Saturday, September 14, 2013

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Sherry Update

Hi everyone!

Sherry has been my foster for just over a week now and she's doing great! She went to the vet and she tested negative for everything so she's a very healthy pup! The vet couldn't believe she was 7... Thought she was younger with her spunky loving personality (and her PERFECT teeth!) she did get some medicine for her left ear since its been bothering her a bit and she has a few calluses on her legs from what the vet thinks is from laying on a hard surface for many years but they don't seem to bother her at all.

She weighs in at 22 pounds. I honestly think she was heavier when I first got her but after our numerous daily walks and no more table scraps she's feeling much better and energetic! She had her first bath and didn't mind at all! She actually just sat down in the water! The gates have been moved upstairs in the kitchen so she looks into the living room and my two resident dogs and her are slowly getting to know each other. Sherry was labeled to not like other dogs and she was never socialized but she's doing remarkably well! I've walked her with both of mine and other than the initial sniffing she wasn't very interested.

She seems to get along great with my ten year old toy fox terrier. They've gone on many walks together and have been in the backyard together and sherry tries to play with him :) it's the cutest thing but Juno (my ten year old dog) is kind of a loner and doesn't play. Smalls (my Boston) is a lot like Sherry in that he gets nervous around some other dogs so those two will take a lot longer to be fully introduced but I have faith that Sherry and Smalls will do great :) she's completely uninterested in him sitting on the other side of the gate nose to nose with each other. I've attached a few pictures of them on their walk together and of her and Juno in the backyard :)

Additionally, Sherry is super smart and still sweet as ever! She listens very well and sits, lays, comes, and stays when commanded. She prefers to be with her humans all the time. Follows me around and just wants to be right next to you all the time. Such a lover. I'll keep you all updated on her status and enjoy her attached pictures!!

Shawna Merrritt

Thank you so much for the great photos  and for sharing your home and love with Sherry.
She looks very happy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Say What?!

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Seriously, Folks.....

Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Afghanistan veterans reunited in Port Jefferson Station with 8 battlefield dogs


Photo credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas | From left, Sgt. Travis Burton, of Cincinatti, Ohio, Sgt. Kevin Singer, of Freeprt, Capt. Clinton Green, of Staten Island, Staff Sgt. Edwin Caba, of Long Beach, Sgt. Alex Rontondi, of Jamesville, and 1st Lt. Joseph Lapenta, of Staten Island, were reunited with their base dog Sheba and her seven puppies at the Save-A-Pet Foundaton in Port Jefferson Station. (Sept. 4, 2013)


Note:  NEBTR is honored to have worked together with the Guardians of Rescue to help care for several Boston Terriers.

Army reunions have been held as long as soldiers have been going off to war, yet a reunion this week was perhaps like no other in history.

National Guard soldiers from New York who befriended a stray dog while on patrol in Afghanistan were reunited with the 65-pound mixed breed and her seven rambunctious puppies after the animals arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday.

The reunion was made possible by the efforts of a Long Island pet rescue organization whose motto is: "Paws of War — No Buddy Left Behind."

"They really became part of the family to us," 1st Lt. Joseph LaPenta of Staten Island said. The soldiers befriended the dog they called Sheba after arriving in Afghanistan in January. She sometimes joined them on patrol, chasing away other stray dogs that may have threatened the soldiers, they said.

In March, Sheba had a litter of seven puppies. Because Sheba was weakened from the births, they nursed her and the puppies back to health, feeding her their allotment of beef jerky and MREs — Army issued "meals ready to eat." Later, relatives sent bags of dog food from home.

Soon, however, the soldiers learned their base would be closed as part of the U.S. drawn down in Afghanistan.

"It really broke our hearts that we might have to leave them there" LaPenta said.

That's when Staff Sgt. Edwin Caba of Long Beach sprang into action and contacted an old high school teacher. She put him in touch with a Long Island group called Guardians of Rescue, which has for several years collected donations to bring dogs back from combat zones. They had rescued about 20 when the request came in for help getting Sheba and her pups.

"We won't turn our back on the servicemen and we won't turn our back on the dogs," said Guardians of Rescue president Robert Misseri. Working with a private Kabul-based organization called Nowzad, the groups arranged to have the dogs sent to the United States so they could be adopted by the soldiers.

Misseri estimates it costs about $4,000 for every dog rescued from a war zone. He said an online crowd sourcing fundraiser is still collecting money to pay for Sheba and her pups. The money is needed to pay for transportation and other logistics, including health care for the dogs — they are quarantined for 30 days and given all their vaccinations before being sent.

The effort appeared to pay off Wednesday night when the dogs and the soldiers arrived at the Save-a-Pet animal shelter on Long Island to celebrate the reunion.

"For this to happen now, leashes in their hands, they're kissing their faces," Misseri said with amazement. "This is what we do."

The puppies, already six months old and about two feet tall, are named Cadence, Rocky, Sarah, Jack, Buckeye, Breezy and Harris. Two soldiers are taking two dogs each, and three others are going home with one dog apiece. Most will stay in New York; two are headed for the Cincinnati area.

