Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Where's Fall?

New Foster Hershey

Please give a warm welcome to my newest foster Hershey!! What a gorgeous boy he is!! He is a very curious boy. He is doing great with my resident cat (who snuck out of my son's room). Hershey had no reaction. He has seen my resident Marty and daisy through the baby gate and again sniff sniff and walked away. So it's seems he will do fine in a home with cats or dogs. He wants to be a part of everything going on.

Christine M

Fred's Cookie Pose

I just went in the kitchen to find Fred, he was standing by the counter near the treat jar... as soon as he noticed me walk in he jumped into this pose... how do you say no to that?! Haha! 


Thanks to Kim Barnett

Black and White Parade a Hit

Moria and Tom Shortway have put on an event 3 years in a row benefiting NEBTR. This year's parade was last weekend. They brought in $870 for NEBTR How wonderful is THAT! :) I

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tess is Adopted

Happy life starts now!!!!!! I'll miss my little munchkin!!

Tess was rescued on 7/23/16 from an Amish puppy mill.  She was a puppy mill slave for 6 years.  When I rescued her she was in pretty bad shape.  Within two days, she needed to be hospitalized and received an emergency spay because her uterus was filled with puss and blood.  She had just had puppies at the mill, was emaciated, and was blind in her left eye due to a previous trauma.  With all that she's been through, she is extremely loving and affectionate. Had NEBTR not rescued her, she would have died within the week.

Under my foster care, she has been recovering and her personality is blossoming.  She is a beautiful little soul!  She is calm, loving, full of kisses, and wiggles.  She loves laying next to me on my couch snuggled around her stuffed animals.  She sleeps in her cushy bed next to my bed at night or on our bed.  She gets the best food, best belly rubs, and the best of everything I could possibly give her.  She just discovered sticks outside our back yard and loves chewing on them.  Every day is a new experience for her.  Each day that passes, she amazes me more and more.

She came without a name.  I named her Tess in honor of my Boxer, Jess, who recently passed away in July.  I promised Tess when she first came to me that I would show her love and find her a great forever home.  Well, that day has come.  With the help of the wonderful volunteers at NEBTR, I was able to find her a great forever home.  She will be going to her forever home this Saturday, 9/24.  I will miss my little munchkin dearly.

With the emptiness that will follow her adoption, my promises will have been kept and my love for her will remain endless…….

Patti M
Foster momma to Tess

Congratulations for a wonderful home for Tess, who will know that love and affection will be hers everyday in her new forever home.  Thank you Patti for being her foster home, providing the love, care, and guidance so she could make the transition to a new life. - Jeanne

Precious Gila

Hi Everyone,

Gila came to us on August 1st. She was surrendered due to her mom and dad not having enough time for her.

She was friendly but had no desire to be near me. I gave her all the space she needed and I would constantly talk to her and praise her and as the weeks passed she slowly let her guard down.

At first she would sit like 5 feet away from me. She would even run away from me when I would say her name. Then she started sitting like 3 feet away from me. Over the past few days she has started cuddling with me on the couch.

Here's a photo of sweet Gila with her head on my lap. She is such a precious girl. 

Linda A