Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tigger and Pals

Tigger (centered) is recovering well from his neutering 2 days ago, and his foster-sisters are loving the "new boy" in the family....  Less humping-woo hoo!!!  Denice, Jackson, NJ

It doesn't get any better than that! Lucky he has his foster and fur family!

Foster Gift Packages

Thanks so much to Stacie Kyle for putting together some gifts to our new fostesrs. The wonderful gifts came from Erin Sullivan, who donated a boxful of awesome dog items and some of our FB folks, including Ryan  Messatzzia, who have sent in and donated items. Loving the halter and bandana on Dante.... he looks very happy,foster mama....:)

Dante in his Bandana

Thank you for the goodie package for Dante, here are some pics of him enjoying his treat while sporting his new harness and bandana :)

Carrie and Dante
Alloway, NJ

He looks very, very happy foster Mom, Thank You!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Brady says "Yo"

"Rudy says "waz up?"😉"

Former Foster Spike Checking In

Here is a NEBTR alum, Spike in his forever home. The sweetest dog ever 
put on earth. Since he's arrived at his forever home,
dogs are now
allowed up on the sofa as well as on the bed! That's our Spike, pushing 
the envelope! :) xoxoxoxo

Chris & Hamilton
Arendtsville, PA


Hamilton hangin' with his foster siblings.
Not too many mornings like this left!

Chris & Hamilton
Arendtsville, PA

Happy Boy Marty

Marty is  "bro" to foster Brady

Update on Indigo

Meet Buddy

Silas Goes for a Ride

Here is my buddy Silas in his coat when we went for a ride in the car. 
Jill Charles

Welcome New Foster Brewtus

Meet Brewtus!! Two year old Frenchton who has already stolen my heart!! So smart and very relaxed for all he has been through. I picked him up this afternoon after a very heartfelt goodbye from his previous loving family. He came to me with tons of toys, outfits, bedding, treats and a giant bag of food. I can tell he will be missed but j know he is already so loved! Just look at this face!!

Shawna Merritt

Thank you so much Shawna for opening up your heart and home to this beautiful boy.

Florida Dog Takes His First Steps

Update on Sophia

Just a quick update and some pictures of Sophia.  She has completely kicked the separation anxiety! She was relaxing after a while but still started off quite anxious when we would get ready to leave.  She even learned that the Kong meant we would be leaving and stopped accepting it...such a smart cookie.  So we did our best puppy proofing of the house, put all the garbage cans on a counter, plugged up all electrical sockets, tied up loose cords, etc and decided to leave her out of her pen....and poof, a miracle.  She loves to curl up on the couch with a blanket and pillow so much that she could not care less where we are going or for how long.  She's very much a routine loving girl though so this only holds true when we are going to work.  If its a weekend and we're all curled up snuggling in the morning but then we both try to go food shopping for an hour in the afternoon she'll let you know that that is unacceptable so we run errands separately.  We are also treating her for UTI number two right now.  She has been so good for us at not going to the bathroom in the house that we know there is a problem as soon as she does.  Her confidence has grown so much that the only place she will mark now when we visit is PetSmart but really who could blame her with all of those smells.  We are in the middle of a 2 week course of antibiotics and will be heading back to the vet at the end for a re-check and a possible X-ray or ultrasound should they suspect that stones may be a possibility.  All in all we are trying to keep her as happy and comfortable as she deserves to be.  Happy New Year,
Donna Fath

In Memory of Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae was adopted from NEBTR in 2011 by Sherry Florentino.  Sadly, she went to the bridge on January 14, 2014 as the result of a heart condition.  Thanks to Nicole Florentino for the very generous gift to NEBTR in her memory.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dobby's says Thank you Everyone!

I WAS SHOCKED! Dobby's wish list SOLD OUT over night! Dobby has also recv'd generous donations contributing towards his vet expenses for the year 2014. He is so lucky!

