Saturday, April 19, 2014

Max Thanks George Vazquez For the Easter Goodies

Thank you so much George for sending Max wonderful goodies I have had treats from there before and the dogs love them. They actually smell so good I'm tempted to try them myself.

Warminster Pa

I know they do smell good!  Looks like Max will have to share Lol!

Happy Gotcha Day Brady

Today it has been 3 years that we adopted Brady from NEBTR! We are so blessed with this boy He has shown us that with patience, persistency and lots and lots of love a thought dog can be transformed into a loving dog. He has made so much progress, we are so very proud of him! He is a gentleman, extremely smart and very helpful with Penny, he is such a great big brother and so obedient. We are all a work in progress, otherwise we wouldn't be on this Earth! This boy has worked very hard to become the gem that he is!

Thank you NEBTR and thank you foster mom Nora Craft for trusting us with our beloved Brady!
Happy Easter everyone!
Ana, Mike, Brady and Penny Cecere

Coco Rocks Her Easter Bandana

Coco has been rocking her bandana from her Easter basket!! She loves it! Thank you Jeffrey Chance!

 Jeanine Sicinski

Former Fosters Buddy and Prince

I had 2 fosters together named Buddy and Prince and they were the best most adorable babies ever!!!!!

Here is a pic of my former fosters below!!
Moreen Nickerson

Prince Says Thanks for the Easter Basket

Prince says thank you to Sara Puskar for his Easter basket!  He loves all of the treats but especially enjoyed the bubble wrap it came in lol!
Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

Soggy Blankets

Does your BT do this?

When she's getting ready for a nap, my almost 3 year old Dolly likes to suck big wads of blanket in her mouth, rolls her eyes back, and kneads her front paws like she's nursing.  I expected she'd grow out of this, but blankets and corners of pillows where she's been laying still are found like wet gobs from her sucking on them.
My other dogs have never done this, and she really doesn't have any behavior issues-she's an awesome girl.  Does anyone else's dogs do this?  Is it any problem for her to still get comfy mock-suckling?  Denice, Jackson, NJ

Yep, my Lucy has a stuffed kitty that she sucks and kneads on. I stockpile extra kitties just in case they stop selling them. Only this one particular kitty will do. Its weird, If its fur is different she wont touch it, if its heavier or lighter, she ignores it. Only this one brand of kitty will do! I can only wash the thing so many times before it falls apart. So i usually buy two or three when i see them. The things we do for our dogs, lol!
I adopted her at 8 weeks and we were her second home so I'm sure its due to her being weaned too soon. 

This is so funny! I though my Lucy was the only dog that was so picky, lol.
Does World War III break out of any of the other animals even give that toy a sideways glance? Lucy will share any other toy, buy she growls at any pup (or cat) that comes near her kitty!

Canonsburg, PA

Yep!  Except with Penny it's a very particular stuffed duck. (I'm not sure what she'll do if they ever stop making it!)
She suckles on it pretty regularly but I've been told it's nothing to worry about.  It could be a result of her being taken away from her mother too early.

I don't think it's anything to worry about and form what I can tell it seems to be fairly common.
Look at her with her kitty!  These Bostons are so funny!  I grew up with hunting dogs and none of them had personalities like this! I love it.

We unfortnately are a one animal household as Penny is animal-agressive so she never has to worry about anyone stealing ducky.  (expect when I wash it!)

We have a bunch and always buy one when we go to PetSmart.  We've tried to give her other toys but it HAS to be the one duck. We rotate them and wash them until they fall apart but don't try to sneak in some sort of generic.  Here she is agter being worn out from all the suckling...


That's so sweet. Delilah does the same thing with her lambs wool crate pad that never is in the crate but under the dinning room table or in bed with us. One corner is always so soggy. Cricket, lays with her ball and no one better go near it...Murphy he loves just about anything. Neither Cricket or Murphy suckle....LOL They both will glance over at Dee as if to say, there she goes doing that weird thing with her 'nuzzy'.


