Saturday, December 20, 2008

Achilles Update

We adopted Achilles 4 weeks ago, on November 16th. He is just the
sweetest, most lovable dog ever! Achilles and Sadie, our other BT,
have become inseparable. We want to thank you so much for all the
work that you do helping these dogs, and the humans that are lucky
enough to adopt one. Here are some recent pictures of the "kids"!

Love, Jeanine & Michael

Hello Jeanine & Michael,

Your note and pictures of your 2 beautiful Bostons is the happy ending we hope for every one of the lost souls that come into our rescue.

Thank you for giving Achilles the home he deserves from all of us at NEBTR, and particularly his foster Mom, Kami.

Home for Christmas! Thank you.

Sheryl Trent

That's MY boy, Achilles!!!! I miss him lots, but am so happy for him and his new family. They really are awesome.

Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Tame Puppy Mill Dogs

When you meet them, move slowly.
Extend a soft hand and heart.
Do not move jerkily or grab them by
the legs or neck.They're ready for that.
Then bathe all the years of filth and
sex,rub her teats saggingly stretched.
Take away the organs for profit.
Wash all the memories of puppies
wrenched away to be put in glass
chambers oohed and ahhed over at the mall.
Clean them gently, a massage of
soap erasing the grit of the mill.

When you walk them, be patient.
They only know cages and brusque males.
Let them learn the lead and the training.
Their accidents aren't vengeful.

Call them by name, by name, by name.
Don't worry if their ears don't
prick up or if they don't run to you.
Take no offense.

Answer their barking,
even at 4 a.m.
They need a voice,
one answer after all.

Don't punish quick teeth or
tentative tongue.
Cover the furniture foam,
clean up the accidents
and wood and blankets gnashed or tugged.
They now have a pillowy soft sofa in their safe crate,
not a cage with a mesh floor.

Watch them discover their feet,
The grass tenderly velvet to their pads.
Watch them run,jump,down dog,roll.

Don't wear a hat or a beard
They'll take their revenge.

Open the sky and earth
to senses yet awakened.
The smells to investigate!
The butterflies to chase.
The house , the stairs,
the carpet, the kitchen
where food is given not shoved.

Stroke them, stroke.
Whisper their names.
They will answer in time.

Give them that.
Curl on the floor
to let them explore
your head and neck.
Give them love.
Give them love.
Give them love.

written by Claire E. Brown

-- Contributed by Amanda

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hope warmed my heart. Since my Tiger is a mill dog, my heart goes out to these little fur kids. My Tiger, too, has splayed feet and terrible bowed front legs. One back leg required surgery since his knee joint twisted to the outside preventing him from running and jumping. The mill dogs' problems are a result of being forced to live in cages with wire floors. Actually, my Tiger's eyes still tear when the sun is brilliant which comes from living in a darkened barn for the first year of his life. Thankfully, he was rescued after his first birthday -- that is, if the mill people told the truth about his age. He was put up for auction in MIssouri and a dear rescue person from Kansas purchased him. I adopted him by driving to Kansas from NJ to pick him up.

Hope will be fine under your careful care. I am thankful that she will be able to keep her eye.

These mill dogs make wonderful pets. They are loving and grateful for whatever you do for them. My Tiger is so very sweet and very, very dear.
Thank you for taking Hope.

-- Isabella