Friday, September 26, 2014

Lucy Thanks Debra Fletcher

Lucy would to say thank you so much for the gifts today to Debra L.Fletcher for the nice bed and George Graham for the boots ,bag of food ,coconut oil, and pill pockets . You are my Angles . Lots of licks love Lucy 

Spot Found his Forever Home!

With us! He is 95% all goodness and mushy love, but he has a fearful aggressive edge when he feels threatened or startled by something that I don't feel will ever go away, and we worry for any adoptive family, their dogs, and for Spot. We love him like crazy!

This is a very lucky boy, Denise! Congratulations to you both!!

New Foster Maisy

A new girl has arrived!  Maisy, a seven year old BT, had an emergency landing in Albany last night.  She is a very sweet, gentle BT, seven years old, housebroken.  A big girl and markedly overweight, but very well cared for and loved, she's adjusting quickly to my condo.  Abigail, my tiny BT, is not happy, demonstrating her ownership of the environs and me.  Being so gentle, Maisy backed off, but when we went to bed, she decided to throw her weight around by sitting on top of Abigail to get her to move so she could appropriate the best spot on the bed, next to my head on the pillow.

Maisy gets along with children, humans, and other dogs, non-barker, very well behaved.  Is sleeping happily on the couch when not following me from room to room.  She likes being on me or next to me.  Loves to play, especially fetch, appropriated Abigail's toys so we could play.

She came with no supplies, so you'll be seeing a wish list on Amazon for lots of things.  No vet records available, her wellness exam is scheduled for next week; the only thing I know is that she has been spayed.
Unusual history: she lived with the family of a Korean businessman in the NYC Metro area, they had returned to South Korea to renew their US visa (required every five years by US government), leaving Maisy with the business attache' of their government and anticipating a return within a month.  The visa extension was rejected by the US State Department so they cannot return, leaving him with responsibility for finding a place for her.
Living in a housing cooperative with no dogs permitted, the attache' convinced the manager to let him keep her until the owners returned or he could find a new home.  A very kind man, he refused to leave her at a shelter because the various shelters he tried would not guarantee that she would be adopted or live if not placed.  So he took two days off from work, driving from place to place to find a safe home.  Finally he found NEBTR yesterday, Jerrilyn, our super intake coordinator, contacted me in the afternoon for emergency placement, and he drove up immediately from New Jersey to deliver her to Albany NY.  He started to cry when he surrendered her, explaining that Maisy was the first dog he had ever lived with and had grown very attached; I have promised to keep him updated on her progress and placement, assuring him that she was safe with us, we did not put down dogs.

When she settles in, I'll get some pictures of her.

I'm so excited, this is my third foster.  Long term members know that my previous doggy daughter, Rosie, was a canine sociopath so I was unable to foster.  My beloved old girl died last year, at 15+, so now I'm finally able to foster, it's so much fun, makes me very happy when I place a kid in a wonderful new home, though sad when my fosters are adopted.

Jeanne Dross, aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail, foster mother of Maisy
Albany NY

You rock Jeanne!!! Thank you for opening your home and heart for Maisy!!

Come Visit Us at DogtoberFEST - Oct 4th

For those helping at DogtoberFEST on October 4th, or anyone in the area, please stop at the NEBTR booth and check out these T-shirts designed for the event. They come in ash, natural or charcoal, and we have sizes S-2X. All the proceeds from the T-shirts and other items at the booth will be going to NEBTR!

Ozzy, Delilah and Wilbur

Left to right: my boy Ozzy, Delilah, Wilbur

Morgan Pa

Rocco and Sara say Thank You!

