Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunbathing Beauties Winston and Daisy

Winston and daisy here! Just reporting in to say that we've found the sun! It's cold out but this sun spot is helping us stay warm inside! =) hope you're all keeping warm thru this frigid weather!

Courtney Kautz

Three Musketeers

Karen Kelsch:

Fannie in the front on the right. She is 5. Lulu in the front on the left. She is 8 and blind. And our newest is Arnold in the back and he just turned 2. All are rescues that I fostered and failed at - LOL!!!

Caius Reciperating From Surgery

Ciaus had surgery yesterday to remove his cherry eye. Everything went well with the surgery. He has to go back on Tuesday for a recheck and he's getting an ointment in his eye two times a day. I was in the conference room talking to the vet about his surgery and when the vet tech brought him into the room he jumped on top of the coffee table and right into my lap! He knocked everything off the coffee table but we all just laughed at him ! He is going to be adopted next week by Mercedes Kemery, who is a wonderful match for him. Here is a picture of him recovering from surgery and his foster sister Ember taking care of him!

Amanda Unger
Wyomissing, PA
Current fosters: Vegas & Ciaus

My Three Year Olds

MoMo and his sister

Daryl Hughes

RIP Boxter Taggart

Dear Friends at NEBTR—
Thank you all for the sympathy card, it means a lot to us. 
Our Baxter was 13 1/2, and was in relatively good shape until very recently. He went blind about 3 years ago, but had wonderful care from Dr. Alexandra van der Woerdt, a canine ophthalmologist at the Animal Medical Center, who enrolled Bax in a genetic study of corneal edema in Boston Terriers. We hope his participation in that research will help put an end to the condition in our beloved breed.
It was because of Baxter that I realized how important NEBTR is. I knew that if anything happened to me and my husband, we would want someone to take care of our old, blind boy—but surely it would not be easy to find someone to take on a dog who was no longer young and had a permanent health condition. Yet this is what the angels of rescue do every day, and for dogs in much worse shape than our Bax. When I realized that, I signed up to volunteer.
Our friend Kim has made a donation to NEBTR in honor of Baxter, which was very kind of her. We will do the same, and I've suggested on Facebook that Baxter's other friends contribute, if they're so inclined. Please know how very much your good work is appreciated.
Sincerely yours,
-Bronwyn Taggart

Turbo is Dapper in Plaid

So dapper in plaid. He's not afraid to mix patterns. 

Alexandra Thelin Blackowski

Jax Update

Hi Everyone!!!!

Jax is doing great as my foster failure.  Here he is with his sister, Jess.  They are both loving Jax's new life with our family.

Thank you,
Patti M

Handsome Pangya

More on Omar and Zoey

We picked up Omar & Zoey from Carolyn McCarthy earlier today. So far, they are just the absolute sweetest babies. I put a basket full of toys in their room and Zoey took each one out and hid them in her bed. Omar has made himself quite comfortable on our rocking chair. They seem very interested in the other dogs in the house, sniffing them through the gate. More to come as we get to know them!! Omar is the first picture and Zoey is the second.

Amanda McLean

So glad they are safe.  Thanks for taking them in Amanda!Thank goodness they have each other and you!

Buster is not old!

RIP - Sparky NYC

Lost but not forgotten. NEBTR members were drawn to Manhattan Center to try to save Sparky but it was too late. Rita stayed with him during his final hours. Sparky's legacy is that he drew us there where 3 were saved, Jelly Bean and our two featured Omar and Zoey. You were a good boy, if you want to wait at the bridge for me I would be honored, but I am certain you want to wait for Rita, and that's ok. Run free little man.

Walter Williams

Buster has the Holiday Spirit!

Molly Stands her ground!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Wilbur - Molly says move over....

Brooklyn Keeps Warm

Adoptable Pup Spotlight - REMY

Home for the Holidays - LOUIE

Home for the Holidays - PETUNIA

Adoptable Pet Spotlight - PENNY

Good Morning from Gizmo!


Fena says Thank You!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fena and Friend


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Get Well Soon Penny

Wish Penny luck, she gets her spay today! Hoping for a speedy recovery for this precious little lady. If all goes well with her recovery she will be getting adopted this weekend. She couldn't be more excited to go to her forever home with her new family!!!

Jeanne Sicinski

Welcome Juneau Out of the Cold

Juneau had been tied up in New York State in the snow.  Fortunately, due to the efforts of Walter Williams, Rita Weeks Cathy Malgieri, and NEBTR, he is now safe and warm.

He will be on his way to Jill Charles' house.

Here he is on his way to freedom.

Beau and His Toys

Foster Beau would love a Secret Santa, his toys keep exploding, all by themselves

Rita Weeks

Where Brooklyn is Being Potty Trained?

