - I even nipped the very people I wanted to be with a few times.

Today was my second day at my foster home and I've been a very good boy.

My foster mom had a hard time taking these pictures because I was so happy not to be crated I just kept moving, so they don't reflect my true beauty, inside and out.  If anyone can give her lessons, her name is

Bethpage, NY

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thank You!

Louie's Eye Update

Well we are having a hell of a time with Louie's eye. Last night when I got home, my husband was holding Louie who was screaming and flailing trying to get to his eye. Apparently he popped his pro collar, and went after his eye, removing his contact from his monday debridement appointment. 

This morning I got up at 5am and Louie was super squinty again. I gave his meds and went in to work, and worked until 1 pm when my other manager came in so I could drive the hour home to collect Louie and take him to my regular vet who confirmed the contact was gone, and thought perhaps the eye drops were the source of his new discomfort. So we got back in the car and drove another hour to the specialist, who put in his NEW contact, and dispensed his new eye drops.

So pray that Louie leaves his eye alone and this contact lense stays put for this ulcer to heal! I'm just getting over a cold, and am completely exhausted, but Louie is resting comfortably in the back seat now, so I feel like we can finally relax for now.

Thanks everyone for your support :)

Heliotrope is toxic to Dogs

Did you know this?

Heliotrope is highly toxic to dogs and can cause total liver destruction. Even if a dog nibbles at the leaves of this plant every so often, it can become toxic over time. The plant comes in white or purple. Please share with any dog owners you know to hopefully prevent their dog from becoming a statistic. 

For more information; click here;

Spring Cleaning....

Spring seems to be the season to find needy bostons!
In the past 10 days we have taken in 14 bostons!

Denise took in Puka
Kendra took in Ruger
Kristin took in Fiona
Erica E took in Bruno
Robyn Seely took in Zoey the senior
Cindy Bode took in Todd (aka Pepper) the very needy senior
Linda V took in Spike
Diane Eberhard took in Remy
Rhonda took in Harry the 13 year old
Janice took in Bam Bam the fearful boy
Yvette took in mother daughter pair Summer and Bella
Deb Dolan took in Shamrock the brownie boy
Robin Carrol will take in Rocky Zay Zay today

and there are many more waiting in the wings!

I am very proud that we are able to help this many bostons because we 
have such a solid group of committed foster homes and volunteers.
I have a feeling this is going to be a very busy season. We need as many 
available foster homes as we can find.

Thank you all for making these rescues possible!

Jerrilyn Walter
New Rochelle, NY

Jerrilyn, Thanks for taking part in helping to bring all these fosters into NEBTR!

Mandy, Scooby and Foster Max

I have never EVER seen Mandy (members dog) play with any toy at all in the 7 months that I have had her . I just knew it would be good for her to have foster dogs around. Max and Scooby constantly play with toys and so she decided this must be fun and for the first time today I caught her playing with a toy. I'm just so happy for her she was pretty badly abused and is still very shy of people but I think that may change over time.

Warminster Pa

Bonnie, thats wonderful! (Scooby, her new fur brother is in the far right corner...)

Tootsie Found a Boyfriend

This is Tootsie looking over the fence from my porch at the neighbors Boston. He is a cutie. Lol
DuBois pa

Haha - thats great!! Looks like she has her "sexy" on...

Thank You

A special Thank you to Vance G. Camisa for the generous gifts to our fosters!!! It will make several dogs very happy.

Rocky V's Wishlist!

Our bright-eyed friend Rocky V now has a Wishlist of his very own! 

Thank you in advance to all of Rocky's supporters. With your help, we have been able to REALLY impact this guy's life!

Rocky V's Wishlist:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Max Training Video

I have been working with Max for 4 or 5 days straight now and he has his basic obedience down pat. I had the landlords son take a quick video of me working him. He is doing better on the meet and greet also when I put him in a sit position and have friends give him treats. He didn't mind at all the landlords son was shooting the video.It's just a short video so you can't see all he can do but he is just about ready to be placed in a home 

 I saw an adopter that would be almost perfect for him in NY she has a fenced in yard only gone about 4 hrs a day and has teen age children to keep him in check. She wants a dog under 5 yrs of age. 


Wow! He really is doing well! Good job!

More Rosie Cuteness - Just Call Me Rosie O

A lady never leaves the house if she is not looking stylish.
Don't I look great?!? She just loves to be pampered. She is such a girl. I adore her.

This is how a lady takes a nap.

And here she is with her foster brothers.

-- Conny McGraw

Omg! That is the cutest thing ever!

Update on Jenny

Robert Salzbach  adopted Jenny in 2010. He received the anniversary card that was sent out and wanted to update us on Jenny.

She is doing very well and in good health. She sits on the porch and watches all the dogs that go by. He appreciates the cards every year.

So happy to hear that Jenny is happy and doing well!

Wilbur is Adopted

Congratulations to Wilbur, who has found his forever home with his Foster Mom Carrie Paul. 

She writes, "He really is awesome and very good for only 11 months old. He is just so good with the others and fits in real well.

Wilbur is such a gentleman, he sits patiently and waits for slowpoke Gertie to finish her dinner before he tries to clean up the mess she has made on the floor."

Monday, May 5, 2014

Virtual Foster Buster!

Our Virtual Foster Fena!


Hi all! We are on our way to Louie's eye appointment with the specialist. Hopefully they can fix him up!