Hi everyone. It's Sara & Rocco, the former mill pups. We just wanted to send a thank you for all the donations to our wish list. Attached is a picture of what we eat every day along with our Brother & Sister Bostons that live here. Momma Linda makes us Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Kale, & Oatmeal. To that she adds 2 cups of Dr. Harvey's mix, and an E-mune boost and fish oil tablets. We feel so good and our skin is gleaming!!! We eat 2x per day now and she adds Blue Buffalo dry food to our home cooked meal (she's Italian ya know, she wants us to eat good). Our bowls are on the right in the crock dishes. We have gained the much needed weight we needed. Below in comments, our foster momma will thank each of you that donated. So did anyone fill out an application to adopt us? We are so awesome and learning house training and playing in the yard. We love our freedom and cannot wait for a forever home. Luv ya, Sara & Rocco — Linda's Dog Camp .

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Virtual Foster Pangya's Moat

Virtual Foster Buster

Virtual Foster Molly Catching Rays with a Friend

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Black and White Parade

Long Day for Lucy

It was a very long day for Lucy.  She went to NY to see Dr Yasson at Holvet to get treatment for her cancer. Sshe was a very good girl and started her treatment today . Hoping for a good outcome - please keep her in your prayers lots of licks from Lucy🐾🐾🐾🐾

Tammy Galvacky

Best wishes to the pretty girl for good health.

What is Coco Thinking?

Here's a picture of my former foster, who I adopted, Coco. I've been trying to teach her new tricks and commands. Here's her latest. I can only imagine what she is thinking!
Patience is a virtue!

Jeanine Sicinski

Adopt Hank

This little boy is such a handsome one and is ready to find a forever home! Hank is looking to be the only dog as he does not understand them. His owner got sick and now he is in foster care. He is somewhere between the age of 7-9 years old.  Hank is amazing on the leash with his harness and loves to look back at the person walking him. His only wish is that you have a comfy couch to share! (You can see from the pictures how much he loves to share couches!) Hank loves to cuddle and hopefully he will find someone or a family to love soon.

Katelyn L.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Duke Says Thank You

Adopt Me Calendar


2015 INTERNATIONAL ADOPT ME CALENDAR IS NOW READY TO BE PRINTED! We need to pre-sale 100 of them before they go into printing. 

NEBTR is one of the rescues featured in this calendar.  This event is being sponsored by the FB page Bark For Rescue Challenge

The calendar features 6 rescues Furry Friends Foster and Rescue Inc from Connecticut, @Wanda's Rescue Haven from Florida, Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue from New York, Must Love Muttz from Ohio, Save-A-Pet from llinois, and Sheffield Dog Rescue from the United Kingdom,. 

There are 12 dogs in the calendar who have been in foster care for a long period of time and who are looking for those special homes to call FURever. 

Each calendar is $20 plus $3 shipping. To order your calendar, please send $23 to our paypal address:

Orders need to be received by Oct 3rd and orders will be mailed out on/about Oct 15th. (Each of the 6 rescues featured will get a percentage of the sales).
(Make sure you message us your address AFTER you have sent your payment)

Jamberry Fundraiser a Success

Our Jamberry Fundraiser did VERY well.  Kristy Ieraci lead this one to a grand total of $259.26 being donated to NEBTR for a 2 week online event.

Dogs Sleep in Your Heart

Swatch and Curley Back Together Again

The brothers are back together again.
Remy and Chibbs (Curley & Swatch) on their fist full day together.
Chris C.
Arendtsville, PA

Monday, September 22, 2014

Update on Sassi

Here is Sassi relaxing aboard her sister's boat. She's a real sweetie. Can't believe she's already been with us 2.5 years. We love her!

Carla Kennedy

Oliver and His Best Friend Andrew

Black and White Parade

Adopt Ruby

Ths little 2 year old Boston terrier is up for adoption through Bosto terrier rescue. She was dumped at a shelter due to stomach issues which have been 90% resolved. She is a tiny girl less than 18 pounds. She is 90% housetrained, loves people including children. and a snuggler. She is not, however, good with other dogs. She walks easily on a leash and is a basic clown. I call her the easy dog . She goes to the door when nature calls. She is a mix between some energy but really a couch potato. Please share and email or call 610-996-3934, Thanks in advance...