My 10 yr old, Brynn, has done this since she was a puppy.  She suckles and kneads on whatever is available when she is going to sleep.
Liverpool, NY
Fiona is the same way with her blankies and dog beds. She rocks back and forth and soaks it with her mouth. When I go to get a picture or video she usually snaps out of it. I got her at 10 weeks but she was bottle fed because her mother had mastitis from an emergency c-section. I think I spelled that correct. Fiona was not able to nurse from her mom. I always think of kittens kneading when Fiona does it. Fiona is 2 now and I do not see it stopping...but she has no behavior issues from it. I even got her baby blankets because they are softer for her and she loves the way they feel. (She would steal my niece's infant ones)
Katelyn and Fiona
Wall, NJ
 Duke has a stuffed rabbit that he sucks on like that (the nose) like he is nursing.  It is a self soothing mechanism and I just let him go.  Joan S Ontario NY
My BT has been doing this to my leg since he was a pup.. Leaves me changing my pants often Lol (bout twice a day) but it would break my heart to tell him to stop

Rory sucks on blanks and any other soft object she can find.  But at night she has a special sucky and we only let her have it at night.  Otherwise it would be in a million pieces and she would be heartbroken at bedtime.


Tater has been sucking on his night night bed at night night time since I can remember. He is going to be 7 next month. I always thought it was just him but apparently he isn't alone :)

Turnersville, NJ
Yep. Jax does it, but also leaves little holes in the blankets from suckling. Dr said if it makes him calm, no issue. However, he does almost the same thing to his front paws, and the doctor said not so good because he could get yeast build up between his toes from being wet.
Have found no solution on the paws other than to distract him with a toy to make him stop. Feels it is not due to being itchy as much as it is habitual.

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Maya was BIG on this, I went t Joann Fabrics and took fleece in strips and knotted them in a chain, like when you make the blankets but a strip instead of a blanket, she would suckle on it til she fell asleep and it kept the blankies dry and smelling better. I have seen this in dogs taken from mama too young it's a comfort thing and some never grow out of it, I have a cat now age 3 that still does this we bottle fed her she never had a mama.
They are so comforted it's amazing to watch!
Makes us realize what babies they really are! 

I have a 12 yr old Boston that has sucked on a stuffed animal her whole life and still does. It comforts her and puts her to sleep. I also had a Brittany Spaniel that did this. I don't think they ever outgrow it. I think it's kind of cute!

Milly and Clara are Fantastic

These girls are fantastic!
Dubois pa
I love them!!!

Buddy and Prince

My boys!  They are just the sweetest most loving boys ever! They love sitting in front of the little heater :-)
Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

 Oh man!  Ridiculously cute!

Tootsie Says Thanks

Thank you all so much, Elizabeth Robb, Nicole Pinto, Tracy Jarbeck and Tara Farber for the easter basket and gifts. It taken me two days to get her to sit still long enough to get a picture. She loves the gifts. Jill DuBois pa

Scooby is Adopted

Scooby came from a shelter in Camden, where he was found as a stray and cried all day in his shelter cage.  NEBTR picked him up and he was brought to Bonnie, his Foster mom.  Here is the rest of his story:

As all of you know I failed miserably with my first foster Scooby LOL I ended up adopting him and it's like a match made in heaven for both of us. As you know Scooby had problems with crating and separation anxiety. He no longer has either problem.I bought a much larger crate than needed and he goes in and out as he likes. I went in and out my door so many times I made myself dizzy trying to help him understand I was always coming back. He now has the option of being in the crate or out of the crate while I am away and he has not made one mistake in over week so I am very proud of my little guy. Yippee!!!

Warminster Pa
We're so happy, Bonnie that Scooby will get to live out the rest of his life with you!  Wonderful job! 
Yeah for both you and Scooby!! Life is good :-) - Joyce

Spock Goes to the Rainbow Bridge


It is with a heavy heart I write to tell you that our adopted friend, Spock, went to the rainbow bridge on March 28, 2014.  Just shy of our second anniversary together, little friend went into kidney failure and stopped eating.  Our vet tried for four days to bring him around with IV fluids and meds, but he didn't respond and still wouldn't eat, so we made the painful decision to let him go.