Louie isn't feeling very photogenic lately with his inflatable collar, but Wade spent some time in the sun today and let me take some pictures :)


What a little cutie! Good luck on your eye appointment Louie!

Rosie is a Lady....

his is how a lady takes a nap......

AAAHHH!! I love it!! She's so cute!!

Former Foster Princess Lea Update

Hi All, I have a lot going on and I know so does NEBTR. I had to share how great Princess Lea is doing. I cried when I got the pictures, she looks soooo happy!!!

Princess Lea is out and about at the grandson's baseball game and is just about to complete her obedience training! She looks like she is glowing!

Wishing you all sunshine and a good week! 
Wall, NJ

Princess Lea looks like a very happy dog. Thank you Katelyn for making sure she got to her forever home!

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Tootsie, Milly and Clara

Nighty Night from Fiona

Here's my bedtime buddy Fiona. She sits in bed like a little person and will sleep on her back and snuggle!

She's so cute. They are like little people!! LOL

Butch's Wishlist!

Butch's Wishlist!

Here are a few things Butch would love to have. Below is a picture of him with his foster siblings, leading a movement called, "Thou shall not pass until we get treats!" 

*This was taken before Butch got his new cool eye!

Please send Butch some treats if you can:

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! BUTCH

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! BUTCH

Butch is a 10 year old Boston up for adoption. He's a real goofball. Check out these videos of him on YouTube. He received his Easter basket a while back and tried to open it himself. He also is the proud owner of a new "prosthetic eye!" Very exciting!

Keep an eye out for his Wishlist which will be posted soon! If you think yours might be Butch's "forever" home, please fill out an application on our website and send us a message here on FB letting us know you're interested!

Butch is a REAL catch 

Little Miss Rosie

Hi everyone. Miss Rosie got a lovely care package today. 

Thank you to our wonderful Facebook donor who gave us these baby girl outfits. They fit her like a glove lol. I was out and about visiting quite a few stores this weekend and was unable to find at shirt for her. And here she got a whole lot of them. :). 

Thank you so much:) - We don't often have BT's as small as Rosie, and we certainly were glad we had some outfits for this little peanut!!  Rosie is going to be the best dressed doggie on her block!

Puka Update

Day 3 update with new foster Puka.  There was no signs to me that she knew how to play, but nothing makes me more happy than to see, this morning, Puka owning and playing with her toy like a real Boston!!!  It just means a lot to me, because this sweet girl has been out of sorts.  She is very social and affectionate with people, especially my 12 year old son.  I was surprised how very happily she reacted when meeting him, and she gives lots of sweet kisses.  Will continue to update you on her progress!  Denice, Jackson, NJ

This is great Denice. Now you know she needed a little time to decompress.
Good news that she likes your son, that helped her come around.

Happy Anniversary from Wilson and Pearl!

Thank you NEBTR. Wilson and Pearl are doing really well. They are very healthy, smart , and funny. What a gift they have been!  John & Julie

Thank you John and Julie for sharing your home and your love - they look so healthy and happy!!

Happy Anniversary from former foster Dash!

Please feel free to share our story. We often ask ourselves, "Who rescued who?"  We were so sad after losing our BT, we could not stand the quietness in the house. We needed a dog! And adoption has been a very rewarding experience. Dash is the BEST behaved dog and NEVER messes in the house. He is intelligent, obedient, playful, affectionate and faithful. We consider him our "son" since we have three daughters!

We are happy we adopted our Dash. He fills our hearts and home with love. He is the best behaved dog we ever had. He is a pleasure! We LOVE this little man.

We are so thankful for organizations like NEBTR and all the compassionate, caring people  involved. We are supporters of adoption and giving these dogs another chance. Here are a few photos of our little boy and us. Dash is our third Boston and although we love all dogs, Bostons are our favorite. They are loyal and perceptive, almost human!

Special cudos to his foster mom, Erin Sullivan, who worked a miracle for him.

Thank you...NEBTR! 
Jasper and Mary Lou Kirkland"

Thank you Jasper and Mary Lou - this boy looks so handsome and so happy and seems to love hanging with his Daddy and being his 4 legged son!!

Rosie O.

A lady never leaves the house if she is not looking stylish. 
Don't I look great?!?

Omg! That is the cutest thing ever!

Thanks for the Bully Sticks from Gizmo!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wilbur's Wishlist!

Hey everybody, it's me, Wilbur aka Crazy Legs!

I don't really like toys, but I LOVE treats! Won't you consider sending some to me? Thanks!

You can get to my Wishlist here:

Happy Anniversary Former Foster Fritz (now Jack)

We have an extra reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! We adopted Jack (former Fritz) one year ago! He has come a long way- he's our gentle giant,a great cuddler and awesome playmate to our girl Ellie. He has really begun to show his personality. He was very shy and fairly untrained (except for clicker to come- thanks to foster mom Linda!) although completely housebroken. With patience he has learned to walk better on leash, sit and lay down (although his sister Ellie thought it would be funny to have him roll over when he does it- can't seem to break him of it lol) and he patiently waits for his meals. He has trimmed up and lost all of the dark stains on his face. He's quite the handsome gentleman and is very loved here! Denise, Jeff , Kyle and Kelly

He looks so very happy and so very loved!!! Happy Anniversary, Jack - you scored big!

Jack hanging with Daddy

                                This is Jack and Ellie today - Happy puppies!

                                       Handsome Jack looking fit , trim and healthy!