Saturday, October 5, 2013

More On Macey

Everyone welcome Macey to NEBTR. Even a walk does not tier out this little ball off energy. Macey loves affections and is very sweet. What a beauty.


Happy gotcha day Skipper

Skipper went to his furever home in October of 2008. No signs of slowing down at 13.


Maya Goes Home

Maya is in her new home,this morning John and Claudia Saprano report they are so in love with her and they will not fail her. They are following instructions to the letter and they met with Maya's trainer yesterday evening. They said, "Maya new exactly what to do but we clearly need more training." They have signed up for more classes and as we spoke Maya was on their bed soaking up the sun! They could not be happier! (lots of tears yesterday morning but it's all worth it)


Maya knew her daddy well, instead of her nub wiggling when she sees him her entire body wiggles. They visited for several weeks and she had a sleep over. Maya is where she belongs! Take a look and I am sure you'll agree!   They had many visits but from day one when she is with him she just lights up. We took her part of the way but he was clearly meant to complete her journey!

Thank you all for the incredible support!
Hugs from the BT's in CT


-- Maria Pastusz


God bless her AND YOU, that is one HAPPY baby!!!!!   Congratulations on all your hard work, Maria!  That is absolutely priceless!  Maya is one lucky girl, all thanks to you.

Welcome New Foster Macey

Macy 2
Macy at Forked River shelter
Welcome to Macey, a 2 year old Boston.  She was surrendered to a shelter in Toms River with a Frenchie brother.   Macey was stressed at the shelter, and NEBTR was called on to help her.  Thanks to Jane Fitzgerald-Downs who offered to foster this beautiful girl.

Best Day of My Life

Thank You American Authors for this AMAZING video!! Adopt from your local rescue or shelter!!!

NEBTR Fundraiser - We will be at Quakertown's 2013 Autumn Alive!!!

Happy Fall!

Our Fall harvest festival features a pet parade, pet themed vendors, CHILDREN'S rides, wagon rides and plenty of free entertainment held in downtown quakertown. Also, lots of "fresh Produce."



Saturday, October 19th
Autumn Alive YARD SIGN

NEBTR Fundraiser!!!! Tastefully Simple OPEN Through Oct 15

Halloween is Here - there's a great collection of Halloween cooking including a candy crunch carmel apple kit! Ymmm.....

And don't forget - Christmas is coming and so is the cooking. We hear the italian garlic bread seasoning is delicious.

This is  your chance to help support the NEBTR rescues and allow us to continue to provide the best care and comfort for our dogs.

Tastefully Simple
Tastefully Simple

Please enter Code: Tami NEBTR Trivelpiece

Friday, October 4, 2013

New Foster Spanky Jones


Spanky Jones is a 7 year old Boston who was surrendered to Lollypop Farm when his owners could no longer afford his care. Spanky came to our house last night and is settling in nicely. He's a very sweet, friendly guy, just in need of some TLC. Spanky has only one eye, two bad knees, dermatitis, and is getting over conjunctivitis. He is a champ about letting me take care of his remaining eye. He appears to be house broken. He was only recently neutered, so we're watching out for marking and any other bad behaviors, but this guy is just a lover at heart. I can tell already.
Rhea Henderson

Thank you so much, Rhea, for opening your heart and home to this boy.  Awe.........happy tails about to unfold at your house! Thanks bunches for sharing the love!

Happy Third Birthday Snorky


Spike in Da Hood

Spike doesn't like the cold. He's chilly already and it isn't even October!
So we got him a hoodie, and he's feelin' the groove. :)
Chris & Spike





Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sunday Valentine


Ms. Sunday V here...
Foster Mama tells me that when I sleep, I talk. She thinks when I dream, I can see and hear everything again like I used to. Maybe that's why napping is what I love best!
She also tells me I'm turning fourteen on November 27th. I really hope she doesn't put a silly party hat on me. I'm much too dignified for that! :)
Just wanted to let everyone know and I'm feeling loved, and I'm thankful to NEBTR from making sure and I am happy and healthy!!
With bone-breath kisses,
Sunday Valentine


What a sweetheart!  Thanks so much Marjorie. What a beautiful girl!

