Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jaime Helps a Greyhound

I picked up a precious, tiny little girl greyhound to foster on Sunday. She was literally on the track at Ebro in FL on Friday and in my house on Sunday. Jules won't be two until January and she's just tiny--I'm not sure she's 50#. Anyway, she knew NOTHING about a house. She freaked when I turned the TV on and then proceeded to kiss the news people, etc. Anyway, in teaching her about the ways of her new world, I worked with her on the stairs last night. I literally walked her up, then down--one paw at a time. Well, Jaime the BT, was watching the whole process and decided he really needed to help. Little Jaime would stand beside Jules on each step, take a couple up or down, literally stop, and turn around to see if Jules was following him! He was with us through every single trip up and down. It was like he was trying to role model for her!!!!& nbsp; I've never seen anything quite like it!!
I'm so proud of my little man. And, I'm also VERY proud of Beadoe. He has been just wonderful with her and even allows her to put her head on my lap when he's "in charge." Of course, Cal is itching to give her a good BT dental, but she's not very interested. I have no doubt, he'll convince her it's a good deal.

-- Joy Riley

Mr. Blue - Movie Star

Update on Quigley

From Quigley's former Mom:

"Hi everyone,
Quigley, being renamed Orson Welles, due to his resemblance, is doing great! All of the help sent to get him and the other dog adjusted really helped. He is a happy guy having tons of fun and being loved loved loved by his new family, Tiffany and Suzanne. "

-- Kim Tansey

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

-- Contributed by Pam Yeates

Update on Frodo

Below is an awesome updates I got from Miriam and Leonard Bisk. They adopted Frodo aka Frody Ody who was one of three mill puppies(Bizzy and Mitzy are the other 2)


"Dear Lisa
What we haven't mention to you is, we have NO
PROBLEMS kissing his head!!!!
He is the smartest dog we ever had, one month after
arrival he is fully trained to do his things out doors and letting us know he
wants to be let out (wining with a sweet voice) . He can be "busy" playing with
his toys for hours, and also "guarding the yard" watching the birds, squirrels
and deer with much interest. When outside, he is sure he can climb a tree after
the sneaky squirrels, fly and catch every bird passing by, or beating the deer
in a race to nowhere...He is that funny and yet hasn't figured out that these
aren't dogs....He is eating only human food- no dog food after we read the book
of Dr. Martin Goldstein " The Nature of Animal Healing"...I haven't been
frightened and nauseated more after reading this one...
If an Omelet is good for us, it's good for Frodo!!!

This little one sleeps all night and will not get
out of his bed (no Cage) if I am still in bed....(Miriam) doesn't snore and is
the most gentle company we ever had. We love him to death!!!
He is a gem!
Thanks for all you have given him for 3 months.
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best Christmas Present Ever

Pictured is a Christmas ball with Miss Bizzy Bee in it. Lisa Vaughan's boyfriend spent forever making seven balls with every foster dog they have had in each of them! Isn't it beautiful?

Angel Goes to Her Forever Home

Angel went to her new home on Christmas Eve. Truly a Christmas Angel. Here are pictures with her new Mom and Big Brother.

-- Elly

Merry Christmas from Trudy

-- Courtesy of Debbie Philpott

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Story of Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue, through no fault of his own, found himself at the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, NJ.  The staff found him to be a friendly, active dog who they knew would make a great companion pet. One of his eyes was surgically removed because of infection due to his lack of previous veterinary care. His remaining eye was damaged also, and would need eye drops for the rest of his life. 

All of the staff and veterinarians there fell in love with him.  Mr. Blue also attracted the love and attention of  a volunteer at the shelter named Mike Pravec.  He went to the shelter every day to walk Mr Blue and developed a very special bond with him.  Aside from not caring for other dogs too much, Mr. Blue was a typical happy Boston who adores people.

Mike wasn't able to take Mr Blue into foster care because Blue didn't  get along with other dogs too well.  When he went to the shelter the very kind vet there also took him under her wing. Blue was put in the front window of the waiting room.  Otherwise, Mr. Blue might have gone unnoticed.  He got great exposure there, and, fortunately, a family went to the shelter for a different reason and fell in love with Blue.  They saw Mike sitting in Blue's kennel, holding him and playing with him...... the rest is history.

Mr. Blue went to his new home, and Mike went to the pet store with them and helped to pick out things they needed for him.  Mike wrote, "They seem great with him.  I'm very happy and grateful for this.  This is one of my better days of my life, and I will always remember this moment.  But I will also never forget the feeling of loss.  I feel happy for him but so sad that I might never see this beautiful boy ever again.  I guess that is something we choose and have to deal with.  Thanks to all of you that helped."

Mike posted a later update.  Mr. Blue's new name is Willie, and Willie was doing well and getting his drops regularly.

Cindy, the new owner,  reports that Mr. Blue..."Willie" is loved by everyone, behaves at home and is very playful and full of energy.  He also plays soccer...and apparently not just pushing the ball...I was told "you gotta see this!"  He not only pushes and kicks the ball, but also plays goalie, and very well."  Congratulations to Mike for helping out with this little one and making sure that he found a loving home, and to Cindy, for providing that home for him, and to NEBTR for working with Mike and the shelter to assist in finding that home.

Click here to see the presentation that Mike made about Mr. Blue finding a new home

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pictures of Madison, Our Newest Foster

Hello everyone, here are some pictures of Madison, the 9 year old owner surrender we picked up this morning.  Aside from being scared and confused, she's doing ok.  She's a cute little thing, maybe 15-16 lbs and Molly is being very patient with her staying in her favorite room, the kitchen!

-- Vicki Rowe