Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update on Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is doing amazing. Every day he becomes feistier, he's a funny little man. He makes this great trill noise when he gets frustrated. It's like a cat. Being he loves mine so much, I'm thinking that's where he learned it from.

He has bouts of pain, but he is holding his head up high now, I'm so happy for him.
He is slowly trusting new people more, is starting to enjoy being a dog again, and insists on sleeping in between matt and myself. We have the dog bed between our pillows and he loves it!
He still gets scared when you touch him unexpectedly, but will lick you and cuddle on his own accord. He will scream if you catch him off guard.... He gets a glazed over fear look in his eyes. The person that did this to him better hope I never find them. Once his surgery is fully healed up I can start working with him on that issue, but it's very difficult to get control of him since we can't use a training collar yet. He will respond to verbal correction, but it takes him time to calm down. We just announce ours elves for now. My neighbors must think we are crazy "hey uncle, it's me buddy" is heard repeatedly throughout the day. He just still gets scared sometimes but he is going to get past that issue.... He is a sweetheart despite it all and is sleeping on my lap as I type this. He will follow you from room to room and just wants to be picked up and hugged. It's just a matter of time.

Meredith and Matt Festa

Friday, October 7, 2011

Modern Dog Magazine

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Puppy Mill Survivor Lulu

Thanks to the efforts of some amazing rescues, we were able to get every last dog out of this puppy mill, now shut down forever!! Thanks to No More Tears Puppy Mill Rescue, Pet Helpers, Inc in WV, Second Chance Rescue in Oak Ridge NJ, Boston Terrier Rescue, and The Last Resort Rescue in W. Milford NJ, THE CLIP SHOPPE for volunteering to bath and groom 15 dogs, and Kirstin Arcell for the PUPP-O-VAN!!

NEBTR received two, one of which is LuLu.

Lulu was first taken to Carolyn McCarthy at Kamp Kanine, then to Renee Posey in Randolph, NY. Carolyn, always there for a dog in distress, had Lulu for the week before going to Renee. She took her to an ophthal in her area to have her eyes checked and began the process of gaining her trust.

Renee writes, "She is settling in really well so far. Right now she's sleeping on the floor next to my husband. She has checked out the backyard, explored the house and is getting along really well so far with my resident hooligans.

She has access to her crate throughout the day, but has yet to go in to it today.

The thing that really surprises and makes me happy is that after watching my two year old daughter from a distance throughout the day, she went up and sat right next to her on the floor. She sniffed her a few times and walked away! So that's going better than expected, I didn't think she would be ready to do that for a few weeks.

She did think that the washing machine was going to kill her at one point (she was walking by it at the moment that it started agitating), but has been fine with it since.

Overall, she's doing a lot better than I expected! She's a really cool little dog."

Here are pics of Lulu now under Renee's loving care.

Monday, October 3, 2011

New Foster Fena

Aside from not being a fan of a crate, Fena is doing wonderful over here. She's perking up and is a happy little velcro dog. She's not afraid to beg and is getting along beautifully with Ori. She is a little dear! As a senior citizen, Fena has a number of health issues.

Despite all of them, I promise you, Fena is a happy little girl. She has claimed one couch and lets us know when she wants more petting and love. She's eating great, drinking fine. She and Ori may still play yet! I'm sure after we get some of these things cleared up she'll have more energy and zest. Oh and can she SNORE!!! We love it. Not quite as loud as Tink was, but she's a strong contender for the mac truck award : )

I attached a picture Nick took this week while I was at work and Fee was content sleeping on her couch : )

Vicki Rowe