Saturday, May 22, 2010

Porkchop Has a Forever Home

My little old man, Porky, went to his forever home last night.
Porky came from the Harrisburg Humane Society where he was dropped off on 4 different occasions.

He went to live in Old Bridge NJ with the Preteroti family. You can see them in one of the attachments. They have a 3 yr old lab and their parents live with them so someone will almost always be home. They have a fenced in yard too.

They also are raring and ready to play hours of fetch with the Porkman!
I think Porky will be very happy with them. He has so many people to play fetch with.

Allentown PA

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life on the Leash Fundraiser Photos

Life on the Leash Fundraiser May 7 In Doylestown PA

Thanks to Cynthia for being the fundraising Queen!

She writes,

"Hey Guys,
I have uploaded the photos from the last three fund raising events.
I'd like to thank Jess for her continued support.
Lou for making the drive down to Doylestown with both Porkchop and Bubba.
And Jill and her family for coming and suppporting our event.
Jill did you husband get over the hard press for purchasing jelly?!? LOL

We had a lot of folks interested in the fosters that attended, Midnight, Porkchop and Bubba.
Hopefully we can find great forever homes close to home."

From Bizzy's Furever Dad

From Bizzy's Furever Dad:

Hi All,

I'm so glad to here that everyone is interested in how Bizzy is doing and that she is so loved and very popular. I'm happy to say Bizzy is doing wonderful. When quite a few people had mentioned she would become queen of the house i was a bit reluctant to admit it, but BOY was i wrong! She is so babied and spoiled. I can't honestly say if its possible to love a dog any more than we love her. She is our world. And she has her Daddy wrapped around her paws totally.

A typical day starts with her waking us up nice and early, taking her walk, eating her breakfast and then retreating to her favorite spot atop the couch by the window to bask in the sun. It's her favorite. She will also find a sun spot shining on the floor and take one of her bones and lay there for at least a half hour gnawing away. that is until something else catches her attention like squirrel on the deck(she is fascinated with them) or her random urge to attack us with power kisses. She now also loves to be tickled and have her tummy scratched along with wrestling on the bed. And is STILL a die hard for her tennis ball and fetch. When she's finally tired out she cuddles with Tasha and I on the couch and burrows under the blanket.

As far as her knees go you would never tell she had surgery. She is lightning fast and takes giant leaps off the top of the couch to fetch her ball. When she goes to Grandma and Grampa's she will jump right over the arm rest of Grampa's recliner and into the chair right off the floor. They adore her by the way and they love to have her over for the day to play, where she stares at they're bird Harley most of the time. She's also able to walk up and down steps now.

She gets along with EVERYONE! Everyone who meets her loves her, even my co-workers when I bring her by for visits. And after being a bit of reluctant we find she is great with other dogs, even females. We take her to the dog park and she plays well with others. We even got to take her to a Boston Terrier Meetup. I really want to get her to one of the events so everyone can see her, it's a bit tough because both Tasha and I work weekends but I'm sure we'll figure something soon. Thanks again to Lisa for bringing us our little monster. I tell everyone that I hope when we have kids that they are half as cool as are dog, because there gonna have a hard act to follow haha. As I write Bizzy is snoring away on the couch in the sun and living it up like a princess. Adopting her is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. And again thanks so much to everyone who was involved in the process. Hope to see everyone soon.

Adam, Tasha, and Bizzy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Update on Cori

Cori was found as a stray wandering the streets in Philadelphia. She was very thin, blind on one eye from old trauma, and had recently had puppies. When first arriving at her foster home, Cori was scared of everything but settled in after a few days. She blossomed over time into a chubby, funny, affectionate, toy loving little girl, and found the perfect loving home!


"Cori is loved by everyone. Yesterday we took her to the barn where Jessie’s show pony lives so she could ride, and everyone made such a big fuss over her. Then we went to a local pet store to get her a new harness & of course matching leash…oh my Jessie was even trying to buy her a dress! I told her Cori is not that FuFu. Everyone there loved her and asked a million questions about her and couldn’t believe she was a rescue and so well behaved. I told them she is a poster perfect rescue dog! She loves to sleep up with Jessie and stays in the same spot all night. She did eat little yesterday & then more today. Each day she gets a little more brave, at first she didn’t want to walk to the other end of our house, its kinda spread out but by today she was following me everywhere. We did set up our crate so if we go out anywhere and she can’t go, which has only been twice, she can hang out in there with her toys. We are off to a horse show in Saratoga,NY this Friday afternoon and she is going! I will take a crate for her to be in while I am working around the horses, but she will get tons of attention from all the barn families that ride with our farm."