Saturday, December 6, 2014


Remember Brady - he is the 10 years old beautiful Boston that was left at the shelter right before Thanksgiving.  Well he is safe now and has an awesome foster family and fur friends.
Well the old/young man went to see the vet yesterday. I had mentioned how bad his breath was and well, the vet fixed that!  So 27 teeth later he has no teeth left. My poor boy. But he is eating better already. He is in a bot of pain,  but doing well on pain meds. He is so sweet and very a very well behaved boy.

DuBois pa

He will make someone very happy, and thank you Jill for taking this sweet boy into your home.

Craft Event - Hanover PA - Dec 21st.

NEBTR will be attending a first time craft event at The Little Red 
School House in Hanover PA.
December 21st from 2pm til 5pm.

If anyone would like to donate handmade items, or if you would like to 
join Chris Cassner and Troy Aikman (the dog, not the human lol), please 
contact Chris at cassner@...
There will be Towner Toys as well as Terri Tugs, bow ties, hand stamped 
jewelry, flower bows, and anything else we can come up with by that 
time, for sale.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Thank you from Winston and Daisy!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Scooby says Thank you!

Scooby is so very happy and thankful for the generosity of his Foster Support Person, Maria! She put together a WONDERFUL basket full of goodies, treats and toys! He also just got his new sweater and he LOVES it!

You can see him sitting on his NEW BED and blanket that was much needed! YAY!! Thank you!!!

Lots of licks from Scooby! Such a sweet boy!

Foster Mum to Scooby
Lafayette Hill, PA

NEBTR Blankets

*****8 BLANKETS LEFT*****

Only 1/2 of what I ordered came in when they are gone....they are GONE!60 inches x 50 inchesSUPER DUPER SOFT!!!!$60!/NEBTR-FLEECE-BLANKET/p/37244718/category=9265111

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sunday Valentine

Hi Everyone! I know it's been a long time since you've heard from me. I've been busy chasing the sunny spots around the floor and sleeping in them.

I'm here today while I still can to say THANK YOU to NEBTR for giving me a warm, safe place to stay for the last year and a half when my first Mama couldn't take care of me anymore. You might remember that one of my human baby brothers needed surgery far away when he was born, and my family loved me enough to contact the rescue to find someone who would love this 13 year old blind and deaf pup as much as they do. Well, I turned 15 this month, and I have lived a good life. My old family still comes to visit me, and my new family spoils me with homemade turkey meatloaf in my kibble. But my foster Mama took me to the vet this week, and she said my kidneys aren't working like they are supposed to anymore, and that's why I haven't been feeling well for the last few weeks. Mama says that in a few days, I'm going to go to a special place called the Rainbow Bridge, where I will play and run again without my legs and back hurting. She is giving me lots of cuddles and treats this week, and she says I will be able to see and hear, and feel like a new girl again!

I will be surrounded by all the people who love me. But I couldn't go without saying thank you to all the special people who support the Senior Trust and NEBTR and work so hard to give even old ladies like me a second chance. Someday I will see you all again!

Love and Kisses, Sunday Valentine

Murphy Saya Thanks

Murphy wanted to say thanks for his welcome package. He doesn't sit still very long so these are the best pics I could get of him. His favorite thing is the stuffed alligator. He likes to just hold it in his mouth while he falls asleep.

Goldie is Golden

Goldie had her vet visit today.  She is in great shape.  She was thin when I got her but I have fattened her up all the way to 12.8 lbs!.  Teeth are very worn down but that may have been from a long time ago.  They have some tartar and could use a cleaning but no broken or loose teeth. No heart murmur, spayed, up to date on all vaccinations.  Got vet records - they sent 10 pages so she has been taken care of well.  

We are working on some potty issues, a few accidents here and there mostly at night but she is great.  Loves to cuddle and play.  She comes when she is called and walks great on a leash.  She is ready to find a home for the holidays!!! 

I will hate to part with her but she deserves a family of her own.  She would do best with an adult home.  She would be okay with another small submissive dog but does not like any dog bigger than she is.


More on Omar and Zoe



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Goldie Says Thanks

Goldie received her foster package and a nice warm coat last week. She says thank you to all the special people that donate.  Joan, Ontario NY

Adopt Winston and Daisy

New Foster Brady

Another busy day here at the hotel for dogs. Lol! I picked up Brady to day, he is 10 years old and after 10 years his owner left him at a shelter, right before Thanksgiving. Nothing makes me madder than this!!! I hope and pray everyday that I get to spend at least 10 years with my dogs and people just throw them away. Well he is safe now.

Jill Charles

Monday, December 1, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! SAMSON

Hi everyone... thanks for stopping by to read my spotlight. I wanted to tell you my story. Pardon me if I stutter a little, you see.. I am just starting to gain self-confidence and be proud of who I am and where I came from.

NEBTR rescued me from a puppy mill. For six years, they used me to breed litter after litter of puppies - like a machine. I never knew warm beds or snuggles, I never knew squeaky toys or Kongs with peanut butter or "good boy." I never knew human love.

My foster mom Jill has been working with me to help me realize that I don't have to be so scared anymore. That I have a new life now - and I am safe and cared for, and special. But most important - I am WANTED.

When I came to foster care, I was scared of my own shadow. Over the past few months, I have made great strides. I can jump up on the couch now and be with my humans. I learned how to sleep in a doggy bed. I am even facing my fear of the bath (I never had one before).

I get along with the other resident dogs just fine, and have no major health issues.

In my soul, I am a sweet and gentle boy who desperately wants to love and be loved in returned.

Could you be my forever home?


Where's Pangya?

Troy Aikman

Juneau Update

Well Mr June bug has been here a week and he is doing great. He needs to learn self control. He bites hard when he plays. So every one says No Bite! A lot and he is getting it. He actually sighed at me when I said it when he sat with us on the couch. Lol,  I said I know buddy. But he is fun and very smart. He has sit down pat. He will play a while and just go back to his bed. 
I took him to work with me on Tuesday. I thought he walked weird,  almost stiff. So for fun we did a xray of his legs. And his lower leg bones are very bowed. Not sure why. But that is most likely the cause of his odd walking. He will be neutered on Wednesday. I'm slowly introducing him to my dogs. I have one very picky guy that he might never get to be with..( Silas)..  But like I said a little self control is all he needs. Such a sweet boy. I just don't understand how someone could be so cruel. 
DuBois pa
Oh my is he a looker!  Seems like he is so happy to be safe and warm, he just can't contain his happiness!  

Happy Birthday Obee

Happy 9th birthday to my little love bug Obee!

Sara Puskar

Elena is Styling

Elena  is going for a walk in her new sweater!

Krista Dooley

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Too Much Turkey!

Santa at PetValu Event

Ha ha I just got an email from Janice Boyer and she showed me a pic of her husband dressed up in the Santa Suit for our Dec 6th event at PetValu. Now what dog wouldn't want to have there picture taken with this Santa. I can't wait to see the dogs sitting on Santas Lap.v

Bonnie Towner

Adopt Remy

Remy doesn't get it...

Happy Birthday Beanie

Happy birthday to my grumpy old man. Our Beanie is ten years young today. He is not impressed with the hat, but put up with it in order to get a treat. He will get a special super later.

Joan Watt Stark

More on Scooby

As my foster, I am learning a lot about him! He loves his ball and his bed! He is very alert while we walk.
We tested his playing skills this morning. He definitely likes the squeaky ball, will "sit" before I throw it, runs to get it, then jumps up on the couch. So we will work on "fetching" while he's fostered. Such a sweet boy!!

Sarah Rogers

Update on Greta, Formerly Bella

Update on Hamilton