Monday, March 29, 2010

Special Needs K9 Organization in the Press

Mike and Stacey Pravec, who are the heads of Special Needs K9,Org, were recently featured in The Leader Newspaper. The Pravecs, who are also NEBTR members, having been instrumental in the placement and care of Mr. Blue, a Boston Terrier, have founded Special Needs K9 to help with the medical bills for medically challenged pups, works on finding foster and permanent homes for them, and coordinates rescues.

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From that initial dog, the organization grew. “Mr. Blue is the reason this all started,” Mike said.Special Needs K9 began when Stacey started volunteering at the Teterboro shelter. “It was the day before Thanksgiving and I said I had a lot of thanks to give in my life,” said Stacey, who has suspended her interior designing business to focus on Special Needs K9, Inc. “I have a love for animals, so I thought, ‘What can I do to give my thanks back?’ It’s not about me; it’s about giving. So, I went down to the shelter.”

Shortly afterward, Stacey began volunteering and Mike followed suit. At first, Mike said he was hesitant, because he knew he would become emotionally attached to these dogs in need. “When I started volunteering, I saw what these animals had to endure and go through and they don’t have a home,” said the retired police officer from Paramus. “What I was afraid of happening has turned into the best thing in my life. … It started as something on the side, but very quickly, within weeks, it spiraled to something full-time, full-blown, full-steam ahead.”

To help in their small way, the Pravecs are asking for help. “We need some people who are willing to open their homes to these animals, even if temporarily just to foster, not even adopt,” Mike said.

Stacey added that all the funds raised by Special Needs K9, Inc., which is an accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, have gone to the dogs. All over-head has been taken care of by the Pravecs. And although they have three special-needs dogs themselves, no funds are used on Stacey and Mike’s pets.

Their own dogs have similar stories to the animals they are trying to place in homes.

Tater Tot is a Boston terrier who was rescued after eight years of never visiting a veterinarian. Ruben is a shar pei who has had eye surgery, blood clots, stones, allergies and mange. Lily is a pit bull who has had mange, a urinary tract infection and hip problems.

NEBTR thanks Mike and Stacey for all their tireless work on behalf of these pups.

Sunday, March 28, 2010