Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boston Terrier Skirts

Hey girls! I just wanted to share this, i found this awesome lady in Mississippi who makes patchwork skirts. Being a bit of a hippie chick i have been buying them like mad! Anyway, she does custom skirts as well. I asked her if she could make me a BT rescue dog skirt, and she did! There are a few little bostons in the print! Love it! I just wanted to share it with yall in case any one would like to order one! They are only 15.00 + shipping! She can be contacted at  You can also view more of her items for sale at her website, Apparel by Cheryl

p.s. she makes each skirt to your exact size!

-- Amy Angelo

Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Lilly

This is Lilly, a/k/a/ Princess, who we pulled from the Wayne shelter last night. Lilly is very sweet, but stressed out from the shelter. She did not do well there at all, and clearly misses her family and 'brother'. She was a little nervous around my dogs last night, but was so polite with my cats, and has been following my husband and I around constantly. She needs to gain at least 5 pounds and has to learn to walk on a leash nicely, but I can tell she's going to be a total cuddle bug and make some family very happy!

-- Heather, Wharton NJ

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update on Boo ("Booda")

Another year has gone by. Boo is another year older and with us another year. He is sitting on my lap as I am typing this e-mail..

My how time has gone by. He is doing fine and is certainly part of our family. He has his special chair to sleep on but prefers to snuggle against one of us while we are watching TV. He could have easily been named Snuggles. Boo also learned how to sun himself on the staircase as the sun shines through our front window.

My mother is in a nursing home and they had a dog parade for the residents that Boo was part of. He and all the dogs that participated were a big hit. Coincidentally, all of the dogs were rescued including a 3 legged Scot Terrier & a deaf American.Bulldog (that responded to hand signals). Since Boo has a great temperament and all of his shots, he is allowed to be a regular visitor. He is an unofficial therapy dog. The residents get so excited when they see him and want to pet him and he loves it. He even knows to stop at the Social Director's office because she has treats for dogs. She enjoys his visits . I also leave treats with my mother & all I have to say to Boo, is do you want to go see grandma and he gets excited.. He also loves to go to the park for our daily walk.

Take care and have a good and healthy 2010.

Bruce & Stella Anglin & Boo

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Joy's Day

I telecommute. It's the best thing ever. However, I very much follow a regular office schedule. I get up, let the dogs out, feed the kitty and go to my home office. I usually reappear downstairs around 3:30 or 4 to do turnout. I have 2 dog beds in my home office and I never have less than a greyhound and 2 Bostons there. My other greyhound and Boston are always on my bed.
Long story short, today, I knew something was up. Beadoe (BT) showed up in my office about 10:30 and barfed. Jaime (BT) showed up shortly thereafter, and barfed. Paige, my senior greyhound, who is ALWAYS upstairs in the office, kept giving me the stink eye. I finally figured out by about 12:30 that maybe something was up in the "toy aisle" downstairs. Sure enough, a certain 2 y/o greyhound puppy (I'm guessing) had managed to move a babygate and grab a liter bottle of cannola oil off of the microwave cart. Not only had said greyhound grabbed it, she chewed the top off. My kitchen floor was like a skating rink. Obviously, the barfing was due to the snarfing of the oil.
Aughhh. Anyway, the kids are pretty well oiled and have been fed a ton of bread today to hopefully soak some of it out of their GI tracts.
I've mopped the kitchen floor 3 times--first with Spic'nSpan, second with Spic'nSpan and Clorox Clean Up and third with Comet and me scrubbing on my hands and knees. My kitchen floor is better, but it's still a "skating rink." Any ideas on how to cut through this mess?
I can't WAIT to see the rest of the GI effects...
Joy and the OIL dogs