Monday, November 8, 2010

You Had Me at Woof

Congratulations to NEBTR member Julie Klam, on the success of her recently published book "You Had Me at Woof." This is a funny and heartfelt recount of Julie’s experiences adopting and fostering Boston Terriers in New York for the NEBTR. In the November 1 issue of People (on-stands now), Julie received a stellar lead review. The review says: “Without being preachy, each chapter is a lesson in what dogs teach us – about ourselves, but also about community, patience, friendship, and, yes, love.”

NEBRT President Sheryl Trent notes, "Folks, if you buy nothing else for a Holiday present for yourself and friends, you have to buy this extraordinary book, "You Had Me at Woof" by Julie Klam, our own volunteer with NEBTR. This is Julie's second book. Her first "Please Excuse My Daughter" was a riot. She relates her own personal stories of fostering with us, the tragedies and the joys. If you saw the video clip of Julie with her 3 dogs, then you will love to hear the story of how 2 of them became her very own through her fostering with NEBTR. I read this beautiful book on a flight to CA a few months ago (I was privileged to be given a pre-release by Julie). I know it's a cliche, but I laughed and I cried (actually sobbed during one very painful chapter).
I will treasure this book forever. So will you. NEBTR is featured so much throughout so, not only is it a source of pride for us, but will help all of us understand, or relate, to how it can impact you and your family when you volunteer to help rescued animals. This is a huge "Thumbs Up" for Julie and her wonderful book. "

The book was also reviewed and given a glowing review by the New York Times. You can read their review here.

Julie comments, "I'm hoping to bring a huge amount of attention to rescue and NEBTR and all the amazing work we do! You are all so wonderful and my overwhelming admiration for all you do was the inspiration for the book. I am blown away by what everyone does for the pups and the support given to other members. You are all my heroes."

Readers of this blog might also remember the story of Julie's experiences fostering senior Boston Terrier Dahlia, who is also featured in the new book.

Way to go Julie!

Update on Snooks

We are happy to report that our 6 month old foster, Snooks went to her forever home yesterday!!! She is with a furry sister Murphy 3, a mom who volunteers with a local animal rights group and a stay at home dad!!!
Evette Heinle