Foster Sherry







Hey everyone! Just wanted to pass a few more pictures of Sherry along! She's such a happy loving girl who just loves to be with her people! She's ready to start looking for her forever home! (Though her foster mom isn't ready to see her go) :)

Shawna Merritt & Sherry


What a pretty little girl.  Who could resist that face??  Shawna, Baby girl Sherry is a beauty.  What a sweet face.  She is obviously a very happy pup living with you.  Thank you for bringing her into your home and caring for her.

Update on Chloe




Annette Guss Streisfeld

Look at Marty Now

meagan camera pics 9-23-13 020
meagan camera pics 9-23-13 028

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shopper Needed

Spike Goes to Lowes






Today I took Spike to work with me. That meant a trip to Lowe's for
supplies. Spike was a bit worried at first, he's never been in Lowe's
before, and the shopping cart wheels were squeaky!
He was a champ. He checked out all the merchandise, never once tried to
jump out of the cart, and enjoyed all the attention the other shoppers
gave him. I'll have to get a shirt for him that says "Adoptable" on it!

Chris & Spike

Jax Says Hi



From Florida. It appears that Dad is putting Christmas lights on the palm tree and getting yelled at by Mom.

I'm sitting with sister Sadie who won't leave me alone; I'm not used to being with other dogs but I am told that having siblings means never having to be alone...

I want to say thank you to NEBTR for finding me and bringing me into their hearts and finding my new Mom. I want nothing but the same for all the fosters you bring in; I want them to be as happy as me. Mom says I am probably the fastest foster failure in history, having been scooped up in a month! But I think that's because I am so handsome.

Oh and sister Josie is NOT in the picture because she doesn't want to be on social media; she's a snob but she's also the boss.

Molly is Adopted


Well, my foster, Molly, went to her forever home today. I know that she is in a great home, with a mom that is going to love her to pieces, but I feel so sad! I cried the second that we drove away, she looked at me like "WAIT! Where are you going???".
I held out and didn't text her new mom for a few hours. She said that Molly was doing really great, went and met her new grandparents and some friends and was great the whole time. But, it's normal for me to feel sad, right?

I knew going into this that she was our foster, but after almost four months, I really fell in love with her and didn't think that she was going to be adopted. Then, three people showed interest and I knew that we had to let her go. But, I'm so sad......
When she came her, she was traumatized and scared and lonely. She left her knowing what true love and happiness is and, hopefully, she will have that feeling for the rest of her life.

Anyway, thanks to NEBTR for letting me and the BT Rescue of South Carolina cross post her and for your support.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Happy Gotcha Day Brooke



Hi everyone!!!
Meet former foster "Brklyn", now named Brooke.  I adopted her on October 6, 2012.  She is happy, adored, and the puppy mill is now a distant memory for her!!
Patti M.

Smoosh Faced Marty


Who Me? Not Me!


New Foster Dusty


Meet Dusty. This two year old deaf boy will be coming into rescue this Friday!

New Foster Rex


Rex came into the care of NEBTR when his original family brought him to their vet to be euthanized.  They said they could no longer care for him.   He is 8 years old and has occasional seizures.  The vet examined him and refused to do it.  NEBTR was contacted and he is safe now.

  He is a great little guy!  Very friendly and cute.  Seems low maintenance, just wants to hang out with his people.

Thanks so much to Kristy  Ieraci for stepping up and offering him a loving foster home.  She writes, “I just can't get over how cute this guy's flat little face is!!!  His coloring is so pretty too. A complete sweetheart!!  It breaks my heart!! I just can't imagine that ever being an option for this guy who has been nothing but a sweet gentleman. “

And special thanks to that vet who saved his life.

