Friday, April 17, 2015

Zeke Catches Some Rays

Took these this morning. Caught Zeke catching some rays on the back deck and my IG decided to join him. They laid out there for about 20 mins. and then came looking for me (they have to know where I am). It was so cute.


Sully With Solomon the Cat

Hamilton is Ready for Summer

Who's behind those cool shades? It's Hammi!Hamilton is ready to enjoy this summer weather with his forever family

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Thursday, 16 April 2015

Yoda in His Forever Home

Yoda is happy and loving life in his forever home!xox Sweet little guy!
Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Thursday, 16 April 2015

 Cassandra Leigh

Kari's Dogs Love The Bracelets

We love our bracelets!! We are determined to sell them all 
Posted by Kari LaBounty on Thursday, 16 April 2015

Ozzy Says Thanks for the Welcome Gift

Ozzy received his welcome package today! He is very thankful and excited to be part of the NEBTR family 󾌰 Thank you Stacie Kyle!

Posted by Kelly Marie on Thursday, 16 April 2015

Happy Gotcha Day Obee

I want to wish a Happy Gotcha day to my little Obee man. It was one year ago today we were blessed to be able to bring...

Posted by Sara Puskar on Friday, 17 April 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sully Thanks Sara Puskar

Sully would like to send a big thank you to Sarah Puskar for the collar, kong, and nylabones!  Being a puppy he needs alot to keep him occupied so this is great! And the collar is perfect :) 

Leslie and Sully

Zeke Medical Update

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I’d give you an update on puppy mill dog Zeke. He came thru his surgery with flying colors and now his real energy is shining through. He loves to run around as I chase him and you can just see the joy in him as he thinks it is a game then he flops over to get belly rubs. He is getting along with my 3 and they are accepting of him. (Except for the eye) It has been a great experience so far. I think once the cone comes off he and my Sadie (BT mix) will be friends. They spend a lot of time following each other around. I’ve included a couple of pictures just taken this AM.


Foster Mom Sandy

Petunia Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Last week we brought Petunia to the vet because her mouth was tender and bleeding.  We were praying for or a bad tooth or infection, but he was not able to get a good look at the back of her mouth so we made an appointment to bring her back yesterday so he could sedate her and get a good look.  Unfortunately it was an aggressive form of carcinoma that shattered her jaw.  It was beyond repair even for a perfectly healthy dog.  We had no idea how bad it was, she was eating and even playing for days in this condition.  Now she can play and eat all she wants with out pain and be diaper free!  She was a strong little fighter and I am honored to have been able to spend the last few months of her life with her. 

Kristen Peterson
Foster mom to Leo
with Petunia always in my heart

I'm so very sorry for your loss, Kristen. Thinking of you. Yes, Petunia will always remain in your heart.....she was blessed to have you in her life....- Debbie

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Forever from Fenway

Happy forever to the recently adopted pups...from Fenway...I'm a rescue too!

Tammy Cunningham

Mr. Clarke Runs Free

I received this movie clip from Cindy Metcalfe who adopted Mr. Clarke who was fostered by John Gilligan.  I did the home visit and had transported Clarke to John to foster and thought they would be a good match.  they were!!!  This is Clarke in their back field, loving life and running and having fun.  Cindy wanted to share how happy Clarke is with NEBTR and John   and thank him for fostering Clarke. See him running and playing!


Gus Has Surgery Today

Gus will have surgery today. He has a little bump between his neck and chest. I'm hypersensitive to bumps, my Louie had one last year and it ended up being a Mast Cell Tumor.
I felt the same thing on Gus and had it aspirated to see if it was just a bump. Unfortunately it was not. It is a Mast Cell Tumor. Very small. The earlier they are caught the better it is. My Vet was able to schedule him for today. While he is in we will do a quick dental.

Other than that he is doing amazing. He still is trying to warm up to Penny, but could do without her lol. He just avoids her and she is getting the hint :)

He eats well and plays a lot, we have 2 big toy boxes he has been exploring. A pug egg fell victim to him yesterday., It had to be de-stuffed and killed. Happens all the time around here. He loves all balls and wants them. Good thing we have a 100.

