Monday, August 9, 2010

Teddy Needs a Home

Teddy is a Boston Terrier/Pug mix estimated to be 8-10 years old at the most. He is a stocky 26 lbs. and is built like a pug, including floppy ears and a curly tail, but he wears the black and white suit of a Boston Terrier. He's adorable! Teddy was turned in to a shelter by his callous owners because he was getting too old. He arrived into foster care with untreated glaucoma with vision totally lost in one eye, and the second eye in such bad shape that our vets were unable to save his vision in that one too. Teddy is on medication which is working to control the pressure in the right eye, although he is now totally or almost totally blind. He needs to take this medication twice a day which he takes quite happily with a bit of peanut butter or cheese. How very sad that had treatment when the glaucoma began he would still be able to see.

Our vet has diagnosed him with very early stage pituitary-dependent Cushing's, but he does not yet show any of the typical symptoms. Because of this, he has not been started on any treatment but he will need to be monitored.

Teddy has been through so much, it is understandable that he is scared. His recent blindness makes it difficult for him to interact with other dogs (and cats) because he is easily startled and will act defensively. It would be best for Teddy to be in a home with no other dogs or cats. It is also recommended that he goes to a home with no very young children.

Even with all of that he has gone through Teddy is a loving and sweet boy.

He is crate trained and house trained. In general, Teddy is pretty low-energy and does not need a lot of exercise. He enjoys hanging around in the house and wandering around the yard. He will go for a walk on a leash, but he is eager to get moving, even without his sight, and will pull to go. He will need some guidance on leash manners.

Teddy's favorite things so far have been chewing on bones or bully sticks. He likes to press up against your leg and get lots of head and tummy rubs. Oh, and treats. He will sit very nicely for treats. He recently started enjoying digging through the toy box and selecting a stuffed toy to play with and suck on. He wants nothing more than to have a quiet home where he can be settled in with those few things and be loved for the sweet and special guy that he is.

Because Cushings can be an expensive and life threatening disease if Teddy doesn't receive treatment, we are offering a special incentive for anyone who would consider giving him the life he desperately deserves. Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue will completely sponsor his medical expenses throughout his life in the same way we would any other permanent foster dog. All we want for him is to find a home where he will be relaxed and will have happiness and love for the rest of his life.