Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dobby's Wedding

This was fantastic!  Good job, Renata.  My best wishes to the happy couple. 

Lou and His Forever Family

Lou's new mom and dad.  He is now with his forever family ...


Thanks for all you did Tammy, in sharing your love with Lou, so that he could have this new start! 

Yay!  He looks so happy :)

New Foster Fudgey

So, along with the mama and newborn puppies, we also picked up 6 month old Fudgey from the same household. He is reportedly a BT/chihuahua mix- possibly the same parents as Chris Cassner's T- although half the weight at an estimated 15 lbs. He's extremely nervous at this point and growls every time he sees his reflection in something. He does not appear to ever have been on a leash before. Once he settles down, he seems like he will be a real sweetheart.

North Wales, PA

Hey Beth,
We should compare notes.  T used to growl at his refection too, but just yesterday he made peace with that dog and walked up to sniff his refection.  Ever since he's ok with that dog staring back at him in the mirror.  How funny!

Chris & T & ABC&D

Velvet and Her Puppies

I was asked to go get T from the shelter to foster.  I did.  Then about a week later I got a friend request on FB from this woman I didn't know. Then I saw she posted on NEBTR FB asking for help with her pregnant Boston.  So I messaged her, and came to find out that she was the one who took T to the shelter, and after watching his NEBTR postings,  and seeing how happy he was, she wanted to give me her pregnant Boston as well.  She is losing her home and needed to find homes for her dogs.  AND as it turned out she also surrendered her other dog Fudge today along with Velvet and the pups, who Beth McFadden is fostering now.  As it turns out Velvet is the mother dog of both T and Fudge.  (We aren't sure who dad is, but he's reported to be a Chihuahua mix)

Ya just never know how things will turn out when you do one good turn.  :)  And thanks especially to their former owner, who did the right thing and placed her dogs with rescue when she lost her home.

I know you all want to see the puppies. There are 4 of them. Three males and one female. The female is the black pup with a white chest. :) They were born last night at 5pm. So instead of picking up a pregnant
Boston, I picked up the whole family. lol

Mom's name is Velvet. She is a 4 year old Boston that checked out fine at the vet's office. As did the pups. :)

Velvet is still a little tense, as you can imagine. Being taken from her home, separated from her pups for the drive. Then to see a vet lady that looked her all over.

But she's a trooper. She's busy nursing all 4 pups right now. Long day, but everyone is safe and sound in the whelping box in a room away from all the household activity The next time we see the vet is 7 weeks from now.

I promise to take better photos....I wanted to get them home and nursing, so a better photo shoot will be coming soon.

All the puppies as well as Velvet will be up for adoption.  We have to ween them and do all that important growing up stuff first, but then when deemed safe, they will be up for adoption. :)

Chris & T & Velvet & A & B & C & D

How awesome!  Great job, Chris!!!!  They are precious!

Louie and the Lobster

ook how excited he is about his gifts! Thank you!

At first, Louie doubted his abilities. For just a moment, he wondered. Was he too old for a fight such as this? Past his prime, long in the tooth? He thought about everything he has been throught of how far he has come. The hurdles he has already overcome.

He approached with caution... after all, the lobster is a sizeable and worthy foe armed with heavy claws and triple chewguard layers.

No. Louie is stronger than he has ever been. His diet of raw meat, coconut oil,  and strict exercise regimen has turned him into a lean, mean, toy destroying machine.

He attacked! With the vigor of a young pup, Louie shook and jumped, from the left and the right! 
The lobster was stalwart in his defense of his fluffy innards, and bravely fought long and hard. The armored crustacean held its own, his double stitched seams held sturdy and resilient against the tenacious attempts of his fellow combatant to rip him limb from limb, and ultimately a draw was called.
Naps were taken. 

Water was consumed in vast amounts.

Plans were made for their mutual destruction at a later time. It is, after all, nearing his bed time.
Thank you, generous supporter, Louie had a wonderful and exciting evening.

Louie is soooo adorable, love that face.

T Thanks Bonnie Friedman

T received SQUEAKY balls in the mail from Bonnie Friedman!
He LOVES these things. :)
Our thanks to Bonnie!!! :)

Virtual Foster Pangya

Skittles - from foster mom Linda...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Skittles Update

Pangya Chillin' It....

with my fur friends... Haley's got top.....again...

Handsome Pangya

Sadie With Her New Family

Sadie loves her new mom & dad which is a big deal since she was scared to death of men when she came to us. Sadie has a dog walker that comes every day when her new parents are at work & she loves her too!  We're so proud of Sadie & wish her & her family the best!
Melanie Stein  ♥all you need is love and a dog♥

Look at that big smile!  I am so happy for her.  Thank you, Melanie, for all that you have done for her!

