Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Foster Soxy

Jim Wager says:

Meet Soxy a 4 yr. old beauty .She is a sweet girl with lots of energy. Soxy is searching for that perfect home,for now she is staying with Jim and Gretchen in Mechanicville N.Y. . Do you know any Red Sock fans ?

Lucy is Adopted

Congratulations to Lucy, who has found her forever home with the Grzymala family.  And special thanks to Lara Anderson, her Foster Mom, for opening her heart and home to Lucy, and for finding her the perfect forever family.

Update on Hailey Joy

Haily is doing amazing.  So happy and very spoiled.  Always hanging with he big kids and constantly crying to get on our bed or the couch !  She sleeping on top of my Mo right now.  She loves to dig and burrow.  Always under a blanket.  She grooms the other dogs and bites their necks.  Doesn't listen to Mo's little grumbles saying stop biting me please but he just walks away.   And boy is she a porker.  Loves her food and moves down the line.  Great little girl and so fun to watch.  Getting good bend in her knees with physical therapy, soon she will swim in the pool for rehab.  Here are some pictures.

Heather and Haily

Special thanks to Cindy Kaiser donating the dog stroller for Haily.  Now she can get around everywhere!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fosters Bryant and Rocky Say Happy Valentine's Day

Chester is Adopted

"Good afternoon everyone.... Chester here! Made it to my new "furever" home last night! All my new furry brothers & sisters welcomed me instantly as if they known me forever. I enjoyed my first taste of raw food and boy, I was in heaven!!! My new mom says I get to go to work with her now since I love meeting new people & other animals and I get to pick out anything I want in the store! I was severely neglected in the past, but thanks to Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue for getting me outta there, providing foster care and doing fundraisers to help pay for all my medical care, they found the right home & parents I always wished for. Well, gotta rest up and get ready for my first day on the job tomorrow at The Dog Spaw' of Little Silver. If you're in the area, come say hello!"

The last photo is Chester with his new Mom Dana Ujobagy and family.  Many, many thanks to Foster Mom Janet Hassell.  She nursed Chester through difficult medical care and surgeries with the most loving of care.

 Janet says,  "Chester apparently had a huge fan club all these months who have been rooting for him to get him the best home and I feel so honored to have him!"  Walter Williams did his portrait and Chester's care was funded through our Senior Trust, which was established by NEBTR and Walter so that dogs like Chester could be cared for.  Chester's portrait is above.

Chester has tugged at our heartstrings, and thanks to Janet, he is now with Dana and has a family who will love him for the rest of his life.  He's our Valentine!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roxy (our rescued NEBT) and Mugsy

-- Karen Rittenhouse

Dottie Is Adopted

Wendy, Dottie's Foster Mom, writes:

"I am happy to let you all know that Dottie, now Birdie, was adopted on Sunday by Tony and Moira Shortway of Saratoga Springs, New York.

Birdie now has a forever home and a new brother named Smidgen.  Yeah Birdie!  Thank you to all in rescue for all that you do and thank you to the Shortways for choosing rescue."

Look at that photo - smiles all around!  So sweet! Many years of laughs, love and happiness to you. Bostons are the best and so smart!

Wendy, thank you so much for helping Dottie find her new home. Another great foster job!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow Baby

What's a Dog For?  the Surprising History, Science, Philospphy, and Politics of Man's Best Friend

John Homans, published by The Penguin Press, 2012.

This newly published book by John Homans discusses the importance that dogs have become in our modern society, "honorary humans", to quote the author.  The narrative is tied to his own observations and comments about Stella, his rescue dog, a Lab mix, making it an enjoyable read.

A thoughtful oversight about dogs and their relationships to people, Mr. Homans presents a broad overview of numerous topics related to the canine, covering such subjects as puppy mills, modern breeding practices and the harm they are doing to purebreds, dog brains, origin and history of dogs as companion animals, dog rights, rescuers, ethics, and the evolution of dog ownership in the United States.  Not afraid of controversy, he includes discussions, viewpoints, and comments from various scientific researchers, activists, trainers, shelter volunteers and workers, and animal organizations.

Although the research may not reflect modern scientific theory in some cases, such as hominid evolution, overall it's a comprehensive and, at times, startling presentation.  What's a Dog For? is a good read.  An addendum includes a discussion of publications that might be of interest to some readers who wish to pursue certain topics, much more readable than the standard bibliography.

And don't worry, if you don't like research details, no charts, graphs, statistics, etc. are included in this 237 page narrative.  But the book will leave you with a lot to ponder, challenging many of your assumptions.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Niko is Adopted

Congratulations to Niko, who was just adopted.  His foster parents Gretchen and Jim write, "Niko now lives in NJ with a former NEBtRescue BT named Major. Niko could not have found a nicer and more loving family.We wish them the Best."

Special thanks to Gretchen and Jim.  Congratulations and a big thank you for fostering this little guy!

Bea is Adopted

Congratulations to beautiful Bea, who has found her forever home with Raelynn Zappulla.  

Here she is in her new home, the Queen Bea.  

Bea was found wandering the streets when a nice family picked her up and helped her way to NEBTR.  She especially likes to snuggle on the couch and under covers at night.

Special thanks to Robin Callinan for fostering this little girl and for finding her the perfect forever home.  You certainly did a wonderful job for Bea, with all your care and love!

Robin writes:

"It’s official, Bea is now a PA girl!!  She was adopted by Raelynn Zappulla and is doing great!  Raelynn works in a pet-friendly office and brought her in for a couple days last week, she said everyone fell in love with her.  One of the pics below is of her “sleeping on the job”.  Raelynn has also taken her to the dog park where she did really well and even made a few friends.  They are enrolling in obedience training next week and plan to hit the agility course in the Spring.

It was difficult to let Bea go after 8 mths but when I saw Raelynn and Bea together it was obvious they were meant for each other."

Raelynn, shown hugging  Bea above, reports that Bea is a genius.  Look what she can do!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update on Gizmo

Carolyn of Kamp Kanine writes:

"My former foster Gizmo has turned into a NYC dog without a problem. His dad Dennis and dog brother Brooklyn walk the UWS without any issues:) "

What a handsome boy!  And thanks again to Carolyn for having found the perfect home for him!