Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sammy Says Thanks

Sammy was so happy to get his package!  Thank you Stacie!   He loved the toy to death pretty quick, but he enjoyed it while it lasted. Lol.  He is really adjusting well.  He met my girl and they are peas in a pod already.  His first introduction to cats is going well too.

Best, Michelle

Masiy to be Adopted

My foster girl is doing very well, she really is a perfect dog, except for being a bed hog.  Doesn't bark, comes when called, barely audible snoring, walks well on lead, completely housebroken, and loves everyone, human and canine.  She gets so happy when she sees new people and dogs that her whole body wiggles with joy, even manages to wag her tail stub.

I'm in love with this girl, not so much Abigail, who is a bit jealous.

Maisy is being adopted next week by Nancy Andrews.  Nancy, her boyfriend Dave, and my girl were an instant trio, very happy with each other, playing and experiencing lots of Maisy love.  We need to wait until next week because Maisy has not yet been with me for two weeks.

Nancy and Dave are a terrific couple, I did a home check for them a few weeks back and immediately thought of them when I took in Maisy last week.  They are going to make one very happy family.

Jeanne Dross, aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail, foster mother of Maisy
Albany NY

Adopt Hank

The weekend is here! Foster Hank wanted me to remind people that he is available and would love to meet you! He loves people and was very sad that his to see me leave this morning!

He is on petfinder and looking for love!

Katelyn L.
Wall, NJ

Scooby in His New Costume

Well Scooby tried his costume on that I bought at our very own thrift store. He is not a happy camper and I don't think he has ever had one on before. So sorry Scooby but the kids will love you and besides you get to kiss all of them LOL!!!

Bonnie Towner

Maybe Scooby will be more into the treats than he is into the tricks. :)

NEBTR at Pet Valu Saturday Oct 4th!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pretty Penny - Former Foster

Hello everyone, 

I had to share. Penny has officially accepted 2 more children into her life. For those of you who don't know, Penny used to launch and bark at children  and it looked like she wanted to eat them alive. She was traumatized by her previous life. We welcomed Penny into our home as a foster last December 22nd and we couldn't bear to see her go so we adopted her. Last Christmas she could not be in the same room as my grandson without going totally crazy and now they are best friends.  This weekend we had 2 kids visit and the pictures below speak for themselves.  Also Brady was suppose to be adopted by a family without children and he is amazing with them also.
We happy with our NEBTR Bostons and eternally grateful to all of you! Thank you for so much happiness

Penny  is the one on the left in the second picture
Brady is on the right on picture 3 and picture 1
God bless you and keep you all!
Ana Cecere
Long valley, nj

 Thank you Ann, for opening your heart and home!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! INDIANA BONES

Here he is! Indiana Bones! A super name for a super dog. Let's let his foster mom tell us about him...

Indiana Bones is a lovable guy that weighs about 25 pounds. His ears curl over backwards when he's relaxed, and perk straight up when he's "on alert." His coat is black, white, a little brindle, and a little gray. It's also wavy coat in places. He has a cute cork-screw tail that wiggles when he's happy and excited. He likes to relax near his person -- the closer, the better. He's also a good little alarm system. He will bark to sound an alert to someone approaching the house. He's not a yapper though. He sometimes barks at people coming to visit. Once given a treat or a pat on the head, he generally stops. He has a spot of black fur on the top of the white on his head and on the back of his neck (in the white ring of fur around his neck). Even though he has some gray around his eyes (he's 9), the vet feels he's in good health. He still has lots of love to give.

The vet says that his eyes and hips seem fine. He may have some minor allergies -- the whites of his eyes are a little red -- but not enough to require any medical products at this time. He is negative for heartworm and other parasites, he's neutered, and up-to-date on his rabies shot. Recent blood titers show that his past vaccinations are still protecting him from other diseases. He's on Sentinel to protect him from heartworm and fleas.

For most of the day Indiana Bones (also known as Indy) is a couch potato who loves to sleep on the couch nearby his person. He likes to reach with his paw toward my arm to remind me that he'd like more pats on the head or back. He also has his energetic moments -- especially when he gets the chance to run after a ball in the yard. Indy loves his soccer ball! He will nose the ball back to me and wait for me to kick the ball so he can dash after it. Although he can jump well--he's shown no interest in jumping the fence (but I did catch him on top of the dining room table once--not in a single bound--first the chair, then the table).