Foster mom to Gus (NEBTR) and Penny (SNORT)

Ozzy at the Specialist

Ozzy was given pretty good news about his eyes today! With the drops that he was given yesterday his pressures in both eyes were normal. They added an anti-inflammatory drop to his bad eye. He doesn't need surgery at this time and he's not in any pain! He eye site is perfect in his left eye and his right eye still reacts to light so the vet said he may have some vision still.

He's a little fireball though. You'd never know he had any impairment. He's the kindest soul with gentlest heart. Truly a gentlemen after my heart.
Foster Mom to Ozzy

Wonderful news!! You can tell Ozzy is a kind and gentle soul as you are for taking such good care of him! - Joyce

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Prayers for Maeby

For those who have been with NEBTR for a few years, You  may Remember a dog that was brought into York county, PA SPCA.  She was listed as a Boston Terrier.  She was running the streets of York for a while before the SPCA caught her.  Of course, the SPCA Called NEBTR  when no one claimed her.  And of Course, NEBTR brought her in.   We agreed to foster this dog.  When we met the person (sorry I forgot who) at a transport pick up, The first thing I said, was oh my, what kind of dog is that?  She looked more like a bulldog!

Well no matter, we brought her home, got her cleaned up. and headed for the vet.  After only a few days, we knew this dog was not going anywhere.  My daughter Holli fell in love with her.  She named her Maeby.  Because we were not sure what she was.  Neither did the vet.    Last year, Holli decided to get a DN A test done on Maeby.  And it was quite the shocker to discover that she is indeed Boston Terrier, and American Strafford Terrier.  Anyway, Maeby has turned out to be one of the best dogs ever!  And the bond that Holli and Maeby has is awesome.

It has been discovered yesterday that Maeby has cancer.  She does not have long.  The x-ray has shown that this awful disease has spread everywhere.  We knew Maeby wasn't feeling her "best" in the last two weeks, and  fears were confirmed.

Maeby will be enjoying what time she has left, going for car rides and Mcdonalds Hamburgers.  
Please keep Maeby in your thoughts and prayers.  She is one of those Dogs that again has proven that Second Chances of a loving Forever home is priceless!     

Tammy and Holli Trivelpiece

Crying as I read this....... Much love to all of you. Enjoy every minute of her !!!!!!

Jennifer Ariemma 

Bentley Bean is Adopted

Adoption day for Bentley Bean was yesterday! Long drive, but WELL worth
the effort to get him to the most perfect home.
He found a dog bed under the dining room table and just settled in like
he knew he was home. He's got a most fantastic door to look out at
wildlife, miles of walking trails, and two wonderful loving people who
want devote all their attention to him.
Super lucky dog! :)

Chris Cassner

Lucy's Print

SNORTING WITH STYLE of each sale goes back to NEBTR!

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Sunday, 12 April 2015

Brooklyn Takes a Walk

10 month old puppy Brooklyn FINALLY getting out and about after a long cold winter, walking Chestnut Ridge Park with her daddy

Posted by Lori Culver Sherk on Sunday, 12 April 2015

New Foster Ozzy

Ozzy arrived in Pittsburgh, PA yesterday. He had a long ride. Thank you to the volunteers who made his transport...

Posted by Kelly Marie on Sunday, 12 April 2015

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

This week is

April 12 - 18


Mackster Says Thanks

Mackster says thank you so much to Sara A Puskar who kindly sent him a Kong toy.  He was so excited that he grabbed his toy to hide it from the pint sized pest so his picture is a bit fuzzy, hard to get a good photo when he's in motion, protecting his toy LOL
Jeanne Drosss aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail and foster Mackster

New Foster Chief Charlie

After a rather intense weekend we thought it a nice thing to update on this new foster.
Chief has the manners of a young gentleman. He is incredibly attentive, loving, and playful. He is very good when leased and has enjoyed several neighborhood walks. Since he's new here and our two residents are very watchful, his playtime has been managed diligently to avoid any interaction. When they are busy with business out in the fenced yard, Chief has had the opportunity to teach me his version of fetch. I didn't initiate the game, it was his choice. When the residents are snoozing in the house, he's enjoyed his lawn time although he seems to be ready to go in at the drop off a hat. 
What we know:
Vet records indicate he was born 04/06/2011.  He has been in several homes since December 2014.
My hope is that as we can offer him a more comfortable temporary home where he can be prepared for a long term commitment to a forever family.

