Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brady says Merry Christmas

Vic in His Forever Home

Just saw this photo of Vic posted by his forever home.
It looks like he's perched on the back of the sofa in the living room.
The photo is captioned "Vic dislikes mornings" :)

Chris & Hamilton

He looks too comfortable there!!!

Brady and Rudy

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

Former Mill Boy - Former Foster Marty

Marty hoping I drop something from my lunch! <3 <3 <3

Rocky and Robin Say Thanks

Hi Everyone,

Rocky and Robin are quite happy with all of the nice things they
received from their Secret Santas!

Robin LOVES his comfy bed, and he does share it with Rocky, although
Rocky received another bed to cuddle in! Its great since now they have
beds to switch out when one is being washed.

They want to thank Secret Santas: Andrea, Jason and Rudy Hubbard AND
Carrie Ricciuto!

I promise to post some photos with them when they share and squeeze
into one bed!

Loretta Dolan

Harley Opens Presents

 Hi all! Harley got two packages today. This is the first one all the way from Andrea and James Reichard in Plainfield IN! Theyre so pretty I dont think Ill open them just yet! When I opened the box a bunch of glitter flew out. It was magical!

Ok ok so I told hom we could open two presents. He got a fabulous fleece jacket and a christmas toy stocking! Thanks so much!
Erin and Harley

Secret Santa Strikes Again for Hamilton!

Hamilton got a buncha goodies from Betsey Freedman! He went nuts trying 
out each toy, then going back into the box digging for another toy.
Wonderful things in there, and tennis balls that SQUEEK! Lucky dog!!! :)
Thank you so much Betsey!!!

Chris & Hamilton

Hamilton Loves His Toy

Hamilton was playing with his new green toy today an fell asleep with it. :)

Chris & Hamilton

Rocco says Thank You secret Santa

Santa has been very good to Rocco and it's not even Christmas yet! Thanks for all the wonderful gifts.. the great dog bed, Kong toy and tons of treats and more. You can see Rocco is just thrilled. I think he may even be smiling. How very thoughtful !!! Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas, we all know Rocco will.Paws and Kisses Rocco

Panya's Santa Donna

Evette Heinle thanks Santa Donna Fordyce for the beautiful gifts she sent Pangya.  She sent Pangya some very nice things! She even included lavender lotion for Evette, from a lavender farm in Hawaii where her daughter lives!!

Rudy Thanks Santa Joan for His Coat

Here's Rudy wearing his coat!! He looks so awesome!! Thanks so much Joan Stark!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Rosie and Chloe

Buddy hits the Jackpot!

We got two packages for Buddy today. One is a stuffed moose that he just loves and the other was big enough for him to fit in! He got a sweater, a coat, a bed, a new bowl, treats and toys.
What a lucky boy!!
I am going to put a few things under the tree for him to open Christmas morning.
Canonsburg, PA

How cute is he in that sweater! Yea Buddy - you deserve to be spoiled.

Harley Thanks Santa Toni

Augie Thanks Santa Landis

Augie got a new sweater from a Secret Santa. Thanks to the Landis family.

Jaxon is Doing Well and Thanks Santa

Jaxon is doing so well. He is learning so fast. He got a beautiful blue sweater and bed today. Thank you so much secret Santa.  He was so scared when he got here. He is still afraid of men. But he is getting better. Its pretty bad when my son says mom, I think Jaxon didn't have a very good life and I said why is that and Aidan says cause he is so scared. He is my future foster parent. Lol. He loves to be held. I could hold him all day if I could. 
DuBois pa

Merry Christmas from Oliver

Merry Christmas from Oliver Davison and his family, including his boy Andrew and his girl Keira.

Rosie and Chloe say Thank You secret santa

The girls got some more Christmas presents from secret Santa today. Thank you so much. They will need a u- hall to get all their new toys and treats to their forever home. Lucky girls they are.
Jill DuBois pa

Happy Holidays from Lisa's Family

Love, Lisa, Roco and Louie Valenzano

Secret Santa Strikes Again!

I had ordered antlers for my dogs, and Hamilton being so large, couldn't 
have any for fear he would choke on one. Hamilton is big, and these 
antler pieces were just not large enough for him. So I am constantly 
picking them up off the floor, and taking them out of his mouth. Well 
in his Secret Santa box Hamilton found a bag of YUMMY treats, a squeekie 
toy, a Christmas ornament and when he saw a giant antler, he went right 
for it...didn't even wait for me to take the tag off of it. It's JUST 
the right size for his mouth, and he is LOVING it.

Hamilton wants to give Joyce a big wet sloppy kiss for ALL the goodies, 
but most of all for that antler that he can finally call his own without 
fear of foster mom taking it away!

xoxoxo :-P


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jaxon (Jax)'s Secret Santa

Jaxon received a gift already! Thank you so much. He will love the toys and the gift bag is so cute.

Here is this little stinker. How cute.
DuBois Pa

Merry Christmas from former foster Brady and his Family

To all our friends at NEBTR,

Before things get crazy with preparations for this wonderful celebration of the Christ birth in us, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
May God bless our human friends and furry friends with a healthy, joyous and peaceful Christmas and Holiday Season.

Much Love from our family to yours,
Mike, Ana and Brady Cecere
Attached is a picture of our Brady that we adopted 3 years ago from NEBTR and we love him so very much
THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are grateful and proud to be part of this amazing group of people
God bless you all!