Indy gets along with male and female dogs, although he and Panda (my Boston) have gotten into a few tousles over a toy (sounded very grouchy, but no one was hurt) -- Panda won two out of three times. Because Indy growled at Panda when Panda got near Indy's food bowl, I feed the dogs in different rooms, separated by gates--which I take down as soon as they've finished eating--which only takes a few minutes. I then pick up the bowls to rinse them and open the gates--and have had no problems with feeding time since then. Because of my concern about the potential for a squabble over a treat or toy--I don't leave any food or toys in the common area where the dogs stay when I'm out of the house. He sits nicely for a treat (he likes MilkBones and Begging Strips Littles). He doesn't mind that Panda sitting right next to him will also get a treat.

Indy has had no experience with cats in his foster home, so his attitude toward cats is unknown.

Indy waits patiently on his spot on the couch for me to get home from work (I sometimes leave the TV on for the dogs). I often come home at lunch, but he sometimes has had to wait as much as 8.5 hours, which he has done without accidents. When he needs to go out, he barks to let me know. He doesn't usually spend a long time in the yard. Sometimes he likes to eat grass, which worried me at first--but he rarely gets sick afterward. He has not shown any tendency to dig in or under the fence in the back yard, nor has he made any "mad dashes" to escape. He seems content to stay in the yard. Sometimes he enjoys relaxing on my deck in the sun.

He gets very excited and barks to let me know he's delighted I'm home--nice to know he's happy to see me! He can be a little vigorous in his play. He needs a bit of work on not jumping up. Because of that, I would not recommend him for a home with young children. For example, in his interest in checking out my 5-year-old grandson, Indy began thoroughly sniffing him, then trying to jump up and greet him face to face--all in the spirit of fun (tail wagging), but the fact that he wouldn't get down when my grandson told him to, scared my grandson. I separated the two, and all was well.

Indy would be a perfect dog for someone who has a fenced yard and maybe an older child (or children), and another one or two dogs for company. It'd be great if someone at the house (9 or 10 year old, teen, or adult) who would "play ball" with him in the yard. It'd also be great if the person liked having a dog by his/her side on the couch. At bedtime, he would really like to sleep in bed with his person, preferably under the covers. Indy is currently being fostered in Newark, Delaware.

If you are interested in adopting Indiana Bones, please fill out an application on our website and comment below!

Reggie Arrives at Maria's

Reggie has arrived, at just 18 months old he will need several months of rehab. and training. His future looks bright, his fear level is high but we will build confidence through praise. Welcome to your foster home Reggie, we love you already!

Maria Pastuszak

Daisy After Eye Removal Surgery

Well Daisy's eye removal was successful.  Yesterday after surgery she was very groggy and defeated, getting comfortable or relaxing was out of the question for her.   Today is a totally different story,  only thing stopping her today is her cone. (She doesn't quite understand the concept lol ) She seems to have so much more spunk though!  Totally new dog. Now here's to a quick recovery! 

Thank you everyone for all the positive thoughts and concerns that were sent our way! =)

Courtney Kautz 
Harrisburg PA

Delilah Learned to Sit

Delilah learned sit: (with an appearance by Wilbur :) )

Delilah was supposed to be spayed and have her hernia fixed last week, but her blood work showed a drop in red blood cells and no weight gain :( She was dewormed, given something to coat her stomach, and prescribed pepcid as they think it's parasites or an ulcer.  She goes back tomorrow for a retest.  Fingers crossed!!!  

Morgan Pa

Maya's Gotcha Day

One year ago Maya went to her forever home. She was a high risk biter, she needed time, patience, trust, guidance, training and confidence. She found an adopter willing to visit and learn how to handle her. Watch his hands in the video he moves slow always letting her know where and when he will touch her. They adore her! They called me this wknd. they will be looking for a passive boy eventually and they will not be afraid to adopt a boy with a history! Amazing (1) year later Reggie with a bite history is arriving at my home tonight! Praying for another happy ending! Thanks team, you make all things possible! 

