Saturday, October 11, 2014

Max - One Week Adoption Update

Hello! I just wanted to give the fantastic folks at NEBTR an update on how Max is doing one week after being adopted into his forever home. 

Early last week I was contacted by Max's foster mom, Christine. I had expressed an interest in Max and we chatted it up for a few days. During that time I learned a lot about Max, including the history of his eye injury. This didn't bother me in the slightest because my first boston had a bad left eye that required the exact same medication, so I was confident I could care for him. I also learned that Max was not a snuggler, and probably would not lay on the couch with me or sleep in my bed. This devastated me... I cried as I pondered whether or not I could adopt a dog that would not snuggle with me. 

Last Friday I made the trek from Niagara Falls, NY to Shavertown, PA to meet Max and see if he was the dog for me. I gave it a lot of thought and decided that all that mattered was Max's happiness. And if he wasn't going to be sad then I couldn't be sad. If he was happy on the floor then I would be happy with that, and if the day ever came that he wanted to snuggle me then there would be a spot for him. 

Well...things have certainly taken a turn. Max was welcomed with open arms and paws as I introduced him to my family last Saturday afternoon. My two young sons love him, as well as his two furry sisters. He quickly learned the ropes and has made himself right at home. He has even become quite the snuggler after all! He loves to play with his ball, which my kids are happy to toss for him all day, but when it's time to relax he is all about it. He loves to lay next to my husband or myself on the couch, loves his scratchies on the head, and we even caught him laying on our bed yesterday! I am so glad that I gave this "non-snuggler" a chance. He has come out of his shell and is actually quite affectionate. He gave my littlest son a big lick in the face last night. 

Huge thanks to the people at NEBTR that made this possible, especially Maria, Strausie and Max's Mama Christine. We have been in contact with Mama Christine every day and send her lots of pics. She loves Max dearly, and I remind Max of that every day. Attached are some pics of Max enjoying his new home! Thanks NEBTR!! Keep doing what you do!!

Wow Max! You lucked out!!! Lucky dog, lucky family..... (uh - he looks pretty snuggly to us!)


Hank is Still Available

This cute boy has another weekend approaching and he is still available! Hank is a total couch potato, good on the leash and potty trained! He is about 7-9 years young. Hank would love a house without another dog to get all the attention!  He is 26 pounds and ready to go! If you were looking for a companion to love! Here are new pictures of this boy!

Let us know if you have questions! You can check out him on our website and on petfinder!

Katelyn L.
Wall, NJ

Molly Learns New Things

Every day my foster sister, Molly, learns new things. Wednesday she learned how special it is to have your own pink afghan made especially for you. Thursday she found the joys of digging and tonight she discovered peanut butter. I honestly can't think of anything else she needs to know!

Benny Stone

Daisy Transformation

Miss Daisy got her stitches out today! ALL of them. She had her eye plus three other spots where they removed porcupine quills that had been in there for who knows how long. But now no more cone getting in her way of doing things now. =) it's amazing her transformation even using some topical cream for her good eye has made such a difference in her redness and irritation. Such a happy pup! 

Courtney Kautz
Harrisburg PA

Towner Toys

I purchased one of Bonnie's wonderful tug toys while we were at our fundraiser at Pet Value. I believe we have some in the NEBTR store. Let me tell you it was money well spent. They are almost 2 weeks old and still intact and keeping the girls busy.

North Wales, PA

Brutus says Thanks!

 Hi All:
Wow!  Brutus got an incredible package today and wishes to thank all the donors who have supported the New Foster Package wish list!   Foster failure Baby is enjoying this special gift package too!  Brutus is so happy to have been rescued and to be part of our family and the NEBTR family.  Good wishes to all!
Lisa Marino
Howell, NJ

Good luck sweet boy, so glad you have your foster mom - "more pics of this perfect gentleman soon!!!