Sheba's future is still being assessed, said Dori Scofield, vice president of Guardians of Rescue, who is caring for the dog at her Port Jefferson Station animal shelter. There is hope Sheba may someday be trained as a service dog to work with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, although Scofield said it is too soon to know if Sheba would qualify for such training.

Caba, whose home was destroyed in Superstorm Sandy, said the dogs helped divert his attention from his troubles at home; he has just completed his third tour of duty in Afghanistan.

My Forever Pet


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The New Alarm Clock

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Petco Bethlehem Event







Thanks to Erin Sullivan, NEBTR was able to have a table at the Bethlehem Petco on September 7 and 8.    She also had frisbees to give to people who donated. 


A huge thank you to Petco, for sponsoring this event, which was well attended and provided a wonderful donation to NEBTR so that we can continue helping out needy homeless Bostons.  The total collected at this location for NEBTR was $1374.00!!

As a special bonus for those  coming to help out,Erin made up a natural flea care gift bag for fosters that include natural flea shampoo and topical, and a flea comb. You also have your choice of adoption themed collars and leads for your fosters. This is her way of saying THANK YOU! to you special select few willing to drive here and run the table.

There was a kissing booth, which was a great hit.

Melanie, Dawn, Spot, Gale, Tom, Jess and Augie all represented NEBTR.  We had a great day!

Erin, thank you so much for all your amazing efforts!

New Foster Snorky


Snorky 2

Welcome new foster Snorky. 

Snorky's owner was very elderly. She recently went into a nursing home.Snorky is 2.5 years old, neutered, UTD and very friendly!  He needs help with housebreaking but is a great dog.  Thanks to Robin Carroll for offering to foster this beautiful boy as her first foster.


Robin writes, “We received Snorky into our home yesterday. This is our first time at fostering and so far it is going well. Snorky is an energetic two and a half year old who loves to play. He is a big boy weighing in at 38 pounds. His previous owner had concerns about him being completely house trained but he has not had one accident so far. He likes to go on walks and handles well on the leash. All in all he is a sweetheart.”




“Snorky really enjoys play time.  He is waiting for his very slobbery rubber ducky to be thrown for him again.”

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday Valentine’s First Week




Miss Sunday enjoying the weekend sunshine <3


Hi Everyone!
I've been in my new home for a week now, and it's amazing what I've
been able to accomplish. I started out in the kitchen learning how to
get around without being able to see, but I sat at the gate and
whimpered until my humans finally understood I wanted to explore the
whole house :) I can find my humans in whatever room they are in now.
I'm happy to say that my foster sister Maggie understands that I don't
want to play, and we can hang out in the same room together without
interacting at all. She has her own toys and bones, and I'm not really
interested in her stuff. She doesn't even try to sleep in my bed!
It's all mine. I have a new routine of finding my way back into the
house when I go outside to wee, and I haven't had a single accident in
my new house.

My foster mama has been giving me lots of eye drops every day, and it
will be time to go see the vet again soon. I like riding in the car
when my foster mama puts my bed in the seat to curl up in, so I don't
think I will mind going there.

Here's a picture of me doing what I do best!

Furry hugs,
Sunday Valentine <3


Thank you for this wonderful update on Sunday Valentine.
She looks so sweet and comfortable.
Thank you for taking into your loving care.  Bless that sweet little girl!


Sunday Valentine
You are a very beautiful girl. You deserve tons of love & plenty of beauty sleep. I'm so glad you have a great foster family to love & care for you!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Courtesy of Kom Sitt Bli

Sweetie is Adopted

Sweetie is putting in her final day at work. She is retiring and will be moving up to Woodstock NY on Saturday with Gordon and Kit Taylor.  We will miss her but she will get to be the only princess in the house which should please immensely

Sweetie, the little girl who was left in the trailer in York, PA went to her new home today in the Catskills. Kit and Gordon lost their dog, Lucky, in June. Lucky was Elly Monfett's foster and when she passed, they contacted Elly to see if they could adopt another dog. Kit told me that Gordon just wasn't the same without a dog in the house. Elly thought of Sweetie and everything fell into place. Kit and Gordon waited patiently for Sweetie's spay and recovery time. She was in heat when Lisa Vaughan picked her up so her spay had to be delayed for 6 weeks.

Well, today was the big day. She seemed very comfortable checking out her new surroundings with Carson, her new dog walker and friend, while we completed paperwork. They had dog beds throughout the house waiting for her. It looked like they were dying to grant her every wish. I have no doubt she will be one pampered princess.

Sweetie does not like other dogs ( polite way of saying she hates them). She will be living in a 200 year old house on 30 acres with no other dogs in sight. It could not be more perfect! In fact, I think my husband would have liked it if I left him there too.
Thanks Elly, for thinking of Sweetie. It's all uphill for her now. I thought I would cry when I left her, but I was too happy for her.
Beth McFadden

Thank you so much, Beth, for taking such good care of her and for finding her the perfect forever home!

Happy Third Gotcha Day, Zoe




Thanks so much for the cute card. Zoe is doing really well...I can't believe it's been 3 years that I've had her. She turned 10 a few weeks ago but I swear she looks younger than when I first got her. Her brother Maxwell loves her tons and even accompanies her to the monthly Boston meet-up at the S. River Dog Park in Philly!