Friday, July 13, 2012

Burt's Road Trip

New foster Burt had a road trip.  He was transported to his new foster Mom Narelle Wolf in New York City by Karen Quigley, Ellen Thelin and Lindsey Warrum.   Burt made his way into foster care when his former owner lost his home.  Burt has been diagnosed as being diabetic and also has a hearing loss.  I know that Narelle will give him the TLC he needs!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary Ruby

Note:  Ruby, formerly known as Macy, was Leslie Kaucic's first foster with NEBTR.  Leslie sent an anniversary card to Judy Sedita (how cute is that?)  and below is Judy's response:

Hi Leslie!
 It's so nice of you to remember Ruby's Anniversary! She was here for 1 year on June11th...and she is the LOVE of my life...(and everyone else's life!) I can't imagine my life without her...She comes with us in the car whenever possible and really just wants to BE with us...She does think she is the "mayor" of our complex and BARKS accordingly at strange dogs and neighbors...She really does no wrong in my eyes! She has had a few bladder issues (a weak sphincter muscle) but the vet is madly in love with her and she gives him plenty of kisses, so he takes excellent care of her! She loves her family and has her choice of beds to cuddle up in at night and loves to take naps on the couch....soooo, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sending her to us!!! Other than my kids, she is the best gift I have ever received! I will attach some pictures. I hope you and yours are all well and enjoy the summer! Thanks, Judy

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update on Gus in His Forever Home


Gus's new parents Gary and Fran Gordon write:

Gus is wonderful. He and our Lab KC are getting along great together. Last night they went for walk together and then we all went to PetSmart for toys and food. On the ride home from Harrisburg after we picked him up, Gus slept on my wife Fran's lap the whole way. This morning Gus and KC went to the park together for a run and he had a good time and he enjoyed the drive as well. Thanks again so much for all of your help. Gus is a great addition to our family.

He is adorable. He has taught our lab KC a few little tricks like how to bark and how to steal food and we are working on that as well but we love him and feel like he has been ours forever.

 Thanks for all your help.