Sharon Sweeney

Swatch is Adopted By Curley's Family

Swatch, now Chibbs, got adopted today. He will be living with his
brother Curley, now Remmy. Today's adoption was a family reunion!

Chris C.
Arendtsville, PA

What awesome news!  Thank you so much, Chris, for all that you have done for these babies!

Glory in His New Home

Ten Days after adoption, Glory is doing wonderfully in his new home, going for walks, sleeping in the sun with his sister Bella, loving the attention, fitting right in, and even gaining some weight. He is beginning to learn basic obedience, lot of treats and love to encourage him. Just by talking to his new dad, David Travis, this evening, I can tell they are wonderful people who really love him and appreciate his sweet nature. David said they can tell he had been much loved in his former home. And his funny side is starting to appear, charming his new family with his antics. Going for lots of walks in the parks. Still learning about his new home, but adjusting quickly to his new life, and his housebreaking habits have markedly improved. I don't think we could have asked for a better family and match. Here's a picture of Glory, keeping his eye on things.

Jeanne Dross

Delilah Says Thanks

Thank you Vance Camisa for the sweatshirt!  It looks very comfy with a soft fleece lining.  She wasn't sure what it was and thought it was something to play with.  She let me put it on and I think will enjoy it when the cold weather is here!  Thanks for thinking of her!

Thank you Ellen Scovotti and Bear for the moose toy! Delilah loves it.  She had to have it before I could get the tag off.  She has been playing with it non stop!

Leslie K

Milo is Adopted

I wanted to let everyone know that Milo was adopted one week after I started fostering him (about 10 days ago).  A lead came in through the Clifton Animal Shelter that found him and it was a great match. 

 I spoke to Milo's new Dad tonight and things seem to be going well.  Another happy ending, praise the Lord!

Linda Vermeylen

A HUGE thank you to Linda for stepping up and helping this beautiful boy when he needed it most!

Thanks to Angel EIleen Giltz

Thank you to an Angel named Eileen Giltz. We received a whole box full of Greenie Dental Bones for our fosters! We couldn't do it with out your generosity and support!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Adoptable Pup Wishlist! LUCY

Hi friends, my name is Lucy and I am new here.

I came to NEBTR recently and was going to start my search for my forever home, but then my foster mom found out that I have cancer  I just had surgery and am feeling a lot better. But I have a difficult road ahead of me. I could really use your support and love!

I just need a couple of things to make life a little easier. Could you help? Here are some kisses from me: *slob* *slurp* *mwah* *smack*

Lucy's Wishlist:


New Foster Mosby

My new foster Mosby arrived Wednesday night. Mosby is a 3yo, unaltered, Frenchton. As you can tell from the pics. that I attached below, he is quite the looker! He is such a lover boy. All he wants to do is be held, snuggle, cuddle, and play. He had never been walked on a leash before and he had only ever been exposed to one other dog in his lifetime! He is such a wonderful boy. He is going to make some family incredibly happy! I will post updates as we learn more about Mosby!


Moreen Nickerson

Update on Delilah

Delilah is a very brave and curious girl!  Which is good and bad because she's like a puppy!  She is learning we are trying to communicate with her.  She knows her name and almost has 'sit' and 'no'.  Of course NO manners or idea of how to behave.  But she is doing remarkably well, not nearly as shy as I expected. She is a cuddler!  When she's ready to relax she now can jump up on the couch and curls up.  Then she's like a lump and won't move!  
She is great with my dogs.  But is very interested in my cats.  She seems to have a high prey drive so I am keeping them separate.  She is very intense with stuffed toys and has to have it.  I have 2 stuffed BTs that sit on Ozzy's crate, she spotted them and went crazy climbing on crates to get them.  She was confused when she got it.  I think she thought they were real puppies :(
She went to the vet they said she's about 6 yrs old. The lump in her belly is a hernia that will be fixed when she gets spayed next week. Most of her teeth are broken :(  When checking out, there was a poster of a dog's face at her level on the wall.  She thought it was a real dog!  She was pawing at it and wiggling.  She is a real sweetheart.
Pics: Ozzy teaching her to look out the window; amazed by a guitar; sleeping

