Friday, December 9, 2016

Pups by the Fire

The benefit of failing and adopting out to friends is you get to see your former fosters for doggy play dates. Left to right is my foster failure Spot, Jeanie's forever Rambo & Wrigley by the fire. Love love love them all!!


Maggie Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Good bye sweet girl. Yes, I am sad. But, Maggie was ready. It was heartbreaking to see her be so ready. Please do not be sad. It's ok. She lived a great last 8 months. And if you followed her story, you know how bad she was when I got her. She was a spiteful little ol' lady and was up until the last few days. This is why I foster! yes, it is hard to let go. But the last 8 months of this little girl's life was awesome and rewarding.


Happy Birthday Tess

Winston Says Thanks for the Bed

Axel In His Forever Home

Thursday, December 8, 2016


3 former NEBTR boys enjoying the fruits of a good play! #dogsoftwitter #Rescue #today

3 former NEBTR boys enjoying the fruits of a good play! #dogsoftwitter #Rescue #today (via Twitter

Marty is Waiting for Santa

Got my tree up this week and got this great pic of foster failure Marty!! Look at his smile!! Somebodies waiting for Santa!!

Christine M

Happy Third Gotcha Day Milo

Hey all!

Three years ago today we were lucky enough to adopt Milo...aka Mush/Smushy face. He is such a softie and has quite the personality! He loves belly rubs, curling up on our laps and sleeps under the sheets and blankets in our bed. Milo has a big brother Boston named Smokey and Milo follows him around everywhere! We will always be thankful to Maria and NEBTR for choosing us to be Milo's forever Mom and Dad.

Love ~

Ashley and Jayson Chrzanowski
Forever parents to Milo and Smokey
Foster parents to Casey

Happy Ending for Pearl

Jules is Styling in His New Hat

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

National sandwich day!!

Merry Christmas From Oscar

Happy Gotcha Day Brie

Cher Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Adopt Bubba

Fosters Rudy and Lady Thanks NEBTR and Foster Mom Kristen

Brady Bean Makes Himself Comfortable

Jules Gets a Halo

Lula Video

Gizmo in His Forever Home

Love this boy big time! Gizmo our Boston Beagle Mix was rescued at 12 months old through NEBTR. he had already been tossed from home to home. He was not neutered, not housebroken, not properly, nourished, not de-wormed, not vetted, and obviously not loved, until we adopted him. I can't believe he'll turn 6 on his next birthday. XO Giz

Monday, December 5, 2016

Morrison Says Thanks

Morrison received a few items from his wishlist yesterday. He was so excited!

He would like to thank Ronald Deagle for the snout magic, Sara Puskar for the comfy blanket and an anonymous donor for the wet food and everlasting treat ball!

Thank you!
Tracie Heaton