Monday, September 30, 2013

A Smile From Senior Smokey


i just wanted to send you all a smile from Smokey. Smokey is one of our senior boys..he’s just over 10. he’s been a foster for about a year and a half. 

He was super happy after his walk on this day =)


Lisa Vaughan

More on Snorky



Snorky has been with us now a little over a week and is doing great.  He has exceeded all expectations thus far.  His potty training is coming along nicely.  He has only had one accident and that was during the first couple of days here.  We have started leaving him out of his crate unsupervised for short periods and he is behaving himself very well. 

Snorky enjoys playing in the back yard.  He will play fetch as long as he can get someone to throw his ball for him.  We discovered that he likes to play in the water too. He loves people and wants to be close all the time whether it is playing with toys or just napping.  He has now met everyone in the family and gets along well with his foster sisters.  The introductions went much better than I expected.  We started very slowly with just one dog at the time.  They all act as if they have been together forever. He has made himself right at home and we enjoy having him as part of our family.
More to come later.
Robin Carroll

Spike and the Puppy Pile Up




Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Norman


Our ball-obsessed, quirky boy is 13 ½ and still making us giggle.

Four and a half years ago, my beloved Abby was sick. She was my very first dog of my own and also a special-needs baby. For nine years, my world revolved around Abby and her medical needs. As I prepared to lose her, I searched for something that I could throw myself into to occupy my time and heal my heart. I reached out to several rescues, including Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue. Already having a Boston Terrier (my beloved Lucky), we already loved the breed and so the rescue was a natural fit for us.

A few months later, I received an email about Norman. Then nine years old, he was dumped at a high kill shelter and had one day left on his 3-day hold. Another NEBTR volunteer (Thank you, Sayre!) pulled him from the shelter and met me. I remember how excited I was - I stopped at the pet store on my way, picking up a new bed, collar, and toys for Norman. Little did I know how much my life would change that day.

Norman was the beginning of our rescue world. Very quirky, very skittish, and overall just a wacky guy, we fell in love with Normie's obsessive ball playing, gentle kisses, and on occasion, his affectionate behavior. Being older and having some health issues, Norman was a tough boy to find get adopted. We searched for months to find the right home for him, only to have that family return him after 1 week. As my husband and I picked up Norman that night, we could see the relief he felt to be back home with us. And so, a few days later, we officially signed adoption papers and welcomed him as a permanent member of the Jansky zoo.

Four years later, Norman is 13 1/2. He's blind, has bladder control issues, is still as ball-obsessed and quirky as ever, and begs for his Three Dog Bakery Sandwich Cookie treat every night. He's a goofy boy, but we love him - and he is the first dog that gave me that unparalleled feeling of saving a life. 

Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Norman! We love you, buddy.

Amy Jansky

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where’s Harley?

Here is Harley in his hoodie, completely taking over my sofa.
Erin Sullivan

BooBoo Was Adopted


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know Boo Boo has been adopted!  He's a wonderful pup and went to a wonderful couple.  Bonus, he has a feathery-type brother! He's already being spoiled rotten and that's just the way he likes it.  He has "needs" for miles.  He really, really, really, really likes to be close to you.  I miss him terribly but my sleep pattern does not miss four paws in my back.  His new mom says she will put pictures on Facebook, but here's a great one.  Look at that face!!

Strausie   Stevens


Thanks so much Strausie, for giving this beautiful boy your love until the Beverst family came along.  We are so thankful for all you have done for him!

Awesome job!!

Why She’s Called SUNday

Sunday Valentine

Lucky Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Thank you so much for the lovely sympathy card for my beloved Lucky. I lost him last week after a battling seizures for the past few months. I am still shocked that he’s gone, but am very relieved that he is no longer suffering. He was such a sweet and handsome boy, and he is very missed. I appreciate the card.
Amy Jansky

Our deepest sympathy, Amy, on your loss of this beautiful friend.  Remember the love, Lucky was Loved!