Morgan Pa

Need Foster Homes

Rescue Event - Pet Expo

Betty Ann Magnello, Conny McGraw and I represented NEBTR at a pet expo here. Betty Ann put together an awesome table, Conny made her wonderful jams and honey butters, I made doggie biscuits.  I had the raised dog bowls there and lots of info.  Marcia Mazuryk made a beautiful board with adoptable Bostons.  We didn't make a lot of money but I was interviewed by a local TV station (to be aired tonight at 7 pm - WROC Channel 8 in Rochester) and had a chance to tell everyone about these wonderful dogs and the need to adopt and find forever homes.  I am proud to be a member of this organization that does so much to help these pups.  Hope I didn't sound like an idiot. Later I will try to post a link to the broadcast.  Haven't done that before but I will give it a whirl.  Joan Stark, Ontario NY

Betty Ann writes, "I really want to thank Joan, Conny, Marcia, Chris Morse, Brenda Frank,
(I hope I didn't miss anyone) for helping me out at today's Chocolate &
Pet Expo. They were wonderful for spending the day with me.

I was unfortunately out while the TV station was there but heard Joan
did a good job. It's nice to have volunteers that are willing and able
to help out.

I do appreciate these great ladies for their time and dedication.

Thank you again.

Betty Ann"

Awesome Ladies! what wonderful volunteers!

Adios Rhonda!!

Remember Rhonda from Puerto Rico? Well, he's found his forever home!

Rondo was just adopted by Susan & Charles Geary! They are a wonderful couple from Long Island. They have two teenage children and an older Australian Shepard. His new house has a completely fenced 1/2 acre yard! He certainly had quite the trip to finding his forever home. He went from roaming the streets of Puerto Rico to living in New York. He was found as a stray in took him 9 months to find the forever home he deserved so badly, but it was worth the wait. We couldn't be happier for him!!

Thanks to Amanda McLean for fostering this beautiful boy after he was brought to the US a few weeks ago from Puerto Rico, and for finding the perfect forever home for him!

Cool Find at Wal Mart - Cheap Blankets

Since it's getting colder now I just wanted to share with everyone my find at Walmart last night.   Winston and Daisy came to me with some blankets in their crates but they smelled and was even unwashable.    So I went to Walmart to purchase them some new blankets to keep them warm and cozy. These blankets were $1 a piece!!! Just $1 so I decided to buy them out. Lol - they only had 11 but how perfect are they for the pups??  Winston's cage is now a lot more manlier with him camo blanks and Daisy is rocking some zebra print!   So if anyone is in the market for some check out your local Walmart =) they're perfect.  Even if you don't need any it's a perfect price to stock up on some for future fosters or you could even donate some. 
Courtney kautz
Harrisburg PA

Excellent Idea - Thank you for sharing!!

Awesome Event!

Sweet Virtual Foster Pangya

Happy Sunday - its me Pangya!!! Mom says this is my "Cookie Please" look.

Former Foster Jaxx

Former foster Jaxx goes to work with my husband and sometimes I get crazy pictures. He loves that dog almost more than me.. (lol) and this time, he went overboard. He always tells me I put Jaxx on a pedestal, so I got this picture yesterday, with the caption; "Hi Mom, you always put me on a pedestal, so I decided to make sure you had a picture"I had to laugh - he is actually posing!

Then - our awesome director/volunteer Chris decided it needed a caption! Great caption for a spoiled and loved little guy!!

Lucy keeps warm

It is  a lil chilly here today .so Lucy is laying by fireplace keeping warm .

Tammy Galvacky

Butch says Thank you!

Foster Butch was delighted to receive a generous and thoughtful package from our wonderful Facebook sponsors who support the new foster wish list!!!  Thank you so much for his gifts. He loves them and appreciates them! You made him quite happy. Thank you so much! 

What a handsome guy - he's quite deserving of those gifts!!