Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Welcome New Foster Bella III

Bella has been through a lot in her six years. She started out in Tennessee, then was shipped to a NJ Shelter with her daughter a few weeks before a fire at the Shelter. Her daughter was adopted, but Bella remained in the shelter. Then the horrific fire occurred, but Bella fortunately survived. She was sent to a foster home due to the fire damage. Rather than go back to the shelter, Linda V picked up Bella.

Bella has been through tremendous stress in the last month or two. And we don't even know what she endured in TN to be shipped off to NJ. She likely needs to decompress and learn to trust.So Bella is 6 years old, spayed, UTD, chipped and healthy. Thank you Linda for jumping into action.

Linda says, "She seems like she is settling in nicely and can definately sense the love and compassion we have to offer her. Despite her rough past, she is destined for a wonderful future!"

I don't know Bella's full story but it seems she has been in need of a loving forever home! . She is now in great hands. I bet that she lies her head down tonight and thinks to herself awwwww love at last. Thanks for caring for her Linda!! Do you ever wonder what goes through their little minds when they are taken here there and everywhere until the perfect home comes along?- Joyce

Maggie in Her Forever Home

New Foster Reggie

50 Faces of Rufus

Adopt Fred

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Hi All,
I am sure I've said this before, but I've never in my life met a sweeter boy than this Huckleberry. (This is why I at least try to attach an adopter early on so I don't dare keep them all). You know how awful my dogs are, they never ever tangle with him. He's like Gandhi. 

He has those curled paws from being in a metal cage and he puts them up on the window sill and just watches the world go by. Every so often he will look at me and put his paws on his shoulders and kiss and kiss me, just breaks my heart.


River Practicing Sign Language

River is doing well with sign language training. He knows the sign for hungry? and eat haha. He loves to eat!


You are doing such great work with River, Leslie. I kept checking my sound and realized that there is no sound you are doing sign language training!

Leslie you are an inspiration to those who think having a deaf dog is the end of the world.

No one should give up on a dog with hearing or vision issues - River is a good example!

Thanks for all you do!


Gidget Says Thanks

Gidget received the items from her wish list today. Can't wait to try the carrier with her next time we go hiking. Thanks to everyone who bought the items!

Happy Birthday River

Today River turns 2!! Happy Birthday crazy little dude!  His birthday wish is to find the bestest forever home :)


I am so sure your foster Mom will make your Birthday as special as YOU are River.  Enjoy the day!