Here he is watching for the UPS driver, looking at his packages and with the help of his foster mom, enjoying his wonderful presents. (but he did a good job at opening one himself)! Thank you for helping this sweet boy.

Maxy Moo Goes to the Vet

Former Foster Pearl with Brother (former foster) Wilson

Just a picture update for baby Pearl, one of my fosters from the past.. Isnt 
she adorable ?? The second picture is Pearl and her brother Wilson who was also one of my fosters !!
Saugerties NY

They are wonderful!! How happy they look with the Reddy family!!

Update on Indigo

Update on Zeus

Hello From Dante

Good Morning from Webster

Indigo's Arrival

This was the story when Baby Indigo first came to NEBTR:

Sunday the Sun Worshiper

My Baby Girl enjoying the great weather today! 

Marjorie in Huntington NY

Happy Boy Marty

Brady Asleep

Brady asleep on my chest. How can you not love that face!! I can't believe he still hasn't been adopted!

-- Chris

Dobby Gets Gifts

I WAS SHOCKED! His wishlist SOLD OUT over night! Many thanks to all that make this possible for Dobby!
Thanks to the NEBtR Team of volunteers!


**Join facebook DOBBY HAS A DREAM and ask your friends to LIKE Dobby's Page as well! Thanks Team NEBtR
 UPS is here!

 Are these all for me??

 Happy Dobby!

 Open the wrapper quickly, Mom1

Antlers relax Dobby!

Rudy Says Waz Up

Rudy says "waz up?"

Brady Says Yo

"Brady says "yo""

Tug of War Brady and Rudy Style

Maxy - Looking Better!

Some pics attached…as you can see, he still has a long way to go but he 
is on the right path. His spirits are good and his skin is clearing up 
and preparing for hair regrowth I think.
He enjoys daily coconut rubs, 3-4 meals per day and lots of rest.
His left paw is still very swollen and red but it does not seem to 
bother him.
He has such a handsome face : )
Tomorrow will be two weeks that I have had him.
Jerrilyn Walter
New Rochelle, NY

He looks like a much happier dog!  It seems like 2 weeks of you did him wonders for him.  
Nice work!
Chris & Hamilton

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Marty Says It's Bedtime

Marty says it's bedtime.

Cleo Napping With Her New Brothers

Cleo is on the right. It looks like she has made herself right at home :-)
Canonsburg, PA

How precious, love happily ever afters, great job!

So cute. She looks like she is feeling at home.

Exciting Things for Hamilton

Two exciting things to announce about Hamilton. First, he's getting
over his separation anxiety. All it took was getting him over his dog
aggression, and THEN leaving one dog with him when we go. So far he's
up to an hour alone without any messes or destruction of any kind.
That is only after trying the "one dog" theory out for 2 days! Yaaaay Hami!

The second exciting thing is Hamilton is going to a meet and greet with
the possibility of it turning into an adoption this coming weekend. All
the paper work is ready, it is just a matter of making sure that
Hamilton is accepting of his new forever siblings. They even made him a
welcome sign for this weekend, with all the dogs around it. :) How CUTE!

Chris & Hamilton

Very exciting Chris!  Good luck with the meet and greet.  You've done an amazing job with him.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More Dante - More Cuteness

Dante is a pretty tall little guy, trying to get a good picture of him to show how long his legs are, but no luck yet.  Here are some other pictures of him and his cuteness! We have a vet appt on Wed to check out reports of crystals in his urine, so we will see what they say about that.  Other than that, he seems like a young, energetic loving boy.  He likes the yard, but I think he would do OK on daily walks and trips to a dog park as he seems to just want to go do his business and come right back in. We have been working on crate training, and he is petty good, but has his moments of barking-he is fine when we are in the room and he is in the crate, and when we go to bed, but other times he whines a bit-he does like to be around people we are seeing.  Will update more after his vet appt.

Carrie and Dante
Alloway NJ