Maria, Newington, CT 

Thanks to Poocheychef

Update on Remy

Duke is Adopted

Duke found a forever home tonight! He is going to be so incredibly spoiled in his new home! Our house seems so quiet with only our 3 Boston's 😄

Amanda McLean

Congrats Duke, and thanks to Amanda for all her care and love and for finding the perfect family for him with the Hornbergers.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Skittles and Sister Sasha


PB&J Fundraiser

Rosie Has a Question

Could there possibly be a toy in here for me?

Conny McGraw

Thanks to Sharon Culp for the PJs for Millie and Clara

Clara and Milly say thanks to Sharon Culp for the adorable PJs.  This will keep those two Golden Girls warm on upcoming winter nights.

When they arrived, there was no name of the giver on them, but rest assured those dear little Golden Girls did receive their jammies!  They are now in their forever home, but, of course, their jammies went with them!

Update on Penny and George

Sara and Rocco Say Thanks

Oscar Chillin'

Update on Foster Failure Buster

Update on Buddy

Bentley in Bed

Update on Bosley, Now Bentley

Happy Gotcha Day BooBoo

Pancho Goes Fishing

Samson is Thankful

Samson has received some fantastic gifts. He has never had treats to eat or toys to play with. He is having a great time. Thank you to all who sent gifts.
DuBois pa

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thank You Multipet International!!

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue: TShirts for Dogtoberfest Designed by April Minech

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue: TShirts for Dogtoberfest Designed by April Minech

ON SALE AT THE NEBTR STORE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!/Dogtoberfest-Shirts-by-April-Mineh/p/42467840/category=10841183

Molly is Back from the Hospital

Molly is home and I think she got cuter over night. She will not keep that cone of shame on, even the smaller one.

Dawn Stone

Benny says, "Molly, our new foster is doing well. She lets Mom pet her if she sits really still, and will take treats cautiously from her hand. Me, I'm giving her space."

So glad she is home!!  Hopefully she has a speedy recovery and is soon on the road to a new and awesome life...

Indiana Bones Plays Soccer

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR) foster dog Indiana Bones enjoys the heck out of chasing his soccer ball in the yard! See Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue on FaceBook for more info on rescue efforts or Petfinder for info on Indiana or other foster dogs looking for adoption. NEBTR is an all volunteer organization. Some senior, disabled or seriously ill dogs cannot be adopted out and remain with volunteers as permanent fosters. Help with vet bills is most welcome!

-- Shawna Corsello

I remember the day I helped in transporting him to you. You have done a fantastic job with this sweet boy.He's playing and you can see the happiness on his face. I will never forget his corkscrew tail I'm happy that he's happy once again and will make someone a great companion.

Warminster Pa

Delilah Says Thanks

Delilah would like to thank Lesley Glennon for ALL the squeaky tennis balls and bully sticks!  She is obsessed with squeakers!!

Delilah would like to thank Krista Dooley and Elena for the bully sticks!  They will bring her much enjoyment!

Morgan Pa

PB&J Fundraiser for Gizmo

TShirts for Dogtoberfest Designed by April Minech

Hello all:

For those helping at DogtoberFEST on October 4th, or anyone in the area, please stop at the NEBTR booth and check out these T-shirts designed for the event. They come in ash, natural or charcoal, and we have sizes S-2X. All the proceeds from the T-shirts and other items at the booth will be going to NEBTR!
April Minech

Monday, September 29, 2014

Frank Has A Night Out

The Golden Girls Are Adopted

Today the golden girls got adopted. I didn't think this day would come. It was a happy day and a little sad too. But I'm greatful for Barbara who adopted this two sweet old gals. Good luck ladies, you will always have a place in my heart.

The golden girls are settling in there new home. They are doing well so far. It was a happy and sad day yesterday. My son Alex was very attached to Milly. They were cuddle buddies. He cried which made me cry. Then leaving them with Peter and seeing there little faces looking at me like hey where are you going, totally broke my heart. That part never gets easy. On the other hand I'm so happy they have a home all of their own. I'll be talking with Barbara later this evening. I'll give a up date then. Now I need to focus on Samson. He needs my attention.
Jill Charles