Spock (formerly Jake) was adopted in May of 2012, and enjoyed two good years as a spoiled best friend.  He was (we think) about to turn 12, and got along remarkably well for a deaf, mostly blind old man.  He was amazingly well behaved and calm.  He never really showed any interest in playing, but he got very excited about his meal times and his peanut butter kong.  He liked to follow me around like a little shadow, to go for long strolls around the neighborhood, and to nap in his cozy doggy bed. I built him a robot to dispense treats for him when I had to be at work.

Attached are a few pictures of Spock - sleeping with his tongue sticking out, tolerating another snow storm (we moved from Philly to Maine last summer, so he had to put up with a lot more snow and cold weather), and my favorite picture of his smily face.

Thank you again for entrusting him into my care.  He was well loved and is now deeply missed. 

Best regards,
Sara Walton
Old Town, Maine

Easy Salmon Treats

Hey all, I saw some treat recipes floating around, and wanted to share a recipe I have made many many times ( I used to own a dog treat bakery and sell at farmers markets, and these were one of the best sellers!) I would take salmon-(walmart sometimes has the frozen filets for pretty cheap) or duck or any protein you want and put it in the food processor along with sweet potatoes. Grind it up pretty well, but doesn't need to be super smooth. Spoon the mixture into an old squeeze bottle like a ketchup or mayo bottle and then squeeze little strips of it or nuggets onto a baking sheet with parchment paper. Bake at a really low temp for a few hours ( I had used a dehydrator when I did these, so don't know exact time or temp-you can google using your oven as a dehydrator and it will give you more info). Essentially you really want to dry them out as best you can rather than "cook" them and they will keep longer this w ay. No grains or eggs or any additional ingredients needed, although you can add oatmeal or carrots or anything you want-just make sure it is ground up enough to fit through squeeze bottle! Carrie Cranmer Alloway, NJ

Friday, April 18, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! INDIGO

Our little baby Indigo is our resident survivor! He came to NEBTR when he was only 7 months old, with a very sketchy history. Within hours of being in the loving arms of his foster mama, he began to have grand mal seizures. Indigo spent 3 days on life support, and just when we thought we were going to lose him, he started to rally, little by little each day! So many tests were performed to diagnose the seizures. It was narrowed down to distemper - a disease to which most puppies succumb. Not our Indy! He's a fighter and he has his whole happy life ahead of him.

Now he is 11 months old and all puppy playfulness. He is required to be on medication for another 3 months to ensure his stability.  He is being fostered with 2 other dogs and children.  He is almost 100% house trained, but needs supervision until he gets it completely, so a home where he will not spend more than 4 hours alone is what we are seeking for him.  He will thrive in a home with a fenced yard, and  other pets around his size to play with. He is 17lbs. He has not been tested with cats but we suspect he would do fine. Indigo loves all people and dogs he meets. This little boy loves affection and loves to curl up on the couch next to you.

Age: 11 months

If you think yours might be Indigo's "furever home," please fill out an adoption application here.

Duncan's Wish List!

Duncan's Wish List!
Duncan is a minimalist and really only needs two things - a collar and FOOD! If you have a minute and a few bucks to spare, he'll send you a virtual kiss!

You can see Duncan's Wish List here:

Adoptable Pup Spotlight: DUNCAN

This elderly boy still has a great amount of love to give! He is the happiest next to his human. 
Could that be you?

Age: 12 or 14 depending on who you ask!

Fun Fact: Duncan is a cuddle-aholic!

 If you think yours might be Duncan's "furever home," please fill out an adoption application today!

Maxy Moo's Favorite Spot

Wow - who's got the life now???  What a character - he looks like a brand new boy!   Thanks Jerrilyn for taking such wonderful care of this boy!

Rocky Says Thanks

Rocky says thanks for all the generous donations and the get well wishes and prayers. Your support has made it possible for him to start getting the care he needs.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! PRINCESS NALA

All hail Princess Nala!

This little Princess did not always have such a royal situation. She was rescued from a hoarding situation, and was kept in a crate for most of her day.

Her luck has changed, and now she is making an amazing recovery and is ready to find her forever home. Even though she's 5 years old, she looks like a puppy, and loves to give kisses and cuddle with her humans. She is still learning how to play, but gets better at it every day and never stops trying. She tends to steal all of the doggie toys and hoard them near her but her foster mama is working on that :)

She is good with other dogs but she can growl a little in the beginning so some patience will be needed in that area.