Towner Toys in the NEBTR Store

I purchased one of Bonnie's wonderful tug toys while we were at our fundraiser at Pet Value. I believe we have some in the NEBTR store. Let me tell you it was money well spent. They are almost 2 weeks old and still intact and keeping the girls busy.

North Wales, PA

Towner toys (made by Bonnie Towner, NEBTR volunteer) are braided rope toys made from tee shirt material and are indestructible for our fur friends who love to play tug!!! Try one at the Cafe Press Store - link below

Daisy feels much better!

Miss Daisy got her stitches out today! ALL of them. Lol she had her eye plus three other spots where they removed porcupine quills that had been in there for who knows how long. But now no more cone getting in her way of doing things now. =) it's amazing her transformation even using some topical cream for her good eye has made such a difference in her redness and irritation. Such a happy pup! 

Courtney kautz
Harrisburg PA

Yea Daisy! Looking good girl!

Rest in Peace Dobby

Dobby is hearing the birds sing for the very first time. His mind and body are no longer plagued by illness. His life, although short, had incredible meaning. He comforted the sick, warmed our hearts, united families, and most of all he shared a message of love. Dobby will do his work from above, while we join together here on earth to help fur pals in need. We are all Dobby's family. Let's celebrate his life and incredible spirit! Thank you for sharing his journey, you are special friends and he lubbed you all! Dobby has been loved, shared love, and has been a tremendous blessing. This tiny fragile boy has given us the gift of love. He has been an earthly angel bringing people together everywhere he goes. He will live on forever in our hearts! 

Maria Pastuszak

Mandy and Her Mom

-- Trish Vanskiver

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dobby Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

Dobby's last 2 weeks were very challenging.  He was getting worse by the day and found little peace.  We tried a new medication and he was actually worse not better. Today it became clear God was calling Dobby and he was not ours to keep. Our family loved every moment we shared with this special needs pup. I would never have had this opportunity if it was not for NEBTR. You are an amazing group of dedicated volunteers and I am honored to serve with you.  Thank you for the love, Dobby's spirit will live on. His page will remain open, we will always support NEBTR, post positive messages, share laughter and love while helping bostons in need!

Many thanks!
Maria & Renata
R.I.P Dobby 11/7/10-10/9/14, Run free little man!  ;
Newington, CT 

This is devastating. But what a great life he had despite his challenges. This is why we do what we do. To give these dogs a chance. Maria and Renata thank you. Thank you so much for taking this challenged boy and showing him love, opening your home to him and finding him a special lady, It's amazing how much I can love a little creature having never even met him but there is so much love there! 

Run free Dobby da Great! I lub you! - Sara

Words can't express the sorrow I feel. Maria and Renata thank you for all the love you gave this special little boy. 
He will be so missed by all of us. 

Run free little guy. Now you can hear the birds at the bridge. I'm sure many of our friends and baby's have welcomed you. This is not goodby this is until we meet... - Conny

Maria and Renata, you have given us all an incredible gift of joy and laughter, you were Dobby's voice and he came to life through you. I realized yesterday that I was more excited about Dobby and Dottie's wedding than a lot of human weddings I was invited to!! I was certainly quicker to get them a present (stuffed shark!)

I am so grateful to have come across NEBTR and people like Maria - a different brand of selfless and with an extraordinary capacity to love. That capacity to feel love also means that we feel great sadness. We are here for you in this time. Please reach out to us if you need us to be strong for you - like you were for him.

So THANK YOU Maria, for making Dobby's time here full of happiness, comfort, FUN and adventure. My heart is broken for your loss, but I know that Dobby is at the place beyond the bridge - I think in heaven not only is he whole and healthy, but he is bigger and stronger and even more beautiful than he was here. He might even have some big muscles :)

I love you Dobby. You made me smile every day and I will keep smiling remembering you and thinking of you up there, tongue out and free.