So, not so easy training puppy Brooklyn in this.,welcome to Buffalo,my sweet girl .this is our backyard where she is supposed to be going...hahaha

Lori Sherk

Tuna Sandwich

This is what 1:47am last night looked like for us in case anyone happened to be asleep and was wondering what we were doing. 

Katherine Wiedemann

Tuna is the one in the middle :)

Former Foster Tiny

Jelly Bean Arrives at NEBTR

Welcome Jelly Bean, the geriatric senior from the Staten Island ACC.  When her photo and bio were posted it broke everyone's hearts that this beautiful old girl could end her days in a cold, lonely high kill shelter.

But NEBTR and Bruce Crelin stepped up and she will know nothing but love from this point on.  Welcome to the rest of your life, beautiful Jelly Bean!

Cleo is Adopted

Looks like Cleo hit the forever home jackpot! YAY CUTE GIRL!
— with Mollie Leiser.

-- Julie Klam

Handsome Jax

My handsome boy, Jax. Rescued from the puppy mill by NEBTR in September. Caused me to become a foster failure in October..... He's 2 years and 4 months old......... 

Patti M

Minnie is Adopted

OK so first thing is admitting it .... I'm a foster failure. There I said it. Now time to give some much overdue love to Memaw.

Nicole Pinto

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Remy is Dreaming of a Forever Home

Home for the Holidays - HARRY

Home for the Holidays - BAM BAM

Mosby is Adopted

Congratulations to Mosby, who was just adopted by Daryl Hughes and his family.  Here he is sleeping in his new home.  You can see him smiling!

Many thanks to Moreen Nickerson Killinger who showed him love and who found the perfect family for him!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanks to Shelter Love Events

Special thanks to Shelter Love Events and its founder, Kimmy Zastawny.  They hosted a painting class fundraiser for NEBTR yesterday at Pinot's Palette in Montclair, NJ

The total amount raised was $475 and a great time was held by all!

You can visit Shelter Love Events at and

Shelter Love Events is a non-profit corporation founded to help animals in need and to help spread the word about adoptable animals and help those who care for animals in need.

Brooklyn is a Daddy's Girl

Vegas and Caius Sport New Sweaters

Fena Says Thanks to Lori

Gizmo Says Thanks

Got Antler?

They are two of my four dogs.  :)
Love all 4 of them to the moon and back!

Chris C.

Chews from

Flo Sleeps In

It's a great day to sleep in!

Indiana Bones is Adopted

I took my foster, Indiana Bones, to New Brunswick, NJ to meet his new family this morning. I was so attached to Indiana, it was SO difficult to leave him. I'll try to copy a photo of him saying, "Goodbye, Mom!" See that look? SNIFF!!! His new dad is holding him. Although I know Indiana's going to an absolutely wonderful family (dad, mom and 4 year old), I am gonna miss that boy like mad!

Shawna Corsello and Panda
Newark, DE

 As much as it hurts, you did a wonderful thing for Indy!
Thanks for all your efforts on his behalf.  :)

Rosie in Her New Home

Rosie in her new home with Kelly Hartford..  Doesn't she look happy?

Happy Birthday Silas - and Happy Gotcha Day

Today we are celebrating Silas's birthday. I never got an actual birthday for him, but a year ago today is when I picked him up to foster. So I'm making today his birthday! He might be a bald grumpy old man, but I love him. Happy Birthday Silas!!

Jill Charles

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Oh Molly!

Jelly Bean

Home for the Holidays - WINSTON AND DAISY

Manny is Ready for Adoption

Remy Has Her Blanket

Toby's First Snowfall

Velvet Keeps Warm

Home for the Holidays - VEGAS

Home for the Holidays - PENNY

Home for th Holidays - CAIUS

More on Omar and Zoey

Tigger With His New Brother

Here is Tigger (right)with his new brother former foster Dooley (left). They make quite a handsome pair of Bostons!!  Their mom is one lucky lady!

Canonsburg, PA

Brooklyn's New Family

Here's foster puppy Brooklyn with her new mom and dad, Lori and Bob Sherk, as she's giving them lots of kisses.  She is going to lead a charmed life in the suburbs of Buffalo, with her own fenced backyard, she'll be the beloved only child and star of her own home!  It was love at first sight...

Meanwhile, Abigail and I are going to get some well deserved sleep after weeks of being awakened in the middle of the night by a puppy who thinks 3:00 am is playtime.

Bob and Lori adopted from NEBTR way back in 2004, Joy Riley's much loved foster Dolly,  who passed away this past Spring at the ripe old age of 14.  They are wonderful doggy parents, very excited that they were able to adopt this deserving girl.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped create this new family.

Jeanne Dross aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail and foster Brooklyn

Brooklyn looks so very happy in her new home, she's showering them with kisses. You did wonderful in finding Brooklyn's forever home I think she may be a little spoiled by her new Mom and Dad as she should be. - Bonnie