Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy First Gotcha Day Coco

It's pawty time!! It's been one year since Coco was rescued by NEBTR. Coco was my first foster and I knew she was meant to be.

She's been such a blessing and brought so much happiness to our lives. Today she celebrates with her foster brother Mosby!

 Jeanine Sicinski

Welcome New Foster Chopper

Welcome to Frank From Puerto Rico

Welcome to NY and your first exeperince with snow! Frank the Tank made it all the way from an Island off of Puerto Rico. A huge thank you to Louis and Animal Welfare of Culebra for getting him ready and transporting Frank to NEBTR!

Jeanine Sicinski

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Anniversary Pang Man!

Thank you for sharing your story Pang. Congratulations on your third anniversary +1 day....You are living proof just how far love will take you!. I know that your foster Mom,Dad and siblings love you to the moon and back, everyone at NEBTR loves you!!- Joyce

Bentley Bean

Not quite a full 24 hours and Bentley Bean has worked at mastering the
Spin Puzzle, and he has found that pizzels are just as good if not
better than Kongs.
He's a good dog, that needs daily exercise, a neuter, and taught just a
few manners, then he'll be ready for his forever home.

Chris & Bentley Bean

Remy Thanks Sharon Lisko

Remy Says Thanks for the Easter Basker

Chubby is Adopted

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gizmo's Big Smile!

Mr. Smiley - it s "YaY" Day...!!!

We are Family....!

Rex and His Family

New Fosters Luigi and Cooper

Hi everyone! I'm Susanne.  I'm a first time Boston
foster mommy & I don't think I'm very good @ it because I want to adopt
both of them. They are so much fun & are both real characters. Hope you
like my pictures.

George Thanks Marjena Bass for the Easter Basket

Nom, nom, nom.  NEBTR foster George would like to thank Marjena Bass for the wonderful Easter basket from Poocheychef.  He is sitting so nice for his picture because his foster Mom is holding an egg from the basket filled with yummy treats that he LOVES.  Thank you so much for thinking of George and sending him such a wonderful treat. You are very kind & thoughtful!

George & his foster Mom, Cindy Kaiser

Indigo is Doing Great

I came home from a tough day at work to a nice picture message from Indigo's family! This made my day. Just look at him :)
Hamilton Nj
What an amazing rescue story, Kristin, that just keeps getting better.
Thank you for saving him and for finding him the perfect home! -Jerrilyn

Jamie Goes to the Rainbow Bridge

With a very heavy heart, I was with Jamie Moyer Riley as he made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  I should have made this decision earlier, but I kept praying we'd get another chance.  Jamie was around 10 when he came to us.  He was so dirty, I actually thought he was seal.  Jamie spent the last day of my mom's life snuggled in bed with her on the Alzheimer's Unit.  Although Mom introduced my family to the awesomeness of all things Boston Terriers, she never allowed dogs in bed with her.  Her last day in this world was snuggled up to Jamie.  The last pictures I have of both Mom and Dad are with Jamie.  That's the way it should be.

He came with no name (dumped in an outside run at a rescue kennel in Allentown, PA).  I named him Jamie Moyer because they share perseverance through age.

Even though I can't stop crying, Jamie lived a good life and I was lucky enough that he shared it with us.   ;

Joy and Jamie
So sorry to hear that - very sad news but you gave him the best part of his life. - Bruce

Joy - I'm so sorry you have to go through this. How lucky both you & Jamie have been to have loved each other!

Sending you love & hugs!!

Princess Leia Has a Gotcha Day Party

These pictures were too cute not to share! Lea is a super loving and lucky girl!
Katelyn L

Hi Katelyn,
Hope all is well.
We celebrated Princess Leas 1 year Gotcha Day by giving her a party, complete with party hats, party bags, cake and ice cream treats for her friends.  It was so much fun.
Thank you for bringing her to us.

New Foster Bentley Bean

Velvet's Boys Get Neutered

Foster Mavis Says Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pangya and his sisters

Pangya and his siblings...

Maxy Moo and Chester Man (his bro)

Harley Says Wake Me When it is Spring

Oscar and Bluey Say Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Maxy Moo...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

NEBTR former fosters (now you ain't getting them back) Beanie and Goldie want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick day.  

And Happy St. Patrick's Day from the whole clan!

Joan Watt Stark

You have such a beautiful pack of furkids!!!  Love it! - Denice

Richard, Now Poppi, is Adopted

Richard (Poppi) went to his forever home today. It was love at first
sight. Poppi has never seen a dog as big as this new playmate, but it
didn't bother him one bit. He showed off to his new family with his
tricks "sit" and "here" and his proficiency in his use of a puppy pad at
the door. I am so happy for him, and so proud that he fit right in. He
is going to have a wonderful life!
Chris Cassner

Congratulations to Poppi!! I love the pictures, especially of him outside with his BIG brother.
Good luck Poppi, enjoy your new for-ever home.

You did a fantastic job, Chris. Thank you!

Maxy Moo Thanks the Easter Bunny

Scooby and Buster Bear

Scooby Doo and Buster Bear

Bonnie Towner

Monday, March 16, 2015

Maxy Moo Trivia....

Handsome Man......

Brady is Adopted

Brady was adopted today. He was a wonderful foster. He has a great new forever family. Yay Brady!!

Jill Scanish Charles

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Molly's Hide Out...

Somebody doesn't like early.....

Pepper and Chili Say Thanks to Stacie for the Welcome Gifts

Thank you Stacie! They love the treats and nylabones! I'm sure Pepper will destroy the toys soon...she's an expert :)

Amanda McLean

Fena Says Thanks for the Easter Basket

Oh Ellen- thank you so much for thinking of Fena!  The Easter basket from Poochey Chef is so perfect for her!  She loves her treats and will certainly enjoy the homemade treats you sent her.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Vicki Rowe

Myrtle is Home

Myrtle is home and doing wonderful!!!! The vet says she has had the biggest pressure improvement that he has ever seen in all of these types of surgeries (balloonplasty) so he is thrilled with how she did. She will have a check up in about 2  months, but her prognosis is very good.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to her surgery and helped her to get to this point-it has been a long time coming and she now has a shot at a long life :)

Carrie Paul & Myrtle

We're so happy for all of you!