Remy Raids the Toy Box

Foster Remy loves toys! She loves to play fetch and tug and also enjoys chewing. Here are some pictures and video of her raiding the toy basket and then happily chewing on one of her selections!

Aww, that's why Bostons are the best, they are such little players :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cute Alert! Foster Remy Bites her Blanket

Foster Remy will very often bite her blanket as she is going to sleep.  Sometimes she moans and cries while she is doing it and sometimes not. When she moans and cries sometimes she is quiet (like in one of the attached videos) and sometimes she is very loud.  It is certainly very cute just like her!

Foster Remy raids the toy basket....

Foster Remy loves toys!  She loves to play fetch and tug and also enjoys chewing.  Here are some pictures and video of her raiding the toy basket and then happily chewing on one of her selections!

Sweet Rosie Needs Prayers

Please cross your fingers and paws for little Rosie today. 2 weeks ago we found out that the medication that helps her with her protein levels was attacking her liver. We have another blood test today to see what our next step will be. 
She is such a sweet girl that would like her very own forever home soon. 

Dear Rosie, I am hoping for the best for you!

Fena the Cow....

Gizmo says Thanks! Happy Boy...

Tigger Says Thanks

Tigger got lots of goodies in the mail today! He got a few nylabones, a floppy Frisbee, a squeaky toy, some bully sticks and a very cute t-shirt. Its a little snug on him but still very cute. He's a very happy guy tonight.
Thank you for making him feel welcome!
Canonsburg, PA

Mandy Takes a Bath

Cause one Boston is just not enough!!!! Love my girls!!

Trish Vanskiver 

Update on Harley

Joey Says Thanks

T Thanks Kelly Ford

T Says Thank You Tana Ford

Lou Enjoys the Pool

Ziggy Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Today I had to say goodbye to my Ziggy. His good eye was overcome with a new tumor yesterday as was his cheek and between his legs were five more tumors. Lymphoma is no joke. This little boy gave me four years of Love & Joy as I gave him the day I took him in with mange. I never had to discipline him for anything. He was awesome and brought nothing but sunshine and beauty into my life as he enjoyed the sunshine and beauty in my yard. Thank you to all the volunteers over the years who sent him gifts and stood by him. I also can't thank my vet Doc Rosen, and the staff at Deer Park Animal Hospital who helped me cure him of mange & cancer but this time around, we couldn't cure the Lymphoma. I really loved this boy more than anything and I would have moved a mountain to cure him, and I tried, but I couldn't. Bye Ziggaloon. You'll always be a part of my heart and soul, and that is what rescue is all about… xoxo

Linda Antonelli

We're so sorry for your loss, Linda.  We know how much you loved Ziggy and what good care and you gave him. Heaven has another star.   He was a great dog. And he was a better one with you by his side through his worse times. You were a blessing for him.

T Says Thanks for the Gifts

All these really cool things arrived for T today! Treats, squeakie
toys, balls, Nylabones, chews, and a BED!
He was so over whelmed by it all. You could tell he's NEVER had it this
Thank you ALL for helping T find out how fun life can be. :)

T has become the biggest snuggle bug this side of the Allegheny
Mountains (local term here, lol).

T gives hugs. Do you know the kind I mean? He gets next to your chest
and leans his head lovingly into your body, while he wags his tail.
Soooo sweet. :)

We are working on house training and hopefully he will catch on to
playing the piano when he wants to go out. (Photos of that to follow)
He's got "sit" pretty well down already. We are working on "paw,"
"here," and "lay down." I think learning "heel" will be a long road to
success. lol

Thanks to Ellen Enders for donating her dog's toys. T has is having a
blast with them! He fetches the soft green squeekie balls like a pro.
I don't think he's ever had a squeekie toy before. At one point during
fetch, T squeeked the ball, and was shocked it made a noise. He dropped
it out of his mouth and looked at it, dumb founded. lol He has
mastered the ability to squeek things now and he revels in it. Thanks
so much Ellen E. !!!!!

T gets neutered July 7th. Although the shelter has him down as the age
of 1 to 5, I think he's younger, more like 8 months. He still squats to
pee, and he has puppy energy galore! This is where I need Erin to run
up and down the town with him like she does with McCoy! lol
And to think he was untouchable at the shelter! WOW :)

Chris & T

Good for T- he deserves all the joy and love in the world!

Wilbur Says Thanks to Bonnie Friedman

Thank you to Bonnie Friedman and her BT Wilbur for sending my foster Wilbur his joint supplement!!  Wilbur is an old guy with bad legs so he really appreciates it!!


Aww, what an adorable little man!

Tigger Says Thanks for the Gifts

Tigger got lots of goodies in the mail today! He got a few nylabones, a floppy Frisbee, a squeaky toy, some bully sticks and a very cute t-shirt. Its a little snug on him but still very cute. He's a very happy guy tonight.
Thank you for making him feel welcome!
Canonsburg, PA