Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dakota Has A New Home

Dakota, an eight your old boy, has been adopted! His former owner became ill, surrendering him due to inability to take care of this much loved pet.

But things turned out OK for him. Dakota has new parents, both retired: Dakota will have two humans to cuddle him, two laps to sit on, two people to give him love and attention!

Another happy ending.

Vote For Syke

Hello all! For those of you on facebook, Syke and I have entered Spike Strip Taylor's "Nekkid in the Bath Pet Photo Contest" All you have to do it go to the Photo album and Spikes page and "like" Syke's photo. The most 'likes' win the money for their charity of choice. Of course Syke told me he wanted to win for NEBTR!!!

Here is the link. The picture is down toward the bottom of the album. Click on the photo and then select "Like." Feel free to look me up on facebook too as I know Im not friends with all of you yet! Katie Webster and Syke

Friday, February 17, 2012

Papi Makes Himself at Home

This is our NEBTR boy, Papi. He's about 9 years old, we adopted him three months ago. Silly boy, he is always jumping into "snuggly" places - in this case, my pajama drawer as I opened it to put pj's in! We love him and he brings us so much joy!! Thanks NEBTR.

And a big thank you to you Deborah, for providing a loving home for Papi.

Valentine From Trooper and Brady

Thank you all for all the work you do, there is so much love in this group! Happy Valentines Day!

Xoxo Ana, Mike, Brady and Trooper Cecere!:-)

Click to Get NEBTR $50

Betsey Freedman has nominated the NEBTR for a donation of $50 from the Boston Terriers of Color Group on Facebook.  All we have to do to receive the funding is to have 200 people like the photo at the above link.  The photo is our logo.  We are halfway there -  could everyone please take a moment to do this?  And thanks, Betsey, for the creative fundraising idea!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't Forget the Seniors!!!

A Senior Dog's Wish

I'm waiting here in foster care for you to come and see
 The one the others have passed by -

Please stop and look at me! I'm not alone here in my quest to find myself a place
 Where someone will have love for me and softly stroke my face.

We're not so young in years they say, although we're young at heart
  If you'll take a chance with us - please know we'll do our part.

Our faces have a bit of white, our legs a slower gait
 Our hearts so full of love to give - but still we sit and wait.

A younger dog is what folks want, one who romps and plays
 They won't take time to look at us - just think we're old and gray.

Little do they know the things we have to offer them
 Manners learned and quiet souls - good dogs all we've been.

There are those here too whose souls were damaged and in pain
 Before they came to this safe place and learned to trust again.

When new folks come and look at them, they seem withdrawn and shy.
 Time is all they need to learn that new bonds they can tie.

Patience, love and gentle hands is all they ask of you
 In exchange - their hearts they give you in their lives so new.

We may not be the perfect dogs in everybody's eye -
 Too big, too small, too brown, too blue, too black, too old, too shy.

But, unless you sit and take the time and see all that we can be
 You'll miss the best that is right here - Please stop - HEY - Look at ME!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on Ace

I just heard from the family that adopted Ace and they said he is doing great! He and their dog Oreo, are inseparable and they said Ace is teaching Oreo much needed patience and sharing. HAHA. They also said Ace put on some much needed weight. I posted a pic under 'Angie's Fosters' take a look. Angie Dahlman

New Foster Porkchop

Hello everyone! My name is Porkchop. Im 10 months old. I was surrendered by my former owners. My leg has 5 old fractures that were never fixed and now my leg is deformed. Please send me good thoughts, my vet appointment is today. More updates to come...

Foster mom Carolyn of Kamp Kanine, a true rescue angel, gives us an update on Porkchop, now called Chops
"Update on our boy Chops - Chops spent the night at Dr. Cattiny's on pain meds and fluids for his fractures. While he has 5 fractures only 2 are operable. Depending on what it looks like when Doc gets in there Chops will either get the joint pinned or have the top of his femor shaved and the chips from his hip joint removed. The good news is he is in the BEST place right now and the PAIN has been stopped. Keep the prayers and donations coming this will cost NEBTR thousands to fix! And again the abuser walks - and the rescues pick up the bills!"

This is such a sad case of puppy abuse, saved by the caring attention of rescue angels like Carolyn. We are aware that not everyone is willing or able to provide the intensive immediate care that Carolyn is providing, but your financial contributions can help ease the cost of care. NEBTR has no paid staff, no expense accounts, no private offices or fancy address: our financial obligations come solely from individual donations by our supporters. Please help.

Stanley's new home, bribery works!

Stanley went to meet a couple, Barb and Bill, in New Jersey who love Boston Terriers. Barb and Stan got along right from the start, but Stan mistrusts men. Bill knew just what to do: Treats!!! Now Bill has Stan eating out of his hand.

We could not have picked a better home for Stan. Congratulations on finding your forever home Stan. Love, Dawn.

And thanks to foster mom Dawn Stone for helping another BT to a new and happy life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February Meetup

Group photo of the February meetup group, Western NY Chapter. Contributed by Debbie Philpott

New Foster, Little Girl

Our Linda Antonelli has been very busy rescuing Bostons of all ages, she reports on the newest addition to her heart and home: Got another new BT old girl found wandering the woods out on eastern Long Island. She was brought into the Brookhaven Shelter and of course, Meredith Festa rescued her and brought her to me. She's an old girl, blind, deaf and 13 lbs. I call her Little Girl. She eats, sleeps, eliminates and then has no social skills. Why? She will retire with me...

Happy Valentine's Day from NEBTR

Happy Valentine’s Day

May you enjoy all the streams of Love that flow into your life;
The Love from family and friends;
The Love from parents and children;
The Love from pets
And the Love from God.
Celebrate Love all day long.
For it is the breath of your existence,
and the best of all reasons for living.

contributed by Shela Walton

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Foster, Lady

Linda Antonelli reports on her latest of many rescues: Got a new BT baby last week courtesy of my friend Annie from Bulldog Rescue and Meredith Festa. Her name is Lady and she is a "hoarders" dog from Shirley, NY. She lived in an airline crate to eat, sleep and eliminate, and now she is being de-wormed and waiting to be spayed. She is 7 months young. Check out her marking on her nose. Looks like a nose ring (lol). She's a darling.