Princess Nala lives up to her name, and is an absolute doll. She is loving her new life of playing in the grass and breathing the fresh air, and can't wait to find her home.

Age: 5

Fun Fact: She looks great in a variety of hats.

If you you think yours might be Princess Nala's "furever home," please fill out an adoption application today.


"Just me being cute."

"Does this hat make my eyes look big?"

"I love being outside and free."

Maverick's Wish List!

Maverick's Wish List!
Our buddy Maverick is stopping in to say hello and graciously ask for a few necessities. He is a rowdy 8-year-old boy who still parties like he's 3! Because of this, his foster mama is working hard to train him and make him ready for adoption quickly! Some of these items are to help her with that, and would be so very appreciated!
Maverick says thanks and sends a boatload of slobbery kisses to his supporters!!
You can find Mav's Wish List here:

Coco's Wish List: AWESOME UPDATE!

Coco is wagging her tail so fast she may fly away!
ALMOST ALL of her Wish List items have been purchased for her in only a few hours!!!!!
She is so grateful! THANK YOU to her Amazon Angels 

Max's New Harness

I spoke with a professional dog trainer last night and again with one today after work. I told them about Max and his pulling.Both dog trainers agreed that the easy walk harness is great and they recommend it to customers all the time. I walked Max yesterday with the harness and it was like day and night. He walked with me and not against me I just couldn't believe the difference he is enjoyable to walk now. Anyone could walk Max without fear of being dragged. The lady dog trainer gave me some great tips on meet and greet also because Max meets and greets to eagerly. The harness is light weight and fits comfortably as a matter of fact weighs less that most harnesses  She was very nice and told me to call again with anything she might be able to help me with. Info is free training cost :) :) 

Warminster Pa

It works wonders, doesn't it? Go Max!!

Coco's Wish List!

Hello friends! Coco has asked for a few necessary items to make life easier and yummier! If you can, this is a great way to donate directly to a specific dog in a way that really matters and makes their life better! 

The direct link is:

Thank you in advance to our wonderfully generous and selfless supporters. Coco loves you!

"Please oh please won't you buy me a treat?" -Coco
"Dreaming of my Wish List.."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! ACE

Hi! I'm Ace. I'm about 7 years old. You can tell its me by my big goofy ears and two bottom teeth that stick out!

Before foster care, I was a puppy mill breeding dog. That's way behind me. I have learned so much about how to be a dog! I can chase a ball, although I don't always bring it back. I like long walks and am very curious about meeting other dogs. I love making a dog pile with my foster siblings. I also enjoy children, but may do best with kids old enough to understand that I don't like being jumped on, also its so easy for me to steal food out of babies hands.. heh. I will need your patience with continued work on house-breaking. Some days I forget that I can't pee inside!? 

If you're looking for a smaller Boston, I'm your guy! Let me show you the resilience a dog can have after all those years being treated unfairly!

Love, Ace

If you you think yours might be Ace's "furever home," please fill out an adoption application today.

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! CAYO

Cayo is a gentle giant. He is the biggest Boston his foster mama has ever seen and one of the most handsome too! Cayo has the most expressive eyes and will melt your heart with them. He loves a good long game of fetch with his tennis ball or any for that matter.

This big boy loves to be petted and cuddled. He often sleeps right on you or you will catch him on his back all four paws up in the air. While his foster mama makes dinner, he will sit pressed up against her legs or sits on a foot. He is a very loyal and loving boy and wants to be with you and he will whine a little if you are out of sight. Not a barker, even when a person walks by with or without a dog. He is great on a harness and leash for walks. Cayo is extremely gentle when taking anything from you. He gets along with other dogs perfectly. He also is excellent with young children. Extremely curious of cats so may be best at a home with no cats. He is not currently neutered but we are working on getting that done before adoption.

He was extremely loved by his family and his foster family is in love with him too. 

We would love to see him and his 'brother' Lil Meme be adopted together - they truly love each other. He is his peanut butter to his jelly.

Age: 4

Fun Fact: Cayo is a big clown and entertainer, and often does silly acrobatics on the couch!

If you you think yours might be Cayo's "furever home," please fill out an adoption application today.