Saturday, October 13, 2012

Artwork by Joan Stark

Check out this beautiful artwork that Joan Stark painted of her Bostons!  Awesome job!


Here is a photo of Linda Vermeylen's foster Bert, who is now deaf and blind.  He suffers from diabetes but is still a character.  Thank you, Linda, for being such an awesome Foster Mom to Bert.  You're the best!

Tribute to Dawn

Four people would like to say thank you to their wonderful foster Mom,  Dawm Stone, who took care of them when they needed care most, and who devoted herself, and is devoting herself, to the next phase of their lives.





Friday, October 12, 2012

New Fosters Daisy and Austin



These two adorable BTs arrived into our care as a pair, they are so cute together that we hope a loving home will adopt both of them. Wouldn't you like to have a matched set in your home? Twice as much fun, twice as much love :)


Foster Mom Rebecca Bazell, who is helping this former puppy mill beauty Tori to find a new life, submitted these pictures of Tori. Thank you so much, Rebecca, for all that you are doing! What a personality has emerged!

NEBTR at Dogtoberfest

NEBTR was represented at the Dogtoberfest in Pittsburgh on October 6.  Many thanks to Leslie, Jeff and April for all their hard work in raising much needed money for NEBTR.  We all salute you and know that all your efforts are very much appreciated!  Below are two photos from the event, and April's report.  April made up the awesome banner, featuring so many NEBTR pups.  It turned out truly beautiful!