Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Foster Pup Oliver

Jerrilyn Walter reports on her recent delivery:
"Brought this baby boy to Carolyn today - just 5 months old. He is the sweetest little boy and ridiculously cute! Chocolate brown with big green eyes!!

He was going to be PTS by the pet shop owner because he wasn't selling. He has a foot that turns a bit outward and some leg weakness but he is a DOLL!! A kind hearted woman who works there took him home and called us. Isn't he gorgeous?!"

The good news is that Oliver is healthy as can be, just a slightly turned out front paw.

Thanks Jerrilyn and Carolyn for saving this sweet little pup, he really is a handsome boy.

Happy Birthday Maggie

i i'm Maggie. Remember me? I'm an NEBTR girl and I am one year old because NEBTR saved me. I am still self concious of my back end but my owner Walter Williams freshens me up twice a day and I'm good to go. I am half way through ultra-sonic laser treatments which actually feels really good even if it doesn't work. I have a sister to play with and toys to destroy. It's like I have always been here. I'm so happy. If you want a cute Boston like me adopt a rescue from NEBTR. Now if you will please excuse me I have some birthday toys to chew up.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Mason

Victor Vady and I are so happy with our adoption of Mason 1 year ago on January 29, 2011. He's been nothing but a blessing! We couldn't have asked for a better match for us! He loves learning new tricks and commands and is very motivated - check out his videos on my page. Thanks to NEBTR and to Mason's great fosters Krissie & hubby that we've become great friends with! THANK YOU!

 Here's Mason with his blankie.  He loves to wrap himself in it whenever he is sleeping.

 Catalina Corujo Vady

Mandy's Little Ones

Mandy's little ones: Harvey, Magnolia, & Olivia - our New Year's Eve litter!  All three pups are in their forever homes now.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Does This Seem Familiar?

Update on Lucy

Lisa Vaughan fostered Lucy about 2 years ago. At the time she was 12 weeks. She was bought by a woman who left her boyfriend shortly after getting Lucy. She left Lucy with the boyfriend who was a trucker and never home. He gave her to his sister who contacted us and the rest was history. Her new family lives at a camp 6 months out of the year so Lucy gets to have free roam and go on boats and hiking and all! She also has a BT sister named Roxy. She is quite the lucky little lady!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Charlie is Adopted

Charlie was just adopted by a super couple and will be living in NYC! Thanks Gary and Angel for adopting our Charlie and giving him a forever home! After being kept in a crate for two years before he was surrendered to NEBTR, Charlie will finally have a chance at a family of his own. Great people and awesome apartment and they have a beach house. Charlie is hooked up!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nitro is in His Foster Home

Nitro made it to PA with the help of Jerrilyn! I met her in Jersey yesterday afternoon to pick up our little old senior man. He does not like car rides, definitely stresses himself out.

Once he was home he settled down. He ate dinner then spent 15 minutes exploring before he finally went to sleep. When we came back from dinner with friends, we let him out in the living room. All 6 of our guys left him be to explore the house. After about another half hour of exploring, he was looking at the sofa and the loveseat like he wanted to go up there. I helped him up and he gave a few kisses and fell asleep between my legs. He moved his way up into my lap shortly after that.

He spent the night sleeping on his doggie bed and when I came downstairs this morning there was no chance he was going to get up. Woke him before I left for work for potty and breakfast. He was not thrilled with my lack of wet food on his dry food so we will have to pick some more of that up today. Overall he's a very sweet boy.

Check out his video and picture attached!

Lisa Vaughan

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Foster Princess

This is our new foster, Princess.  We just picked her up this morning.  She's a very nice, very smart 8 year old girl.  Watch for updates on her.

Cindy Kaiser

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