With love,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Maisy, Now Macy, is Aopted

Maisy, now renamed Macy, is in her forever home.  Macy met Nancy Andrews of Albany last week: when Nancy arrived this evening, Macy ran straight to her, she knew Nancy was hers forever and never looked back.  What a perfect match!  The sadness of seeing her leave was overcome by knowing that this is what fostering is all about, bringing joy to people and creating a new loving family.  Below are pictures of Nancy and Macy at my condo and Macy in her new home.

What a happy ending, thank you Jeanne.
Jeanne Dross, aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail, foster mother to Maisy

Sara and Rocco Ready for Adoption

Sara & Rocco are ready for adoption. They will be posted on Pet-finders via NEBTR. If anyone has friends or family interested in them, please have them fill out an application on our NEBTR website. They are 10 months old, almost house trained, need leash training, need to learn commands and most important, need to adapt to humans. They are spayed/neutered/dewormed/vaccinated and very healthy. These are my mill pups who lived in captivity and are learning the ropes after 4 weeks of foster care. They are awesome sweet but need major love and kindness. They are a bonded pair and need to be placed together and I require a fenced yard and they are not to be alone more than 4 hours per day. Please contact me if you know anyone who is interested in them and if you have any questions about them. You are more than welcome to come to my place to meet them. 

Thanks, Linda.

New Fosters Po and Ty

Po is 3 yrs old and Ty is 2 yrs old. These bonded brothers love to spend their time exploring the yard, sunning themselves and playing fetch!  They love to snuggle and be next to their people! They are greatly enjoying their teen Foster sister and fur Foster sister!  If they can't find a lap, they lay on each other!  They are extremely well behaved, completely house broken and respond to all commands.  They are handsome little gentlemen!

Jennifer Hanly

They are adorable! Thank you for taking them in a showing them lots of love.  They are such handsome beauty boys!  Bless you and Deanna (and Lola) for opening your home to help out these precious souls.  I love how they "bookend" your daughter and Lola, one on each side.

Little Squirt Says Thanks

 WOW--Little Squirt (F/K/A Gizmo) got an awesome foster package today!  Thank you so much, Stacie!  He's a very happy camper and a total lovebug!

He has one blue eye, one brown.  He seems to have sight with both.  He has such an underbite that either his bottom teeth are showing or the tip of his tongue is sticking out.  He's the cutest little guy...he and Beadoe actually play bowed and woofed at each other this morning.  Who knows why Beadoe is fine with him.

Joy and Squirt

Roxy is on Facebook

You can follow her on facebook at

Adoption Update - Rosie

Thank you so much for reaching out on Rosie's 1 year anniversary.  She is doing great!  From puppy mill mama to Eagles cheerleader.  I have attached a few pictures with Rosie's boxer sister Laila and in her cheerleading outfit.  We love her and are so grateful to NEBTR and foster mom Cindy Bode. Rosie is a perfect fit in our family.

She makes an awesome Eagle cheerleader!!! Go Rosie.

Adoption Update - Roxy

Hello -

Just wanted to give an update on Roxy as we are approaching her 1 year anniversary in her forever home! She is absolutely the funniest and most lovable dog on the planet. We couldn't be happier to have brought her into our lives. 2013 was a tough year for my family and finding Roxy was a blessing. She brought happiness and laughter back to the house. 

So I know we rescued her, but really she rescued us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to love this little gal forever. 

Pictures attached of course :) 

--Rachel and Karla 

Adoption Update Piper

Just sending a quick update on Piper, who turns 12 years old on Monday. In a week or so it'll be 6 years since I adopted her, so she's now spent more than half her life with me! I feel pretty lucky. Despite having a couple small tumors removed over the years, and dealing with glaucoma and cataracts, she's still remarkably healthy and happy.  Her eyesight is limited these days, but she still runs and jumps as strongly as a young pup. Piper loves cuddling or lounging in the sun, and gets along great with other dogs we foster/dogsit. Like a true Boston, she's a cute little weirdo with a strong personality, and continues to be a source of laughter, joy, and love in our family. Here we are napping with her younger "brother" Pigeon.
We can't thank you enough for trusting us with Piper 6 years ago!
Ryan (and Sara)

Awe! How happy is she!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mila's Birthday Party With the Gang

Lucy having fun at Mila's Party

Stop Reading Denice

Denice Schnaak's pups want her to stop reading this boring nursing textbook...3 dogs on top all NEBTR rescue boys, l - r Wrigley and Grimm, Spot with head on book, Dolly watching Denice watching her.

