Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feeling Tense

Feeling tense? Take a big stretch!


Former foster Oliver was adopted by Alyson Thelin Davison and family, and two weeks ago added baby Keira Alexandra to his family. You can tell they are best friends already! 

Thanks to foster mom Laurie Williamson for finding the perfect family for Oliver.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flo Thanks Walter for her Blanket

Flo sends special hugs and kisses to Walter Williams for the beautiful blanket he sent her.  And Chester and Vivienne wanted to get into the picture too!

Foster Casey Watches TV

Who doesn't love a dog who loves to watch Animal Planet!

Casey is 11 years old with the personality of a six year old.  She likes kids, gets along with my resident dogs and loves to be pet and sleep with me.  She is also in great health

--Linda Vermeylen

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daisy's Day

Here is Daisy struggling to get her day started. It's noon.

And here she is waiting patiently for her foster mom Erin Sullivan to get ready for work.

Daisy relaxing after her bath.

New Foster Maya


Maya, a three years old beauty, was in a shelter in Cornwall, CT for three months, where she was very stressed.  She foamed through her nose when they powerwashed the kennel. Noises really stressed her out.

Maria Pastusz offered to help out this girl.  When she first got Maya, Maria noted, "Maya is awesome with my 15 year old daughter. Maya needs some basic training and manners but she is housebroken, spay in good health, and a real love bug, she will give you kisses and more. She is busy busy I see high energy and the shelter confirmed her energy level. I truly think she would benefit greatly moving  into the right home where she can be an only child and live happily ever after."

Maya needs help in her foster home to overcome her issues.  She has a strong high personality which was compounded by the nervous experiences she had at the shelter.  She can be as sweet as she is assertive,  and Maria will work with her to bring this out.

Thank you so much, Maria, for all that you are doing for this very stressed pup.  It is awesome that she is settling in so well, and blossoming under your care!

New Foster Jordan

Jordan has finally made the long trip from NYC to Sparta NJ.
He is quite the happy boy with no dog aggression and enjoys
giving kisses. He has a lots of energy and can run very fast in
my yard.He knows somecomands like sit and give paw. So sad he was left in his apartment
after his owners moved out. Jordan will make some one a good dog.
We know hes not the typical foster, but there is a lid for every pot....and there's some Boston in there somewhere! We just couldn't bear to leave him in the shelter. He's a cutie!

Janet Hassell

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Foster, Dodger

Dodger, our new foster, is a sweet little pup, only 10 months old.  Because he is deaf, he is with a very special family who have experience training deaf dogs so that they can adjust to family living and become a loving member of a forever family.

Sooo Elegant

Foster Fun Quiz

Are you a pooper scooper, a mutt or a champion! 

Thanks to Jerrilyn Walter!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Knight is Adopted

Congratulations to Knight, who was adopted by Robin Harmony!  Congratulations also to Lisa V, Foster Mom, for finding him the perfect family!

New Foster Happy

Jerrilyn delivered this boy to us. He is 7 needs neutering and housebreaking. He will be neutered March 6th and potty training boot camp has begun. He is not at all aggressive, good with kids and cats so far. He is large about 25lbs. and strong. He does not seem 7 - this boy has energy. I look forward to getting to know Happy. It will be nice to watch the transformation as he learns what a dog's life is all about! Thanks for the opportunity. Jerrilyn you were diligent and it paid off, thank you for all you have done for Happy!

Happy is being fostered by Craig and Cynthia Musselman, after an introductory stay with Maria Pastusz.  Maria writes, "He's a real love gentle and loving. He was only with me a short time but grew on us fast. I handed him to Shawn for the transport, like I was handing over one of my very own, a few tears afterwards but thrilled at what the future holds for him! "

Craig and Cynthia are real heroes for helping out yet another Boston in need.  BRAVO to them! This is an incredible team!