I write this as I listen to 2 snoring dogs since the 7 yo RARELY snores. Life is good and sharing is better.

Best to all!
Al Smith

What a wonderful update!  It's nice to hear details about fosters we don't get a chance to see in person.  Makes me feel a part of his journey.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Meet Gus

Hi everyone.

Meet our newest handsome hunk Gus

He came in yesterday from Albany.
He is a big boy. About 28 pounds. Not fat at all, just well built.
He is 8 years old, but looks much younger. He has only one eye which only adds to his charm :), he had a disk issue which makes his gate a bit different.
He is also really vocal. We are not sure if it due to the changes or if he just likes to talk.
He loves to give kisses and sit in my lap to be close.

More later. :)

Conny McGraw

Yoda is Adopted

Yoda was adopted today. His forever family was thrilled to meet him. I
miss the little guy, but he's going to have the best life ever with his
new family!

Chris Cassner

Successful T-Shirt Fundraiser

Thank you so much!
The T-Shirt Fundraiser is Over
23 sold and we raised

Thanks to Amanda Spence for the design
and setting in motion!

Patsy Learns to Play

Patsy started playing with my dogs today & also let my neighbors children pet her. This is a huge step for her!

Melanie Stein

It puts a big smile on my face when I see things like this.  Good job Melanie!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Zeke Has Eye Surgery and Says Thanks for the Easter Basket

Hi everyone,

I thought I would share my story of Zeke and his eye surgery. I am a new Foster for NEBTR and Zeke is my first BT foster. That being said, I was unaware of the seriousness of a grey spot on the left eye. Consequently the eye got to a point very quickly (3 days) where it had to be removed. My Vet. Hosp. cal led around on Friday and got him into Cornell Companion Animal Hosp. and I took him there Friday morning. We arrived about 2pm and I had to leave him there. I went back this morning g to get him.  Please take all eye issues seriously and if your BT shows anything out of the ordinary on or in the eye, get him/her to the Vet. right sway. I got Zeke on Monday 4/6/15. He is a rescue from an Amish puppy mill and he is 8 years old. I’ve included some pictures of me and Zeke just taken a few mins. ago. I don’t know how many of you have had to deal with eye issues or nose issues but I would love to know your stories.  This was a very difficult lesson for me because Zeke lost an eye.  He is a very special little boy with a very sweet personality. He will be a great pet for someone once we have completed taking care of his other medical issues.

Thank you,


P.S. these pics were taken with his Easter Basket and an additional gift he just received today from Chris.. Zeke and I say Thank you Chris.

Sully Got His Bandana

Super cute with a playful puppy theme and very well made!  Thanks so much Amanda!!

Leslie and Sully

Fena - Virtual Foster

Ever you want to foster a dog but have no room in the house for another furry friend? Virtual Fostering is for you. If...

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Macster is Lookin for His Forever Family

Macster is looking for his forever family.

Posted by Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on Saturday, 11 April 2015

Maxy Moo stays warm....

Mama told me spring has arrived but it sure doesn't feel like it. - Maxy

Posted by NEBTR Maxy Moo Virtual Foster on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Handsome Maxy Moo

This pretty much sums up my day today. - Maxy

Posted by NEBTR Maxy Moo Virtual Foster on Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hi Everyone :) I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! xo I wanted to share a couple new pics. The 1st one is me with my...

Posted by NEBTR Gizmo Virtual Foster on Monday, April 6, 2015


Loving my new bed and chewing on my new bone. Thanks for all the love!!

Posted by NEBTR Fena Virtual Foster on Wednesday, April 8, 2015