Two Subwoofers

Still More Thanks From Maisy

Maisy says thank you for her nice new gifts, a pretty harness and leash from Kim Deon and a nice big Kong ball, from an unknown donor, that I can take to my new home on Wednesday. I look so gorgeous in my bright new things, ready to impress my new friends, and a nice ball to chase around the house!

Maisy is so excited: it seems our members and followers like her so much that she is getting duplicates for some of her gifts.

Per Maisy: A special thank you to Houston Commercial Painting who sent me a collar, harness, and leash, they are so pretty and made in the USA!!!  I really appreciate your generosity and, although I love your generous gift,  I've received these gifts from other people too and have already used them.  My foster mom says I shouldn't be greedy so I've decided that Foster Mom Jeanne should share them with other foster Boston Terriers. Thank you so much for your kindness, rest assured another Boston will be wearing them before too long.  Licks and kisses, Maisy

Maisy Says More Thanks

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Virtual Foster Pangya

Chase Crashes

Rick Wills:

This is Chase currently crashed after an afternoon of playing and getting used to his brother and sister.

New Foster Brutus

Update on Buttons, now Toby

Here is Gracie and Toby (Buttons) enjoying the early morning. Toby is doing so great with Gracie and they just love each other. He is such a good boy!!!! Love them to pieces!!!

Linda Sedlik

Update on Molly

Molly has changed so much in one week, it is amazing.  She is doing very well recovering from her surgery and does not want to be kept out of the action any more.  She initiates contact with people and wants their attention.  We are still working on housebreaking, but until the purse string suture comes out (holding her vagina in) It's hard to judge how she is doing.  She is a delightful and loving little girl and is going to be a wonderful pet.

Dawn Stone

New Foster Little Squirt

Welcome new foster Gizmo, now known as Little Squirt.  Gizmo is three years old, neutered and deaf and very frightened in the
Hillside SPCA in Pottsville PA. He was dropped there on Thursday by his owner. She has fallen on hard times and her husband passed after months of  visiting him in the hospital and leaving the dogs home to fend for themselves. Gizmo actually escaped at one point for TWO MONTHS and he is deaf. He was able to be trapped and brought back home.

This boy has been through A LOT and is now very nervous.  Special thanks to Joy Riley for opening her heart and home to this boy.  Joy reports that he is the cutest thing ever.  Watch for more on this beautiful boy.

PetValu Volunteers

This beautiful booth of "oh so wonderful" NEBTR volunteers are donating their time and efforts at the PetValu store on October 4(peeps and paws from left):

Bonnie Towner with Scooby, Ray and Janice Boyer and Beth McFadden with Molly and Joy Riley who is taking the picture.


Thanks to Leslie Kaucic and Kristy Ieraci for running the Dogtoberfest in Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, but they did great for the time they were able to be out there and also represented the NEBTR name.
Special thanks also to April Minech for designing a beautiful tshirt for the event.  NEBTR fans also were able to participate in the sale and 49 of them were sold!  Fantastic!
Leslie writes, "Well the big Pittsburgh event was ended short due to wind and rain.  Less than half into it the wind really picked up and rain started.  Everyone was having a hard time keeping their tents down.  Such a shame because there was a great turn out and we had nice stuff to sell. Pic of Jeff under neighbors tent with Wilbur after ours blew away and Delilah being warmed."