Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bernie's Journey

Bernie, formerly Barca, is 4 and he is deaf. He was an owner surrender but from Puerto Rico. His owner loved him so much, and always referred to him as his son, but had to give him up because he feared Barca was going to be taken from him. Barca developed a high level of stress and anxiety. The vet told his owners to leave him outside for more recreation time, but for Barca this made things worse and he would spend his days barking nonstop in the yard. The vet told his owner to look into getting his vocal chord out... Thank god his owner was wise enough and cared enough to not let that happen.

A trainer I took my dogs to has donated an 8 week session, so we have been working on hand signals which he is doing very well with! I've also started to use a vibration only collar. The goal of that is to get him to come find me when it buzzes since he can't hear my calling him to come. I've been spending a lot of time sitting in front of him just buzzing and instantaneously giving him a treat so he makes the connection. 

Bernie has come a LONG way since I got him almost a month ago, but still has a LONG way to go. 

Amanda S

Thank you so much Amanda for working with precious Bernie to show him the proper behavior and for loving him with your pack.  The birthday party photos were adorable!

Can't Say No to This Face!


Happy Birthday Macy, Formerly Maisy

Monday, April 25, 2016

Omar and Zoey, Now Owen and Bowie, Together Again

Omar & Zoey Update…
Omar has been re-homed and adopted by a wonderful woman from Vermont, Monica, who lives down the block from the wonderful women, Jess & Sheri, that adopted Zoey.
They get to have play dates on a regular basis and both go to work with mom Sheri. These once feral dogs from the Bronx have three very savvy women who have continued the training I started with them over a year ago. I'm more than pleased and happy for them both. They are thriving.

Fondly, Foster mom Linda Antonelli


In the NYC Shelter
Starting to Heal

Owen and Bowie Today

Veterans Meet Again

So after one week of boarding Beodoe & Squirt, my NEBTR sista Joy came to pick up her boys. They did a cartwheel in the yard so excited to see her. Joy and I know each other 15 years and this is the second time we met. We connected from day one over the miles from NY to PA. Who trusts someone with their dogs that they have met twice and travels 3 hours one way to deliver them! Only a NEBTR member. Joy and I think alike with how we rehabilitate our broken and damaged rescue dogs. We are both tough, yet compassionate with our rescues. Nice seeing you again my friend. Your boys were a handful but on a serious note, I miss them. They are just misguided neglected babies that only people like us take on. It's all good. I luv ya Joy. Hope to see you again one day.

Linda A

Happy Birthday Bernie

Bernie turns 4 today! He had a "pawfect" day being outside, at the park, and celebrating with his fur brothers!

Amanda M

Amanda - he looks wonderful! I am so very happy for him.  Bernia (formerly Barca) is deaf came to Amanda from Puerto Rico, very frightened and somewhat destructive.  Amanda, your dedication and patience with him is an inspiration.

Update on Buggs in His Forever Home

Adopt Lucky

Ella Says Thanks

LadyBug is Ready for Adoption

Ladybug, "Bug" is ready for adoption!  This little 13-year old lady is incredibly sweet.  No one has any idea she is a senior.  She looks and acts like a puppy. She's 17lbs, seal/white coloring, and she has one blue eye.  She is currently being fostered near Pittsburgh, PA.  

Her favorite toy is a ball and she goes crazy when you bring it out.  She loves to give kisses and cuddle with her foster brother and her humans.  Ladybug's perfect home would be with someone who isn't gone a whole lot for work.  She enjoys company and would do well with another animal(s).  She's submissive so she gets along well with others.  She does need a fenced in yard.  She grew up using a doggy door and knows how to push screen doors open - so she's considered a bit of flight risk because of that.  

If you are familiar with Ladybug you may remember that she came into foster care having never seen a vet in her 13 years.  She had some issues which have been taken care of and she is totally cleared by the vet to be adopted!  She still occasionally has some allergies that may require an over the counter allergy pill - but she'll take a pill like a champ! 

If you think you think you may be a fit for this little lady please put in an application with NEBTR! 

Foster Mom to Ladybug, Forever Mom to Foster Fail "Ozzy" 

Frankie the Snuggle Bum

Frankie bum looooves his belly rubbed. Here he is getting his morning rubbinz. It's raining here today, so cuddling and watching an entire series of Breaking Bad is in order. And maybe some pizza. Ok definitely pizza.

Happy Saturday friends!